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If you are among those people who prefer to spend the mountain holidays, in untouched nature, rather than in chaotic Beach resorts crowded by tourists, this article is just for you!
In this ranking, we have selected the 7 quietest places, immersed in absolute quiet, ideal for spending a holiday in total relaxation or, why not, to allow yourself a real spiritual journey to discover yourself. But be careful, in some cases these are places that are not exactly hospitable for the average tourist. Quiet is fine, and everyone likes it a little from time to time, but absolute silence, the total lack of noise could lead to madness. Have you become curious? So get ready to discover the ranking of 7 most relaxing places in the world.

7 - Kronotsky Volcano Nature Reserve, Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

It is a protected area corresponding roughly to the area in which it stands one of the most scenic volcanoes in the world: the Kronotsky stratovolcano, in the Kamchatka Peninsula. A volcano with a "perfect" shape, exactly how you draw a volcano or how you build a model, a perfect volcanic cone.
It is more than 200 km from the first inhabited center and the only sounds that can be heard are the rumblings, now rare, of the volcano, the murmurs of geyser and some scarce representation of the local fauna.

6 - Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Among the largest deserts on the Asian continent, the Gobi Desert is placed in sixth place in the standings.
The Desert is located in Mongolia and it is without a shadow of a doubt one of the quietest places in the world!
Far away from urban centers and from any form of civilization, in it you can listen exclusively to the sounds of nature: the blowing wind and the cry of birds and vultures. In the middle of the desert it is possible to find the suggestive ones remains of ancient abandoned towns for centuries.

5 - Cape Cod, Massachusetts

The peninsula of Massachusetts occupies the fifth position of our mini-ranking despite being an important one tourist resort famous among fishing and sailing enthusiasts. During the summer season, Cape Cod receives thousands of visitors, however, it still manages to guarantee a very high dose of relaxation to tourists who decide to spend their holidays here. In order to fully enjoy the wonderful natural scenery and be captured by the charm of this place, we advise you to stroll along the beach early in the morning accompanied by the gentle sound of the waves.

4 - Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

Close to the podium we find the state of the Hawaii with its Volcanoes National Park. The park, famous all over the world also because of the Haleakala volcano, one of the largest shield volcanoes on earth, has been placed on the special list of sites UNESCO and declared World Heritage Site.

A visit to this enchanting place manages to involve all the senses of the traveler, from the sense of smell to sight, without neglecting the hearing. The place is recognized as one of the most relaxing, and the same owners of the Haleakala park they try to safeguard the deep sense of stillness that one breathes.

3 - Grand Canyon, Arizona

Bronze medal for the famous Grand Canyon in Arizona, an immense gorge created by the Colorado River, between best known natural places.
The considerable fame of this place has been fomented over the years by the mass media: there are in fact numerous films and documentaries that describe the beauty of this natural paradise. Clearly it it is visited by thousands of people a year but in any case, its great extension guarantees a remarkable level of acoustic dispersion, allowing him to take third place in the standings among the quieter places.

2 - Hoh Valley, Washington

The fantastic river forest of Hoh Valley wins the silver medal in this special ranking. In this valley, some environmentalists have launched an initiative known as the "Square Inch Project" ( aimed at maintaining at least one square centimeter of space not contaminated by man-made sounds.

1 - Anechoic Chamber of Orfield Labs in Minneapolis, United States

A laboratory in which the sound production is -9 db. And said so, it doesn't make much impression. But consider for a moment that the noises we usually hear in bedrooms at night, those annoying but barely perceptible noises, have a volume of 30 db. And we also assume that the limit of human hearing is 0 db. Now starting to intrigue a little, huh?
Well, in the anechoic (echo-free) room the sound absorption capacity is 99%. Based on some tests, it seems that a human being on average cannot last more than 45 minutes in this room: after the ear gets used to the total absence of sound, it begins to perceive its heartbeat, the lungs swelling. and deflate, the blood flowing in the veins ... a real one experience of sensory deprivation! Such silence can literally lead to delirium and the mental imbalance.
Ma how it is made? They are two matryoshka chambers, one inside the other, and the innermost one is separated from the rest of the world by a 1 meter thick layer of steel fiber. In addition, the walls are made of synthetic foam with three-dimensional shapes, to break up and absorb sound waves.
What is? Definitely not for a vacation. Unless your goal is complete madness. Rather, it serves for gods tests and research deafness clinics and to test the noise emitted by new products to be launched on the market, such as motorcycles, washing machines, etc.

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