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L'Italy it is a country that from a tourist point of view has very little to envy to the rest of the world.
Ours is a nation rich in culture and history. We have beautiful cities, incredible beaches and towering mountains - everything a tourist could wish for. Often, however, we tend to let ourselves be conditioned by an excessive widespread xenophilia, forgetting the wonders of our home.
For this reason today we intend to give some well-deserved attention to local beauties, and specifically to green areas most beautiful, perfect locations for a picnic, ideal for spending days in the open air with family or loved ones.
So if you intend to treat yourself to a relaxing Sunday in the Mediterranean sun, read and take notes, you might find out wonderful places a stone's throw from home!


  1. Northern Italy: picnic areas in Lombardy
  2. Central Italy: picnic areas in Tuscany
  3. Southern Italy: picnic areas in Campania
  4. Islands: picnic areas in Sicily
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Northern Italy: picnic areas in Lombardy

Let's start our Italian tour to discover the best places for a picnic starting from Lombardy. Although we often speak of Milan and in general of the most industrialized areas of the Lombardy region only to underline how traffic and pollution have reached alarm levels, it should also be emphasized that Milan is one of the cities with more green areas, many of which are ideal for organizing a picnic! Here are the 3 most beautiful locations:

1 - Sempione Park, Milan

Located near the Castello Sforzesco, it becomes the most beautiful place in the city in spring. Always one of the favorite places for the Milanese population for an outdoor picnic.

2 - Trenno Park, Milan

The Aldo Aniasi Park, known as Parco di Trenno is thelargest green area in Milan, perfect for long walks or outdoor lunches.

3 - Adventure Park, Bergamo

A place appreciated by young and old. The routes are very fun and the equipped areas and public games are equally enjoyable.

Central Italy: picnic areas in Tuscany

The region Tuscany. it is the second leg of our journey. After all, when you say Tuscany, the second thought, the second image that comes to mind, after the glories of Florence, of course, are the bucolic landscapes, the Chianti hills, the delightful villages surrounded by nature.
It is therefore not difficult to find perfect picnic areas in delightful places, for a family afternoon between a bite and a football! Here are the most suggestive places!

1 - Lake of Bilancino, Barberino di Mugello

A place of indisputable charm, not only because it is surrounded by nature but also because it is close to two incredible historical attractions: the Cafaggiolo Castle or that of Trebbio, two Medici villas UNESCO World Heritage.

2 - Park of the Canonica, Certaldo

Located in Certaldo-Alta, a fantastic medieval village near the city of Siena. The park is unique for its breathtaking view and offers many equipped areas.

3 - Near the Chapel of San Galgano, Chiusdino

Also in the province of Siena is Chiusdino, a town linked to mysteries and legends of chivalry.
The wide countryside is a perfect place for a picnic especially after having visited the hermitage of Montesiepi and the small church of San Galgano.

Southern Italy: picnic areas in Campania

La Campania represents Southern Italy in this special tour of the places to have a picnic. In fact, Campania is not only Naples and the sea, but offers many ideas for alternative holidays. So if you sometimes want to change your plans from a walk along the Amalfi coast, here are the 3 best places for an outdoor picnic!

1 - Grassano Park, San Salvatore Telesino

It is a heavenly park for all lovers of nature and sports. It offers many recreational activities including a short canoe excursion.

2 - La Tana del Ghiro, Serino

Among all it is the best for families with small children. Super-organized with a large playground, tennis and volleyball courts.

3 - The Piccolo Ranch, Volturara Irpina

This equipped area stands out from the others as it offers exclusive services, including relaxing horseback riding along country roads.

Islands: picnic areas in Sicily

Lastly, the Sicily, one of the most beautiful regions in the whole nation. In this country, the winter season lasts just a couple of months. For this reason it is always a good time to enjoy a day outdoors in these places!

1 - Bosco Ficuzza, Palermo

It is an institution for all Palermo people, perfect for summer or spring outings. You can also benefit from the view of an ancient structure that once belonged to the king of the two Sicilies Ferdinand I.

2 - Mustigarufi, San Cataldo

Mustigarufi is located in the village of San Cataldo in the province of Caltanissetta. It is one of the largest and most efficient equipped areas in all of Sicily and the landscape is certainly of the highest value with a thick eucalyptus forest that extends around the main Baglio.

3 - Etna Park, Catania

Finally, the Etna Park, a nature reserve World Heritage Site. Actually it is a fairly large area, which contains several equipped areas inside.

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