The best 10 destinations for a bachelor party!

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The wedding is around the corner and you haven't organized anything for your best friend getting married yet? Have no idea where to go or what to do? No problem: we give you some tips. Here you go the 10 best places to celebrate a bachelor party.


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Where to do the bachelor party in Italy

If you want to celebrate your last days without a wedding ring or you want to organize an unforgettable bachelor party for a friend, in Italy you will have many possibilities to have fun, from the most classic to the most unusual. We suggest 5.

1- Rome, Lazio

The Eternal City, like any metropolis, offers all sorts of fun. Clubs of all kinds, discos, bars, restaurants, streaptease… but if the future spouse cares a lot about your appearance and is a kind of contemporary dandy why not surprise him with a refined idea for men only? Is called Wonderfool and is located in Rome. Initially born as a reinterpretation of a gentleman's club forbidden to women today also owns a barbershop, where men can relax and rely on experts: classic or trendy haircuts, shaving with hot cloths, facials and even manicures. You can also choose the full package with turkish bath, shaving experience and relaxation room with aperitif at a cost of 50 euros. Obviously, once you are relaxed and fragrant, you can still decide to go wild in the disco or admire beautiful striptease magic girls ...


  • Via dei Banchi Nuovi, 39, Rome
  • +06 6889 2315

2 - Monza, Lombardy

Give e motori are the passions of many boys. But if you have found the woman of your dreams by now and are about to put the wedding ring on her finger, you just have to look for the car. Driving a sports car on the circuit ofMonza racetrack it is a dream for many men. Well, know that it is possible to make it happen during Track Days, when you can get behind the wheel with a professional instructor who guarantees safety and helps improve your driving style. Prices start from 70 Euro depending on the type of car required and the number of laps. Are you elated at the very thought, are you telling the truth?

Monza National Autodrome

  • Via Vedano, 5, 20900 Monza MB
  • 039 24821

3 - Val di Sole, Trentino

Se the groom is an adventurous type, he knows all Rambo films by heart, he does not miss an episode of Bear Grylls' programs and he is convinced that he can survive even after a cataclysm, this is the right idea! Through a forest you reach an alpine canyon and here with an expert guide, you cross an original acrobatic canyoning route on Tibetan bridges, pendulums, Tyrolean crossings, cableways and Nepalese trolleys. But if all this is not enough for the fearless and strong betrothed, fear not! You can also do rafting, canyoning, climbing and trekking. If you want to add a touch of boyish fun between males, why not rent a motorhome and travel together?

Val di Sole


4 - Riccione and surroundings, Emilia Romagna

The Riviera most enjoyable in Italy awaits you with open arms! Romagna is the perfect choice for a bachelor party: sea, nightlife, girls from all over Italy and the world ... The Romagnoli have always known party. So celebrating farewell to single life will become an unforgettable weekend of revelry. You will be spoiled for choice: restaurants, discos, nights, but not only! You can go back to teenagers and have fun like kids at Aquafan or at the Misano Circuit on karts, have dinner with a nice piadina or something more refined and then let loose. The Cocoricò it is a must, as well as the most elegant Peter Pan or the most refined Byblos. If you prefer something more spicy, there is no shortage of clubs for adults, like the famous one Black pepper. The choice is wide: have fun and let yourself go!


  • Via Ascoli Piceno, 6, 47838 Riccione RN
  • 0541 603050

Misanino KCE - Misano Kart Track

  • Via del Carro, 27, 47843 Misano Adriatico RN
  • +335 626 6636


  • Viale Chieti, 44, 47838 Riccione RN
  • 0541 692523

Peter Pan

  • Via Scacciano, 161, 47843 Misano Monte, Misano Adriatico RN
  • 0541 698547

Byblos Club

  • Via Pozzo Castello, 24, 47843 Misano Adriatico RN
  • +335 389 253

Black pepper

  • Viale Sardegna, 30, 47838 Riccione RN
  • +339 321 0105

5 - Milan, Lombardy

The Milanese city certainly does not need great presentations. The busiest and most frenetic metropolis in Italy offers a lot: clubs, restaurants, bars, discos, concerts, events, nights, striptease, lap dance ... In short, whatever you are looking for and whatever your tastes, you will certainly find it! But if you want something intriguing and tantalizing why not think about it burlesque? An animation sexy, chic and not vulgar. A refined bachelor party, for men only but without scurrilous excesses. Does the groom like this retro style and do you want something really special and fun for him? Barman for Friends is the right alternative! The groom-to-be will enjoy being a bartender for an hour and offering drinks to his friends. He will thus be a Hugh Hefner host in the company of a sexy barlady who will teach him to prepare cocktails for fellow adventurers. A fun animation and an original gift. And if you want to make the memory indelible not only in the memory of the participants, you can also request the photo shoot.

