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    The 5 most dangerous beaches in the world

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    Lluis Enric Mayans

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    Among more dangerous beaches there are some in the world that at first glance may seem like real exotic paradises. But perhaps it is better to think twice before choosing them as your holiday destination: here it is 5 beaches to avoid according to The Weather Channel:

    Kilauea, Hawaii
    The black sand is very impressive. Too bad it is located right under an active volcano

    Chowpatty beach, India
    Swimming here is prohibited because the beach is too polluted

    Gansbaai beach, South Africa
    It is nicknamed the white shark capital of the world: this is enough to warn you of the possible dangers that this beautiful beach hides

    Hanakapiai beach, Hawaii
    The beach is lapped by currents so strong that even experienced swimmers often have a bad time. Don't believe it? There have been 80 victims here in recent years

    Cape Tribulation, Australia
    It is a real hell disguised as heaven. The forest behind the beach is populated by poisonous snakes and crocodiles. As if that weren't enough, the water teems with dangerous jellyfish. Stay away!

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