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The passion for the good cooking is a feature that unites travelers from all over the world. Whether Italian, French, American, European or Asian, the average tourist loves to know and experience the historical and artistic wonders of the countries they visit, as well as the culinary tradition, a distinctive element that faithfully reflects the culture of a country. That's why we almost all prefer eat in typical places of the city when we are traveling. However, even in the choice of restaurants and cafes, we are very selective, letting ourselves be fascinated only by more suggestive places and details. But what are the stranger restaurants and characteristic in the world to visit absolutely? You will find an answer to this question in our "curious" t!

5 - Barbie Cafe, Taiwan

In fifth place we find the Barbie Cafe in Taiwan. Just the name of the most famous doll and sold on land to make you understand what the theme of the venue is. Of course, needless to say, the predominant color is pink and everything inside is a reminder of the universe created by the Mattel (you will find blow-ups of Barbie, Ken and all their friends). The ladies who will sit at the tables will have the feeling of being come back little girls.

4 - DS Music Restaurant, Taiwan

One position higher we have the DS Music Restaurant, which can also be visited in Taiwan. The medical-themed restaurant will fascinate you thanks to the surreal context that characterizes it. You will be seated on comfortable wheelchairs and drinks will be served to you in gigantic syringes by splendid "nurses". Please, don't be impressed by the location, the food is exquisite and it has nothing to do with that served in hospital canteens. Trust me, eating at DS is a blast!

3 - Vampire Cafe, Japan

On the lowest step of the podium here is the Vampire Cafe di Tokyo, capital of Japan. Maybe their culture is totally different from ours, the fact is that eating at Vampire is not really something for everyone and for everyone. Between walls smeared with blood e mutilated corpses scattered all over the place, dining in such a context will be impossible for the faint of heart. Anyway, the "vampire theme" earned the club there bronze medal.

2 - Heart Attack Grill, United States

After having taken note of the oddities that make the Japanese people unique, let us now analyze the typically American extremism ofHeart Attack Grill di Las Vegas. In this restaurant, whose name is literally translated into "Grilled Heart Attack", you will be able to taste the America's deadliest sandwich (ironically called a "quadruple bypass burger"), stuffed with a disproportionate amount of bacon.

1 - Medici Fortress, Italy

A surprise the most curious restaurant in the world it's right on our dear old peninsula. The restaurant of the Medici Fortress in municipality of Volterra wins gold medal and wins the first place in the standings. The particularity of the restaurant is not so much the location, already wonderful in itself, as the fact that it is in reality run by prison criminals of maximum security created within the Medici structure. In fact, since 2006, the prison administrators have started a rehabilitation program which contributed to the revaluation of the fortress as a tourist attraction and at the same time allowed the prisoners to commit their time in a constructive way. Given the results obtained so far (the place is always very full), it seems to have had abrilliant ideaEtc.

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