The 5 Most Lost Islands Wild of the World

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Have you ever wished for a moment to escape from everything and everyone for live on a desert island?
If the answer is yes you will surely be intrigued by this article ...
In fact, today we want to show you some of the most fascinating and wild islands, of the places where nature continues to dominate man.
The proposed islands are remote and unknown places, often uninhabitable, scattered in the hidden corners of the Earth, and only some of them are open to visitors. Let's find out what the wildest and most remote islands in the world in the ranking of ForTravelAdviceLovers!

5 - Rapa iti, French Polynesia

Its geographical shape resembles the letter Sigma of the Greek alphabet. Turnip Iti it is beautiful for its fantastic landscapes, for its beaches and for the uncontaminated nature that characterizes a large part of its surface. It is located in the territory of French Polynesia and this makes it the furthest "European" location.
It has no airport and the only way to reach it is via one crossing by ship lasting over 50 hours from Tahiti. Say it's worth it?

4 - Bouvet, Norway

Bouvet it is one of the wildest islands in the world, a place very far from man. The nearest inhabited center is located at over 2.000 km away.
Forget the paradisiacal scenarios, Bouvet is a place that can hardly be hospitable to man; however, the incredible volcanic landscape it gives it an absolutely suggestive charm.

3 - Orba Co Islands, Tibet

Located in Tibet, the "roof of the world", these islands are absolutely inhospitable to man. This is because they are beyond 5.200 meters above sea level. They are also characterized by an extreme natural integrity which, together with the very rigid temperatures, make them particularly uninhabitable.

2 - Attu Island, USA

Close to the note Tristan da Cunha, famous for being themost remote and difficult to reach inhabited island in the world due to the total absence of airports and ports, theInaccessible Island ranks second in our ranking. It is part of the archipelago of Tristan da Cunha (namesake to the main island), and is an absolutely safe place, where nature reigns supreme. The name itself suggests how hostile this island is to man. Several times since 1600, expeditions have been made to try to explore and urbanize the territory, but all have failed miserably. The most recent dates back to 1962, when the inhabitants of Tristan tried to start some crops. Since 76 'it has become a nature reserve.

Curiosity: From 1871 to 1873 the island was inhabited by two German brothers: they risked death for lack of food and were later rescued by another group of explorers.

1 - Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island is one of the 6 most mysterious places in the world but the natural landscape that characterizes it makes it at the same time one of the wilder islands. To reach it, very few means are available: only one airline offers flights that depart exclusively from Chile (only in very rare cases from Tahiti) and in general the rough sea does not allow large ships to dock. It almost seems as if someone wanted to keep curious visitors away, in order to preserve a ancient secretEtc.

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