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    The Beatles locations in London and Liverpool

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    It was December 31, 1962. Four young musicians by name John, Poul, George and Richard said "Ringo"they left their hometown, Liverpool, at a time of London, to go to the most important appointment of their career: theirs first audition at a record company. On June, on board a battered minibus, visibly marked by a night spent partying, the four arrived in the capital of the United Kingdom, unaware that within a few years they would be able to establish themselves among the most popular musical groups in the world. The story goes that the fantastic Beatles they didn't get past that famous audition, but they still managed to become one of the most influential bands in music history. The two English cities, Liverpool and London, determined the explosion of "Beatlesmania", indelibly influencing the life of the band. For this reason today we want to offer all fans of "fab four" an itinerary to discover the most important places, which every true Lennon & Co fan should visit at least once in their lifetime.


    1. "Beatlesian" places in Liverpool
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    "Beatlesian" places in Liverpool

    Our musical itinerary starts from the place where it all began.
    Many locations in Liverpool deserve to be visited both in the center and on the outskirts of the city, however here are the 5 most important.

    1. The Beatles Story: The Beatles Museum in Liverpool
      Of course a stop at the museum it is a must: here you will be able to discover curious anecdotes about the career that lasted for 10 years, thanks to the interesting environmental reconstructions and the focus on the band members;
    2. The Cavern Pub
      Cavern Club was one of the first locals in which the band performed, perhaps the very first ever. The original was closed several years ago, however there is a faithful reproduction in every detail within which you can buy numerous gadgets of the group;
    3. Penny Lane
      This street is absolutely known to Beatles fans thanks to the song of the same name. The Church neighborhood street is considered an important childhood place for John and Paul;
    4. Strawberry Field
      The wonderful song "Strawberry Fields Forever" refers to the ex orphanage in the Woolton neighborhood, where young John used to take refuge. This too is an important place for the infamy of the late Beatle;
    5. The childhood homes of Paul and John
      Of course, you can't help but visit the historic childhood homes of probably the two most loved members. The houses are open to the public: you will find one at number 20 of Forthlin Road (McCartney house) and not far away is the note Mendips (Casa Lennon).

    "Beatlesian" places in London

    After Liverpool, the city of London played an equally crucial role for the four musicians. It is no coincidence that the band managed to explode definitively only after moving to the capital. here are the 5 places not to be missed!

    1. 57 of Green street
      Our tour includes the first stop at 57 Green street. The Liverpool Boys they shared this apartment for a short time when they moved to the city;
    2. Mayfair Hotel
      The second stop on our itinerary is the Mayfair Hotel: right here, on January 22, 1963, the first press conference the Beatles;
    3. Former headquarters of EMI Records
      The most attentive will surely recognize this place, linked to the album "Please Please Me", whose cover portrays the Beatles overlooking the staircase of a building, precisely the former headquarters of Emi Records;
    4. Savile Row
      In this famous street in London are the offices of Apple Records, the place where it happened the last concert of the band, held right on the roof of the structure;
    5. Abbey Road: the location of the street photo
      Lastly what is probably the cult place par excellence tied to the band. Impossible to resist the temptation to pose in the famous crossroad near the Studios ...
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