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    The Albuquerque of Breaking Bad: tour of the locations of the series

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    Whether you've come to Albuquerque by accident on Route 66 in New Mexico or on purpose, if you're a fan of Breaking Bad. and its prequel B with this guide we will help you understand how to visit the most famous locations of the two series.

    Before starting, however, it is appropriate to make a premise: most of the places you will visit are private property and, also due to the bravadoes of some people, the owners do not look favorably on strangers so be polite and respectful of the privacy of others and try to take a souvenir photo or enjoy your experience without being too intrusive! Do not blame them too much, on the other hand you too would not like to have a crowd of tourists always in front of the house. So let's leave for ours Albuquerque Breaking Bad Tour.


    Albuquerque Breaking Bad: Tour map

    In this map you can see all the stages of the itinerary and below you can consult the individual descriptions, accompanied by photos in 2 versions (the location of the film and that of reality).

    The chickens brothers


    The place owned by Gus Fring is also in reality a fast food restaurant and the only thing different it has from the TV series is the name. Above the entrance you will in fact see the Twisters sign heading even if inside the room you will find murals and posters that all refer to the most famous alter ego. You can therefore also consider it not only for a souvenir photo but also for a lunch break.
    Address: 4257 Isleta Blvd.

    Houses of the protagonists

    Especially with regard to these places, the recommendation made at the beginning of the article is valid: you are visiting private homes and not just a film set, be respectful of the people who live there in reality.

    Jesse Pinkman's house

    Let's talk about the house of the parents, who will then buy to use it for his very eventful parties. Address: 322 16th St SW.

    Jesse and Jane's apartment

    Once forced to leave his previous home, Jesse will go to live in this apartment where we will see some of the most memorable scenes of the series. Address: 325 Terrace St SE.

    Hank's house

    You will find it crossing a very suggestive area of ​​Albuquerque at 4901 Cumbre del Sur Ct.

    Walter White's house

    Walter's house in reality

    The mecca for any Breaking Bad fan. Seeing the home of Walter and Skyler White live is the reason why hundreds of tourists come to Albuquerque, New Mexico and sadly someone over time has gone too far. In fact, there was no lack of vandalism: from the theft of the stones found in the garden in front of the house, to the throwing of takeaway pizzas on the roof and break-ins in the swimming pool.

    For this reason the owners are particularly sensitive (and vigilant) about the respect of their private property, for this reason the advice is not to go beyond the limit of the sidewalk to avoid problems. Address: 3828 Piermont Drive.

    car wash

    Autolavaggio Breaking Bad Albuquerque

    Together with Walter White's house, the car wash is perhaps one of the most iconic locations in the series.

    Even if you don't need to wash your car, I suggest you take a look inside because you can find many gadgets inspired by the series including the reproduction of the ad distributed on the streets of Albuquerque when Walter mysteriously "disappeared". Address: 9516 Snow Heights Circle.

    Gus's laundry

    Albuquerque laundry

    When the demand for production becomes more pressing, to be able to meet the demand, you must first have a more practical workplace than a camper and here comes the workshop under the laundry. Personally, I only visited the outside because it was closed on Saturday and I can't tell you if the inside can be visited or not; however you can try to ask once you are at 1617 Candelaria Rd NE.

    Manicure Shop / Saul Goodman's Studio (in Better Call Saul)

    Manicure shop in reality

    The manicure shop, which will find its definitive consecration in the Better Call Saul prequel, is also real. You can find it in a not-so-memorable area of ​​Albuquerque but the owners are very willing to let you take a souvenir photo. You will find it at 160 Juan Tabo Blvd NE.

    Study of Saul Goodman

    You will be able to photograph the exterior of Saul's studio near a large parking lot at Montgomery Blvd NE 87111

    Crossroads Motel

    Crossroads motel vero

    The motel that is the backdrop to Wendy's "work performance" can be photographed at 1001 Central Ave.

    These are certainly the inevitable stops in my opinion, but once you are in the city you can have fun discovering others literally in every corner to build your own personal one. Albuquerque di Breaking Bad! Above you can see the map that summarizes the most important points that we have described to you.

    Breaking Bad RV Tour

    If instead of exploring independently the areas of the city reported in this article you want to rely on an organized tour that takes you to visit the main locations aboard a camper like the one used for the TV series, then take a look at the link below.

    Breaking Bad RV Tour

    Extra: Four Corners Monument

    Four Corners Monument: 4 States in one fell swoop!

    If you are planning to do an on the road in the areas near Albuquerque and you are really avid fans of the series, why not include a episode at the Four corners? In addition to visiting one of the most curious attractions in the United States, you can identify yourself with Skyler White and let a coin decide what your next stop will be.

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