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Everyone knows Milan and Lake Como, but what about the rest of the wonders of Lombardy? This fantastic region, the economic and social engine of Italy, never ceases to amaze even the people who live there. Lombardy contains a wide range of things to see and do, including mountains, crowded cities, a priceless artistic heritage and, of course, extraordinary food and wine ...
The best way to enjoy all of this is to stay in one of the fantastic bed & breakfasts available in various tourist locations. But which one to choose?
Here is a selection of the best ... establishments that stand out for beauty of the environments, quality of services and guest satisfaction index!


  1. Il Roccolino - Valsecca (Bergamo)
  2. Atmosphere of Season - Milan
  3. In Centro Glam - Bergamo
  4. Pattini Guest House - Milan
  5. To the Museums - Brescia
  6. IndispArte Suites - Bergamo
  7. The Valverde Castle - Bergamo
  8. Finardi Suite - Bergamo
  9. Hotel Tirano - Tirano (Sondrio)
  10. Stradivari - Cremona
  11. The Bicycle - Cremona
  12. Meublé Rosalpina - Semogo - Valdidentro (Sondrio)
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Il Roccolino - Valsecca (Bergamo)

Located in the heart of the Imagna Valley in Sant'Omobono Terme (Bg) and obtained from an old hunting lodge from the early 1900s, Il Roccolino is the ideal place for a romantic occasion or for a stay in nature. Staying here is not for everyone. It is only for those who prefer the warmth of a personal welcome from the managers to the modern check-in of a hotel, for those who prefer the coolness of beech and fir trees to air conditioning, for those who prefer to bathe in a whirlpool. an ancient wooden vat, for those who prefer the scents of the forest, the silence of Nature and the starry skies to the sand of the sea.

Far from the smog and frenzy of everyday life, at Roccolino we find ourselves, we regenerate in contact with an ancestral energy, we give the right value to our time. The structure is at the exclusive disposal of the only couple of guests who stay there, offers bed and breakfast service, and it is also possible, upon reservation, to taste a romantic candlelit aperitif with traditional local dishes from Bergamo.

  • Address: Via Provinciale Valsecca, 58, Sant'Omobono Terme (BG)
  • Telephone: 334 3060884
  • Email:

Atmosphere of Season - Milan

Large and spacious rooms furnished with style and great taste, embellished with unique and particular details. The rooms are super comfortable, but a special mention goes to the breakfast room, truly unique!

  • Address: Via Lucera, 37, 20152 Milan MI
  • Telephone: 024568472
  • Email:

In Centro Glam - Bergamo

Not far from the funicular that connects the center to Bergamo Alta, you will find this charming B&B. Offers everything you need for a perfect holiday: elegant, spotless and welcoming rooms, kind and more than helpful staff.

  • Address: Via Guglielmo D'Alzano, 4, 24122 Bergamo BG
  • Telephone: 3881641345
  • Email:

Pattini Guest House - Milan

Pattini Guest House is a nest of tranquility, near the heart of Milan, the city of style and design. And it is precisely the soul of the city that inspires the furnishings with attention to every detail. From the entrance lounge to the kitchen, passing through the bedrooms and bathrooms, every environment exudes charm.

  • Address: Viale Lombardia, 66, 20131 Milan MI
  • Telephone: 0226140562
  • Email:

To the Museums - Brescia

Ai Musei is a charming mini-house which develops vertically. Each room is tastefully furnished, but the flagship is undoubtedly "The Lioness of Italy ', a bright and welcoming suite that offers a breathtaking view over the city.

  • Address: Via Laura Cereto, 7a, 25121 Brescia BS
  • Telephone: 0302906023
  • Email:

IndispArte Suites - Bergamo

IndispArte is located in the heart of Bergamo. Each space of this Bed and breakfast is organized in a functional way, but what really surprises is there great personality of the rooms from the point of view of design and furnishings.

  • Address: Via Madonna della Neve, 3, 24121 Bergamo BG
  • Telephone: 0350440024
  • Email:

The Valverde Castle - Bergamo

The Castello Di Valverde is aancient sixteenth-century residence located a few minutes walk from the heart of Bergamo Alta and is surrounded by a natural park of rare beauty. Inserted in this unique setting, the B&B offers its guests a refined and exclusive stay.

  • Address: Via Maironi Giovanni da Ponte, 3, 24123 Bergamo BG
  • Telephone: 3385818316
  • Email:

Finardi Suite - Bergamo

A cozy and bright suite, surrounded by an oasis of peace and greenery in one of the most elegant districts of Bergamo. Suite Finardi offers excellent services: impeccable hospitality and immense availability, convenience and comfort, cleanliness of the rooms.

  • Address: Via Volturno, 22, 24124 Bergamo BG
  • Telephone: 3476956998
  • Email:

Hotel Tirano - Tirano (Sondrio)

What can be considered the absolute strength of the B&B hotel Tirano is the simplicity and functionality of the environments, which combined with extreme courtesy and a warm welcome make the structure a real jewel in which to enjoy the magic of the territory.
The structure offers all the comforts for a holiday dedicated to sport, art and culinary tradition that make Valtellina unique.

  • Address: Via Mazzini, Piazza alle Stazioni, 6, 23037 - Tirano SO
  • Telephone: 3358441590
  • Email:

Stradivari - Cremona

Stradivari is a very nice b & b that he bases his luck on good quality of service. The owners are kind and helpful, discreet and quiet, but above all attentive to guests' needs. The breakfast is really good. It will be a real pleasure to wake up in the morning with the sweet scent of freshly baked croissants.

  • Address: Via Battaglione, 22, 26100 Cremona CR
  • Telephone: 3208419505
  • Email:

The Bicycle - Cremona

Despite being a recently built b & b, La Bicycle has been able to carve out its own slice of the market, thanks to the kindness of the owner, and the careful essentiality of the environments. The rooms are characterized by soft colors and embellished with very nice furnishings, chosen with good taste. Breakfast is particularly abundant, perfect for starting the day in the best possible way.

  • Address: Via Emanuele Sardagna, 7, 26100 Cremona CR
  • Telephone: 3391016893
  • Email:

Meublé Rosalpina - Semogo - Valdidentro (Sondrio)

One of the most appreciable characteristics of Meublé Rosalpina is the kindness and spontaneity of the owners, who they welcome every guest in the best way, treating him like a real king. The property is elegant and clean, perfect for a holiday in any season. The breakfasts are very rich, but above all they are served in a delightful room that offers a dream view of the landscape.

  • Address: Via S. Carlo, 16, 23038 Semogo, Valdidentro SO
  • Telephone: 0342927141
  • Email:

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