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Summer is coming, and the desire to go to the beach to sunbathe, take a walk, relax more and more.
There are those who choose to frequent the classic "vip" beaches full of people, because they prefer nightlife and entertainment, there are those who choose instead to spend their holidays on beaches with breathtaking landscapes, in constant search of most beautiful sea in the world.
For those who prefer relaxation and nature, here is one ranking of the most beautiful beaches in the world, among which, there could be the destination of your dream holidays.

NB: The following list is the result of a survey that actively involved Community members. Over 10.000 users were asked to express their preferences, choosing the 25 most beautiful beaches among the over 100 beaches selected by our editorial staff.

25 - Noosa Beach, Australia

If there is a perfect combination of pristine beaches, tropical paradises and luxury resorts, well, that's Noosa Beach. Golden beach that looks like it was painted by an artist, lush hinterland, national parks.
For diving lovers, it is possible to discover the remains of the wreck of the HMAS Brisbane, and if that's not enough ... look around, there is the coral reef!

24 - Malibu Beach, California

We are in a super vip area, like Beverly Hills, in a city west of Los Angeles. The beaches of Malibù are sandy and ideal both for those who love to sunbathe and relax between a dip and the other, and for those looking for adrenaline-pumping waves.
To the east of Malibu is Lagoon State Beach, also known as Surfrider Beach for its waves.

23 - Half Moon Bay, California

About 40 km from San Francisco, the bay has the same name as the municipality that hosts it. It is a marine protected area, to preserve its marine ecosystem and ocean fauna.
Bounded by Pillar Point, it is a privileged area for surfers, especially in the area on the north border called the Mavericks, where the waves can reach 15 meters!

22 - Cala Goloritzè, Sardinia - Italy

Here we are in Italy, and Sardinia certainly could not miss with one of its brightest jewels. Cala Goloritzè is in fact a dream corner with white pebbles that are lost in a postcard sea, albeit ... icy! The sea water is in fact very cold due to the currents.
Characteristic is the spire of 150 meters, a sort of stack besieged by climbing lovers.
It was declared an Italian National Monument in 1995.

21 - Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Born as a port city of Jamaica, its natural beauty has led to a strong tourist development complete with a port for cruises.
The bay has an exceptional beach, very popular and full of clubs and hotels all around. The contrast with the territory behind it is very strong, because you go from the beach to the row of clubs and hotels to end up in a rainforest with rivers and waterfalls that create bathing lagoons.

20 - St. Ives, Cornwall - England

Breathtaking sunsets and sunrises mark the days in the bay of Saint Ives, a large sandy cove with a turquoise sea.
Ideal for lovers of surf and windwurf, all around the cliffs and paths also tickle lovers of trekking and climbing. There is something for everyone!

19 - Boracay White Beach, Philippines

The most beautiful island in the entire archipelago, so beautiful that it is besieged every year by thousands of tourists in search of paradise. Because that's what it is, a real paradise. White sand, transparent water with a thousand shades of green and turquoise. Yet what was practically an unknown and unspoiled destination in the 80s has been plundered by the tourism industry. The result? It was "closed for restoration".

18 - Mayan Beach, Tulum - Mexico

We are about 60 km from Playa del Carmen, on the Riviera Maya. Here we witness a truly unparalleled show: the ruins of the temples of Tulum are the backdrop to one of the most beautiful beaches in Central America. It looks like a postcard, it is reality: a cove with white sand and palm trees all around, and even the coral reef offshore! More than this...

17 - Playa Varadero, Cuba

Also known as Playa Azul, it is a spit of land of 30 km of which 22 are beaches. Mixed sand of gold and pink color, it is unanimously considered the most beautiful of the Cuban archipelago.
If we want to find a negative aspect, it could be said that it seems to be more in California than in Cuba, due to the proliferation of large hotel cocktail bars, more US-style than Cuba-style.

16 - Clearwater Beach, Florida

4 km of white beach overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, and is connected to a coastal strip (Sand Key) by a bridge. And we are still in Florida, so off with shops, bars, restaurants, clubs, hotels, lifeguards and baywatch-style bathers, but above all activities ranging from surfing to paragliding to jet skiing, up to excursions with a view of dolphins!
It has been included among the most beautiful beaches in Florida and the United States.

15 - Playa Bavaro, Punta Cana - Dominican Republic

A few kilometers from the airport, a 40 km stretch of white sand beach, a tourist center with an impressive development so as to be one of the most visited Atlantic coasts in the world.
A kind of ecosystem in its own right, because by moving a few meters you can do everything: shopping, restaurants, hotels ... practically without ever leaving the beach!

14 - Waikiki Beach, Honolulu - Hawaii

Among the most famous beaches in the world, has gone from being a place of spiritual retreat to the center of the Hawaiian tourism economy, with the largest hotel chains vying for space. Today practically half of the beach is reserved for surfers, but what makes it known and crowded is the whole nightlife circuit that revolves around: clubs, bars, restaurants, discos and ... prostitution.

13 - Bondi Beach, Sydney - Australia

One of the most famous beaches in Australia, about 7 km from Sydney, is a sort of "gulf" with a 1 km strip of sand bordered on both sides by two cliffs. Surfer's paradise, is conventionally divided into two areas: northern and southern. The southern one is the most "dangerous", but also the most loved by surfers, as well as by lovers of ... topless!

12 - Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

He has always contended for primacy with his sister Copacabana, a great challenge ... Ipanema is a huge stretch of golden sand, ideal for ... everyone! Yes, because there is "Posto 8" which is the meeting point for the homosexual community, "Punto 9" for young people (and young women) of Rio, surfers and those obsessed with suntan and physical fitness, and "Posto 11" which is reserved for families and mothers with children.

