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    The best American National Parks

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    - United States of America are a boundless nation, which includes 5 time zones, including Hawaii and Alaska. Such a large territory sees within it numerous climatic conditions, which vary from state to state and which have shaped the natural landscape over the centuries.
    Americans love their country very much and are very careful to conserve the sceneries that nature has given to this territory. Almost every state, in fact, has various naturalistic attractions that the government recognizes and protects.
    Anyone who is planning a trip to the United States must almost necessarily inform themselves about everyone national parks present in your itinerary and allow yourself a visit, without the slightest fear of being disappointed!


    1. Natural Parks of the United States East
    2. Natural Parks of the West United States
    3. User questions and comments

    Natural Parks of the United States East

    Although it is the western part of the United States that stands out for the presence of natural parks, some of which are very famous, the eastern part also defends itself very well. Visiting the eastern part of the country allows us to see in depth the richness, variety but also the contradictions of America.
    The territory extends from rocky ledges of Maine to the hot and sweltering Mississippi Valley, encompassing New York and its small secluded valleys in the heart of the Appalachians, offering numerous possibilities for unmissable scenic, recreational, historical and cultural excursions.

    1 - Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee - North Carolina

    • Size: 2.110 km²
    • Number of annual visitors: over 9 million

    With over 9 million annual visitors, this national park it is the most visited in the state. It is a natural paradise with waterfalls, flowers and many species of wild animals. Visitors can walk the 800 miles of manicured trails where, with a little luck, they can be seen bears, turkeys, marmot, raccoons and even moose, which were reintroduced to the park in 2001. More than 1.660 types of flowering plants grow here, more than any other national park in America, which is why it is also called "the wildflower park."

    2 - Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming - Montana - Idaho

    • Size: 8.983 km²
    • Number of annual visitors: 2,9 million

    Founded in 1872, Yellowstone is the nation's oldest national park. It is known for its geysers and for the many thermal springs: it contains 60% of the geysers in the world, including the Old Faithful, the most famous, and the Hot Spring Grand Prismatic, the largest hot spring in America. The park also houses a rich collection of historical artifacts at its museums, libraries and research centers.

    3 - Cuyahoga National Park, Ohio

    • Size: 133,3 km²
    • Number of annual visitors: 2,5 million

    With its trails for horseback riding, cycle paths, waterways and railways, Cuyahoga Valley National Park offers a myriad of ways to get around. Tourists can also use the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad, one of the oldest, longest and most spectacular tourist railways of the country, in business all year round. The park has five campgrounds and a historic bed-and-breakfast where guests can stay.

    4 - Acadia National Park, Maine

    • Size: 191,8 km²
    • Number of annual visitors: 2,1 million

    Acadia was the first national park located east of the Mississippi. There are 125 miles of trails, two beaches and two campgrounds. Many go to this area for practice water sports like kayaking and canoeing.

    5 - Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

    • Size: 22 km²
    • Number of annual visitors: 1,4 million

    It is the smallest national park, protects important hot springs, collects their water and distributes it to bathing establishments open for public use. There are in fact eight historic bathhouses dating back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. Of these eight, Buckstaff and Quapaw remain open as public baths, the Ozark Bath has been reopened as Hot Springs Museum of Contemporary Art early 2009.

    Natural Parks of the West United States

    Most of the naturalistic beauties and, consequently, of national parks are concentrated on the so-called West Coast of the United States.
    Visitors will be almost overwhelmed with immensity and strength, words that aptly describe what they convey the landscapes of these spectacular natural environments.
    Choose carefullye the season in which to visit: some roads, although carefully maintained, are however closed during the winter season as they are impracticable due to snow and ice.

    1 - Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

    • Size: 4927 km²
    • Number of annual visitors: 4,3 million

    Founded in 1919, the Grand Canyon is perhaps the most famous of the American national parks. It encompasses a huge expanse of canyon 277 miles long (measured by the length of the river at the bottom) and measures 6.000 vertical feet at its deepest part. They want us about two days on foot to go all the way to the bottom of the canyon and return.

    2 - Yosemite National Park, California

    • Size: 3.081 km²
    • Number of annual visitors: 3,2 million

    Yosemite National Park is located east of San Francisco in the Sierra Nevada and offers visitors a varied landscape consisting of deep valleys, vast meadows and forests of giant sequoias. 95% of the park is pure wild nature. The area is well known for its spectacular waterfalls, which are at their maximum load during the spring.

    3 - Olympic National Park, Washington

    • Size: 3.734 km²
    • Number of annual visitors: 2,7 million

    The Olympic National Park is made up of 95% unspoiled nature making it an ideal place for children lovers of the outdoors and adventure. The park offers beaches, rainforests, glaciers, and miles of hiking trails. Numerous hotels, resorts, and campsites can offer visitors accommodation for the night. It is important to check the weather before the visit because in some parts of the park they register up to more than 3 meters of rain per year.

    4 - Rocky Mountains National Park, Colorado

    • Size: 1.075 km²
    • Number of annual visitors: 2,7 million

    The Rocky Mountain National Park is located in the area of Rocky Mountains of Colorado, northwest of Boulder. Its 1.075 square kilometers of mountainous terrain are crisscrossed by 359 trails for hikers, including 150 lakes for fishermen, 60 mountains higher than 3.000 meters for climbers and a large number of alci and bighorn sheep, for lovers of wild animals.

    5 - Zion Canyon National Park, Utah

    • Size: 593 km²
    • Number of annual visitors: 2,6 million

    Zion National Park (whose heart is the Zion canyon, a gorge 24 km long and 800 m deep) was born in 1919 to protect the canyon, a unique environment with impressive rock formations and deep gorges shaped by the force of the waters of the Virgin River and its tributaries. The variety of natural environments constitutes the habitat for a vast variety of flora and fauna, including numerous endangered species, which find protection and protection in the park.

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