The beach of Ses Platgetes

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The beach of Ses Platgetes

Es Caló de Sant Agustí: this is how this spectacular beach in Formentera is best known. Located in the north of the island it owes its name (Las playitas - the beaches, ed) to the fact that in this part of the coast the beach alternates with the rocks of the coast, thus forming a series of small bays. The surrounding vegetation is typically Mediterranean: pines and shrubs, which contrast with the incredible color and transparency of the water. The seabed follows the course of the coast and alternates rocky areas with areas of sand.

Around Ses Platgetes there are still many of what were once fishermen's houses: Es Caló - Ses Platgetes was the second natural port of Formentera, and a communication route with the other islands, and the main trade took place right here.

Ses Platgetes can be reached on foot from the village of Es Caló.

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