Maison Milan

  • Burlesque striptease: around 200 Euros
  • Barman for Friends: € 80 per person (minimum 10 people). Includes course + menu + cake. Promotions for large groups. Supplement of € 5 per person for photo shoot.
  • Via Montegani 68 - 20141 Milan

Where to do the bachelor party abroad

In the last few years the trend Is that of celebrate in other cities, better if far away, crowded and full of fun. We propose 5, all different from each other. What's your favorite?

1 - Dublin, Ireland

The city of beer par excellence! Dublin also retains that typical Celtic atmosphere, mysterious and goliardic at the same time. A respectable destination for a bachelor party with an undoubted alcohol content! If the groom loves blondes, reds and darks (and in this case we are not just talking about women), here you will be spoiled for choice! Plenty of pubs are waiting for you drink, stay up late, make jokes of dubious taste and have fun among men. A visit to the Guinness factory. Here you can discover its origins, its creation and evolution. Of course, you can buy some gadgets in the store at the end of your visit. Dublin isn't just famous for its beer. The Irish capital is also famous for Jameson Distillery. So why not try some great whiskey too? On Sunday afternoon, if you are not yet soaking up the hangover (or the hangover) of your weekend of pleasure, you can attend a nice rugby match at Aviva Stadium. In short, Dublin is a city suitable for real males! What do you think?

Guinness Storehouse

  • St James's Gate, Dublin 8, Ireland
  • +353 1 408 4800

Old Jameson Distillery

  • Bow St, Smithfield Village, Dublin 7, Ireland
  • +353 1 807 2355

Aviva Stadium

  • Lansdowne Rd, Dublin 4, Ireland

2 - Las Vegas, USA

Do you want to go big? Then you don't even have to ask yourself which is the right destination: Las Vegas, the city of sin. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas like in the movie "The Hangover". It is the paradise of gambling, beautiful women and transgression. A bachelor party in style, with a stop at casino (you will be spoiled for choice) and then to admire the hottest striptease at the Luxor Hotel. If you love excesses this is the location that is exactly for you. The only limit is obviously the cost ...

Luxor Hotel

  • striptease 7 days a week, at 7pm
  • tickets from $ 39

3 - Amsterdam, Holland

With Amsterdam you are on the safe side! It practically is the land of toys prohibited to minors of 18 years: alcohol, substances prohibited in most other countries and "free women". In short, the ideal destination where he spends his bachelor party. Coffee shop, red light district, clubs… It won't seem real to you!

The "forbidden" neighborhood, de Wallen, offers everything that can be used to make the last moments of a celibate unforgettable: a network of alleys with splendid young ladies literally in the window, sex shops, erotic theaters, peep shows, the sex and cannabis museum and coffee-shop. Try not to overdo it, though ...

De Wallen, the Red Light District

  • in the heart of the old part of the city

4 - Ibiza, Spain

If your bachelor party happens during the summer period, Ibiza is a perfect destination. This beautiful Iberian island is practically a kind of perennial celebration. It is the place perfect for all night owls lovers of clubs, loud music and fun accompanied by colorful cocktails.
Do not miss the Foam Party: girls in bikinis immersed in a sea of ​​foam and music. Where to find it? To Amnesia obviously! But in Ibiza you will be spoiled for choice of clubs, including the almost mythological Pacha. The perfect bachelor party for those who love being late and don't want to waste time sleeping. Also because, if sleep arrives, you will have it available lovely beaches on which to recover from your epic labors ...


  • Ctra. Ibiza in San Antonio, Km 5, 07816 San Rafael, Illes Balears, Spain


  • Av. 8 d'Agost, 07800 Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain
  • +34 971 31 36

5 - Tijuana, Mexico

If you want to make alternatives at all costs and go to a place not inflated by pre-wedding tourism, your destination can only be Tijuana! You know him the motto of the city, right? "Welcome to Tijuana: tequila, sexo y marihuana". Basically we have already said everything ...

Be careful though: you will be in a poor city where everyone will try to sell you and offer you everything. IS' a land of toys of transgression where it is very easy to overdo it. La Sexta (which intersects Avenida Revolución) is Tijuana's nightlife street. Not to be missed The Mezcalera, a dark and suggestive bar that seems straight out of a Tarantino film, in which his mezcal triumphs: the powerful agave distillate. A leap to the Dandy del Sur: a bar that is almost a timeless black hole. Here you can sip liquor while listening to a jukebox while televisions broadcast sports programs in the dim light. To end your sinful raids, also go to Porky's place: you will find him looking for his electric sign with the shape of a shady pig wearing sunglasses. In there you will return to the 80s and 90s waiting for the day to come ...

The Mezcalera

  • Calle Sexta 8267

Dandy del Sur

  • Flores Magón 2030

Porky's place

  • Calle Sexta 210 esquina with Ave. Revolución

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