The 8 Lovers' Islands: the Heart-shaped Lands

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Mother Nature gave to our planet heavenly corners that the most romantic souls will not let slip for an effective declaration to the love of their life. They are spectacular heart-shaped islands scattered around the world: from French Polynesia to Australia, from Brazil to Croatia, not far from Italy.
These lands make you dream, but one in particular arouses charm and amazement: theisland of Greenladia with the profile of two people who share a tender kiss ... But the question is: does it really exist?
Find out in this article, here are the 8 islands of lovers!


  1. The heart of Voh - New Caledonia
  2. L'Heart Reef - Australia
  3. Makepeace Island - Australia
  4. La Tavarua Island - Fiji Islands
  5. Tupai Atoll - French Polynesia
  6. The heart islands in Brazil and Argentina
  7. Coniferous forest in Cantabria - Spain
  8. The island of Galešnjak - Croatia
  9. The mystery revealed: the Lovers' Islands in Greenland? Sorry, I'm a Fake!
  10. User questions and comments

The heart of Voh - New Caledonia

Very far from Italy, right at the antipodes there is a large island, a land of unspoiled nature: it is New Caledonia, with longest lagoon in the world and a symbol of love given by nature itself, the heart of Voh.
In this magnificent land the different heights of the mangroves naturally form a giant green heart.
There are many lovers, but also many photographers and enthusiasts who book a flight to admire this romantic landscape.

L'Heart Reef - Australia

A romantic honeymoon could be organized with destination Australia and the coral reefs most beautiful on the planet.
Discovered by James Cook in 1770 and baptized by himself Whitsundays (Sunday Islands), the archipelago consists of 74 islands, surrounded by the blue of the ocean: the islands are protected by the corals of the largest reef in the world, therefore you can navigate in waters protected from the winds and dock in quiet bays and deserted islands.
The perfect setting for a self-respecting honeymoon is the wonderful and very romantic heart-shaped coral reef, called Heart Reef, the famous heart shaped reef which can be admired on board a helicopter or on a scheduled flight.
The coral reef in East Australia always offers incredible spectacles: the debris of the corals, massed together in particular and imaginative shapes, immersed in crystal clear water and populated by myriads of colorful fish.

Makepeace Island - Australia

We remain in Australia: for more than a year Richard Branson (Virgin Group owner) and his partner Brett Godfret have decided to rent their luxury island to those who can afford it.
This is the magnificent Makepeace Island, a green heart that emerges from the Noose River on the Sunshine Coast Queensland: the lucky ones who manage to rent it will have 25 acres of the island at their disposal, in absolute privacy and tranquility, with swimming pool, wellness center, tennis court and theater.
The luxury home will be there Bali House, luxury in perfect Indonesian style for the modest sum of $ 550 per night or $ 3.250 for the exclusive use of the island.

La Tavarua Island - Fiji Islands

Not only the romantics, but also the surf lovers they will find their corner of paradise on the island of Tavarua.
A border of fine white sand draws its heart-shaped profile, Tavarua Island in Fiji, Oceania, thanks to one of the most romantic resorts always offers holidays away from stress.

Tupai Atoll - French Polynesia

Located 13 km northwest of Bora Bora, in French Polynesia, there is the wonderful atoll Tupai (or Motu-iti): the small atoll (only 11 square kilometers) is part of the Iles sous le Vent and is surrounded by a vast coral reef that encloses a low lagoon of about eight kilometers by three.
The lucky ones who will be able to visit it in the months of August and November will have the opportunity to spot migratory groups of whales.

The heart islands in Brazil and Argentina

A tangle of mangroves forms a green heart on the delta Vaza-Barris river in Brazil; we find a heart-shaped island in Patagonia, Argentina, on the east side of the Gutierrez lake.

Coniferous forest in Cantabria - Spain

It is not an island but the effect is beautiful all the same: in the north of Spain, in the community of Cantabria, there is one coniferous forest which, when viewed from the right angle, forms a perfect heart.
A perfect destination for lovers; if the sky is clear you can admire it from above, landing in Santander, and then immerse yourself in the wood of love.

The island of Galešnjak - Croatia

Not far from Italy there is a very romantic place, now known as Island of Love o Island of Lovers: this is the islet of Galešnjak, in Croatia, a popular destination for engaged couples from all over the world. The island that belongs to Vlado Juresko, also owner of a travel agency, is completely uninhabited, has an area of ​​0,132 square kilometers and a maximum height of 36 meters.

The mystery revealed: the Lovers' Islands in Greenland? Sorry, I'm a Fake!

It will be a small or big disappointment for lovers of heartwarming romance so sweet that it provokes a hyperglycemic attack, but we must say it: the image of the two Greenland islands in the shape of lovers kissing, is a fake. It is in fact an ad hoc construction for one advertising of the well-known pharmaceutical company Pfizer who intended to promote true love, the hard one ... in short, viagra! Do yourself a reason or maybe ... try to take the little blue pill, and everything will "jump" to your eyes in an obvious way ...

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