11 - Maya Bay, Thailand

It is the beach chosen as the setting for the film "The Beach" with Leonardo di Caprio, and there must be a reason. An enchanting place made of white sand with rocks, cliffs and stacks here and there to frame and "decorations", making the scenery a true natural picture. Zero roads, zero cars, 100% unspoiled. Just a small snack bar to cool off.
To visit it, just take a boat or a speedboat from Phi Phi.

10 - Rhossili bay, Swansea - United Kingdom

We are in the Wales, where this splendid bay, 5 km long, is located, a bit difficult to reach as it is reached along a path in the hills. Once there, however, the breathtaking landscape will not make you regret the effort: a wonderful panorama and an uncontaminated landscape will envelop your senses! Walking along the coast, you can visit the remains of an ancient village dating back to the Iron Age; for the more sporty then, a part of the bay lends itself perfectly to activities such as surf! Finally, those who love to be kissed by the sun can relax between the green of the hills and the blue of the sea and enjoy the landscape.

9 - Eagle Beach, Palm / Eagle Beach - Aruba

We are in the Carribean Sea, on the island of Aruba that hosts this magnificent white sand beach and a sea with spectacular turquoise shades. There is also a rocky area where it is very nice to admire the small crabs that inhabit these rocks.
Fantastic, then, to stretch out on the beach, to savor a little relaxation in the shade of the "Divi Divi trees", typical trees of this island, which have the peculiarity of always being bent towards the southwest, due to the strong winds that blow on the island.

8 - Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda

We fly to the Bermuda Islands to reach the eighth most beautiful beach in the world. We are in the middle of an absolutely fascinating landscape: blue sea, a beach with a reddish color due to its composition of corals and shells shattered where limestone cliffs rise, rocks that form almost small caves in which to sunbathe and have a little privacy to lie down and admire the blue of the sky that merges with that of the sea.

7 - Lopes Mendes Beach, Brazil

Let's move to Brazil to admire this wonderful beach, definitely uncontaminated as it can be reached either with a two-hour walk, or across the sea by water taxi. Once reached, the place leaves you speechless: a 'immense white beach with the jungle behind, and a sea to take your breath away. The island is entirely included in the Ilha Grande State Park, a nature reserve that protects all the animal species found on the island, many of them in danger of extinction. The most fearless, therefore, will have the opportunity to go a few meters into the jungle and admire the howler monkeys and sloths that live in trees.

6 - Playa de las Catedrales, Ribadeo - Spain

Let's go to Europe, where Spain hosts this wonderful coastline of golden sand bordered by one slate wall, a rock eroded by the water that creates a landscape with arches over thirty meters high similar to buttresses of Gothic cathedrals, hence the name of the bay, and natural caves crossed by sandy corridors which can be accessed at low tide. A very beautiful landscape, full of peculiarities to be discovered!

5 - Flamenco Beach, Puerto Rico

We are in Puerto Rico, still in Carribean Sea, where this wonderful bay is located, totally immersed in nature, with no buildings around, surrounded far and wide by lots of greenery. The beach is of fine white sand, and the turquoise sea is home to a great variety of fish that can already be seen in the shallower waters, where bathers swim. A breathtaking landscape suitable for both relaxation and relaxation! The island is part of the Culebra National Wildlife Refuge, which protects several species of birds and turtles that reside on the island. The western area of ​​the island was also the site of military exercises of the United States Army and Navy, for which there are still military relics, and even a tank semi underground on the beach.

4 - Baia do Sancho, Brazil

We return to Brazil to enjoy the splendid panorama of this bay, reachable by sea or by descending a steep staircase created by the erosion of the rocks, where we immerse ourselves in an atmosphere of tranquility that allows us to savor the landscape that surrounds us. A native flora and fauna frame this coast bordered by a high cliff, perfect for relaxing and sunbathing in the midst of nature. A particular natural event occurs from February to June on the cliff, where two are formed rainwater cascades: a small icing on the cake that attracts many tourists.

3 - Whiteheaven Beach, Australia

We fly to the other side of the world, in Australia, to go and admire a "white paradise" as the name implies, a splendid beach, with its 7 km of white sand coast, thanks to thehigh percentage of silicon, almost 98%, which makes the sand a bright white color.
This composition also ensures that the sand does not retain heat, and it is therefore possible to take long barefoot walks and have physical and sensory contact with the beach. The turquoise and emerald green sea offers a breathtaking landscape, warm and crystalline water allows you to admire the fish swimming near the shore, and an idyllic atmosphere allows you to spend our holidays with serenity.

2 - Grace Bay, Providenciales

Island forming part of a archipelago of the Caribbean sea, Providenciales welcomes the second most beautiful beach in the world. In addition to the beaches, the charm of the island lies in its jagged hills, upholstered with prickly pear plants. However, the trump card remains its seascape: kilometers and kilometers of coral reefs they are located near the shore, easily accessible by boat, just waiting to be admired! The island with its fine white sand is perfect for long walks by the blue sea. Once again we find ourselves in a paradise, an idyllic landscape with a peaceful atmosphere that will stimulate all our senses.

1 - Beach of the Rabbits, Lampedusa - Sicily

In spite of the Caribbean islands, Polynesia and the most famous tropical landscapes in the world, Italy is the beach and the most beautiful sea in the world. In the first place we find a beach located on a small island south of Sicily: the Spiaggia dei Conigli in Lampedusa.
It is a spectacular bay, with crystalline waters entirely surrounded by a very low cliff that houses the typical flora and fauna of Mediterranean.
In particular, this bay is one of the few places where the Caretta Caretta turtles go to lay their eggs; for this reason the cliff is part of the Isola di Lampedusa Nature Reserve, which also protects this species of turtles, as well as all the rest of the Mediterranean fauna. The perfect destination for your summer holidays if you love nature, the sea and relaxation.

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