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Italy is the home of fashion and good taste. So where to shop if not in our beautiful country? The boot is littered with cities where you can go wild in buying clothing and accessories, but also of technology with an attractive design.
Let's discover together the best shopping cities of the Bel Paese!


  1. Northern Italy
  2. Center of Italy
  3. Southern Italy
  4. Islands
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Northern Italy

Northern Italy is famous for the cold, the fog and certainly the many shopping possibilities it offers to its inhabitants! Starting from Milan you can meet boutiques of great stylistsie fast fashion shops, without forgetting a large concentration of outlets, to be fashion while saving.

1 - Milan, Lombardy

  • Main shopping streets: via Montenapoleone, via della Spiga, via Torino, corso Buenos Aires, corso Vittorio Emanuele II, corso Vercelli
  • Shops not to be missed: Wait and See, Mary Go Round, Bivio
  • Outlet nearby: Franciacorta Outlet Village in Rodengo Saiano (BS) and Mantova Outlet
  • What to buy: clothing and accessories above all, but also electronics in the official Apple store inside the Rozzano shopping center, a few kilometers from the city.

Milan is the fashion capital par excellence: those looking for unique and classy items cannot help but get lost in the many streets of the Milanese city, which has always been home to the main fashion shows of world-famous designers.

2 - Turin, Piedmont

  • Main shopping streets: via Roma, via Lagrange, via Carlo Alberto, via Po
  • Shops not to be missed: San Carlo since 1973, I Bagni Paloma, FRAV
  • Outlet nearby: Vicolungo Outlets (NO) and Serravalle Designers Outlet (AL)
  • What to buy: clothing, crafts and vintage items

Turin is the living room of Italy: an extremely city elegant and tidy where you can find boutiques of the greatest Italian and international designers, as well as a wide range of ethnic clothing and vintage items shops, dedicated to retro lovers!

3 - Bologna, Emilia Romagna

  • Main shopping streets: via Rizzoli, via D'Azeglio, via Farini, via Castiglione, via Indipendenza, Galleria Cavour
  • Shops not to be missed: Linde Les Palais, Samarkand, Mister Gal
  • Outlet nearby: Fidenza Village (PR), The Style Outlets Castel Guelfo (BO)
  • What to buy: clothing

In Bologna it is beautiful stroll under the arcades and many of the shopping streets are closed to traffic, so as to allow for a pleasant experience. The Saturday morning market in Piazza 8 August is very nice: there are sought-after items at low prices, ideal for those looking for business!

Center of Italy

Central Italy is certainly the right place to look handicraft articles among the boutiques of great internationally renowned designers.

1 - Rome, Lazio

  • Main shopping streets: via Condotti, via del Corso, via del Babbuino, piazza di Spagna
  • Shops not to be missed: Ge.Co., Mad Zone, Pati Jò
  • Outlet nearby: Castel Romano Designer Outlet, Soratte Outlet Shopping and Valmontone Outlet
  • What to buy: clothing and accessories and art items, but also electronics in the official Apple store in the EUR shopping center.

Walking through the shopping streets of Rome is pure pleasure. In addition to the high fashion boutiques scattered around the pedestrian areas of the historic center and the fast fashion shops in the center, you can find small artists' workshops able to steal your heart.

2 - Florence, Tuscany

  • Main shopping streets: Ponte Vecchio, via Tornabuoni, via della Vigna Nuova, via del Parione, piazza Santa Croce
  • Shops not to be missed: Lady Jane B Vintage, Flo Concept Store, Moijejoue
  • Outlet nearby: Barberino Designer Outlet, The Mall, Valdichiana Outlet Village (AR)
  • What to buy: clothing, crafts

In Florence it will be easy to meet boutique of goldsmith artisans and above all of leather artisans: handcrafted bags and shoes of the highest quality, made of hand-tanned leather in Tuscany, will be the best souvenir of your visit to the city of Giglio.

3 - Civitanova Marche

  • Main shopping streets: Corso Umberto I, Corso Dalmazia, Piazza XX Settembre, Viale Matteotti
  • Shops not to be missed: DGM Fashion, Les Tropeziennes Chaussures, Culte
  • Outlet nearby: Burglar, Brums, Cesare Paciotti, Falc, Igi & Co, King, Marester, Melania, Pompea, Strategia, Mauro Pelletteria, Walk Safari. All located in Civitanova.
  • What to buy: shoes

Not everyone knows that the major shoe manufacturers have their headquarters near Civitanova Marche. For this, here it is easy to have a wide range of complete collections of shoes of every brand and style and you can also find previews of collections not yet released on the market.

