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Our planet is full of wonderful landscapes, places rich in history and culture, islands, seas and mountains surrounded by an indescribable charm that fills the eyes of those who observe them and arouses feelings of peace and serenity. There are also places that arouse another type of emotions, equally fascinating, perhaps more ... they are sites shrouded in a veil of mystery, scenarios that raise questions, which raise many doubts and make us think: it is humanly possible?

They are places that attract the attention of the media, of scientists and alleged "all-rounders" who try to give an explanation to what their eyes see but that their thinking cannot explain.


  1. The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
  2. The Nazca Lines, Peru
  3. The Bermuda Triangle
  4. Stonehenge, England
  5. Racetrack Playa, California
  6. Easter Island, Chile
  7. ... and it doesn't end there!
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The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

one of the most beautiful and enigmatic scenarios in the world it is that of the Pyramids of Giza. There are many reasons that make these imposing constructions so mysterious: for centuries scholars and archaeologists have argued about methods of transporting materials and construction of these structures.
It is known, in fact, that the quarries from which the materials for the construction of the pyramid were extracted are hundreds of kilometers away; scholars have hypothesized theories of dragging arms on sleds, but experts in the construction sector, specializing in megaconstructions, have confirmed that even today with the technology available, it would not be easy to reproduce such a work without first creating an impressive concrete base over the entire area involved in the work, as the desert sand certainly does not provide a stable support on which to maneuver massive cranes and mammoth means of transport. Considering that there are no written documents regarding their construction, the Pyramids will continue to be enigmatic for a long time to come ...

The Nazca Lines, Peru

We fly to Peru now, but let's stay on the plane! The work we are talking about is perfectly visible only from above... They are the Nazca Lines. They began to talk about them in 1927 when a Peruvian aviation pilot spotted them from his aircraft. Since then, archaeologists from around the world have begun to study these wonderful geoglyphs.
I'm more than 13.000 lines forming about 800 drawings including a monkey 135 meters long it's a spider of 45 meters. The work dates back to the period between 300 BC and 400 AD and was shaped by Nazca civilization which, by moving boulders and black desert earth, created a contrast with the yellow-orange ground below, giving life to these extraordinary creations. Where is the mystery? The accuracy of the straight lines is impressive, the error difference is only 2 meters per kilometer! This precision is also maintained for curved lines, which led scientists to think that these works were somehow guided from above. They built a primitive prototype on the basis of a drawing found among the finds, using the same materials found by the Nazca; the created airship remained in flight for about 20 minutes ... It is possible that such a primitive population with so few resources was able to fly? If this is not a mystery ...

The Bermuda Triangle

According to many, the mysterious place par excellence on our land is the Bermuda Triangle. Scientists around the world have tried to give an explanation to all that weird has happened and is happening on earth: impossible constructions and designs, secret places where the "powerful" hide what they do not want to show to the "not yet ready population", pyramids, crop circles, alien sightings and even the existence of Jesus! But when a ship or a plane sinks it disappears from radar and nowhere, after days of searching and searching, are the remains of wrecks and people literally disappeared into thin air, however much scientists try to find a solution, this is simply does not exist.
Someone blamed the aliens, others have talked about space-time distortions e magnetic fields, certainly there is that those who have had the good fortune to be able to tell it say that in this stretch of sea between Miami, Puerto Rico and the island of Bermuda facts nothing short of strange: the instruments on board go crazy, yes loss of orientation, climatic changes occur and visibility is reduced.
The fact remains that despite continuing studies and research, accidents in this area remain unsolved and perhaps no one will ever find an answer to the disturbing events that continue to take place in these waters.

Stonehenge, England

Another area rich in mysticism is found in England and precisely in Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire where Stonehenge is located. A'ancient legend narrates that it was the Merlin the wizard with his magic to arrange the large stones on the field.
In reality, the structure was built by men in three different phases, during which the project was modified several times. However, today we can admire what remains of this work as over the centuries some boulders have been stolen or have collapsed due to bad weather.
What makes this place so mysterious is the fact that today there is no certainty of its function. Many archaeologists think it was some sort of stellar observatory, given the correlation with important astronomical events, others think it was a burial site or a altar for human sacrifices, some fanatics believe it was a site ofencounter with extraterrestrial populations. In short, all these fascinating legends and theories have continued to make this place one of the most contemplative in the world so much so that even today many go there during particular periods of the year: the summer solstice for example it is the optimal period to "catalyze solar energies".

Racetrack Playa, California

Among the many natural landscapes that we can admire overseas, there is one that is truly incredible! We are in the Death Valley, the Death Valley in California, a place where, among the many inaccessible sites, there is the Racetrack Playa, a valley where the stones ... walk alone!
You got it right, these boulders of more or less large dimensions they move without anyone touching them leaving a trail that describes their movement.
The playa is the bottom of an ancient lake and is composed of dry mud; for years scholars and geologists have tried to explain it strange phenomenon and they also managed to find it: in particular atmospheric conditions rain and fog make the mud wet and the wind carries these stones around. Here is explained you will say! But no! In reality, the trails speak of very particular paths ... so one still wonders: how does the wind turn in a circle e bring the stones back to their starting point? How does it zigzag? Why do neighboring stones follow different paths? The mystery is not revealed at all!

Easter Island, Chile

Let's go talk about enigmatic constructions, this time on an island in the Pacific Ocean. Huge monolithic busts between 2 and 10 meters high, heavy up to 80 tons... I'm not giving the numbers, I'm talking about Moai of Easter Island... there are 638, some remained incomplete, but all united by a single great mystery: who erected them? Yes, this time we don't ask ourselves how, but which civilization built these huge statues.
At a certain point we start talking about "long ears" and "short ears", two tribes that lived on the island, but the population living on the island today makes the mystery even more remote: their ancient writing, a set of symbols not yet deciphered the "rongo-rongo", strikingly resembles ancient Pakistani seals, their skin color is too light to be related to their Chilean neighbors, and genetic research has proven their descent from the Polynesians... very unlikely considering that Polynesia is located in four thousand kilometers and with the means of transport at the time, getting into the sea and accidentally reaching the island was practically impossible. Who then are the ancestors of the present Easter Island people? If you add to all these facts hundreds of statues lined up like many toy soldiers observing the interior of the island, all that remains is to visit this pearl of the ocean full of mysteries and imagine that these "spectators" reveal the truth to us.

... and it doesn't end there!

And of course it doesn't end there! The list of places full of mystery in the world is very long! You could go ahead and fly to India to visit the Vaithiswarankoil Temple, a place where the leaves of fate, of the palm leaves on which, about 2000 years ago, 7 Indian sages wrote the "life path" of all the people who had yet to be born, to let us predict our destiny by the Nadis, expert readers who choose the lucky ones to whom it is allowed to know their future; you could still choose Mexico to visit Chicén Itza, Mayan city that includes several and interesting buildings, including the terraced pyramid called "El Castillo" on which only during the autumn and spring equinoxes does the silhouette of a feathered snake, god Quetzalcòatl.
In short, we could make an endless list of places in the world that somehow arouse a bit of curiosity in our minds, but what is the pleasure of reading all these mysteries? It is more exciting to pack up and go in person to be fascinated by these incredible arcane places that hide absolutely incomprehensible truths from the human eye and mind!

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