Southern Italy

La style care of the person is very important in the south, so the beauty of the places in this wonderful part of Italy is also reflected in the people who meet on the street.

1 - Naples, Campania

  • Main shopping streets: Corso Umberto I, via Toledo, via dell'Epomeo, via Giordano, via Scarlatti, via Filangeri, via Dei Mille
  • Shops not to be missed: Nennapop, Oblomova, Marinella
  • Outlet nearby: La Reggia Designer Outlet (CE)
  • What to buy: clothing, IT, telephony and crafts

Naples is a real international city, where various people meet different cultures and styles. It will be easy for you to find the main low-cost fashion brands as well as major designer retailers, without forgetting the articles of leather and tailoring craftsmen and the best electronics brands.

2 - Bari, Puglia

  • Main shopping streets: via Sparano, corso Cavour, via Dante
  • Shops not to be missed: Dante 5, Interior 12, Atelier 27
  • Outlet nearby: Fashion District Molfetta Outlet
  • What to buy: formal wear

In Bari you will find a wide range of clothing stores for men and women, with particular regard to formal wear. Do not stop at the single-brand stores but follow the locals in the multi-brand boutiques where you will surely find the dress cut just for you.

3 - Cosenza, Calabria

  • Main shopping streets: corso Mazzini, via Montesanto, via Caloprese, piazza Bilotti and corso Fera
  • Shops not to be missed: Just Collection, Mazzocca, Marcos Boutique
  • Outlet nearby: VFG Factory Store Outlet Praia a Mare, Liabel Montalto Uffugo company store
  • What to buy: handcrafted products for the person and the home

In the center of Cosenza you will find dozens of small artisans selling artistic pottery, hats, worked glass, chairs, musical instruments and baskets.


The cities of the main Italian islands offer one refined style and excellent shops for those who want to go shopping.

1 - Palermo, Sicily

  • Main shopping streets: via Ruggero Settimo, via Maqueda, via Bandiera, via Roma, via della Libertà, Viale Strasburgo
  • Shops not to be missed: Officine Achab, Magazzini Anita, Mose since 1970
  • Outlet nearby: Sicilia Outlet Village in Agira (EN)
  • What to buy: clothing and accessories

Even in Palermo it is easy to find boutiques of formal wear for both women and men. Unique multi-brand creations that will make your every special occasion elegant.

2 - Cagliari, Sardinia

  • Main shopping streets: via Roma, largo Carlo Felice, piazza Yenne, via Manno, via Sulis
  • Shops not to be missed: Prada, Gucci, Fendi
  • Outlet nearby: Luxury Male Olbia Costa Smeralda
  • What to buy: clothing and jewelry

The shopping streets of Cagliari are small jewels to explore that will enchant you with their shop windows full of jewels and unique creations.

3 - Catania, Sicily

  • Main shopping streets: via Etnea, corso Italia, piazza Duomo
  • Shops not to be missed: Indian Night, Mizzica, King Midas
  • Outlet nearby: Sicilia Outlet Village in Agira (EN)
  • What to buy: shoes and bags

The shops of shoes and bags they are the real protagonists of via Etnea which crosses the historic center of the city. There are also shops dedicated to women's clothing and souvenirs.


Some territories bordering the Bel Paese are particularly interesting and affordable when it comes to shopping!

1 - Lugano, Switzerland

  • Main shopping streets: Fox Town
  • Shops not to be missed: Armani, Boggi, Borbonese
  • What to buy: clothing

Il shopping center it is full of Italians looking for good deals. Prices tend to be lower than Italian ones and the offers are truly unmissable.

2 - San Marino

  • Main shopping streets: Old Town
  • Shops not to be missed: Big & Chic, Azzurro Shopping Center, Atlante Shopping Center
  • What to buy: clothing, IT and telephony

The lower tax rate than the Italian one makes the Republic of San Marino an ideal destination for shopping. From the jeans of the well-known American brand Levi's at a decidedly reduced price to the latest generation electronic products in San Marino savings are assured.

3 - Livigno

  • Main shopping streets: Old Town
  • Shops not to be missed: Powdershoes, Talacci, Salvadori
  • What to buy: clothing, IT and telephony

Livigno is in Italian territory but given its particular position it is duty free area. That is, your purchases here are VAT free and therefore the price is really advantageous. Alcohol and tobacco also have a lower price than that present in the national territory but can be bought in limited quantities.

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