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If you also like to spend pleasant evenings with a drink, in the company of friends or someone special, do not miss this list. We have in fact brought together the 30 most beautiful and particular bars around the world. Some are famous for the cocktails served, others for their history, many are found in exclusive locations but also in places where it is almost unthinkable that a bar or a pub can be found.
It doesn't matter which drink you prefer, these places represent themselves an incredible attraction, sometimes like museums and historical monuments. Take a seat at the table or at the counter, study the list of drinks and place your order!

30 - Sky Bar, Bangkok, Thailand

The Bangkok Sky Bar will allow you to feel tipsy even without tasting a drop of alcohol. It is in fact located on the 63rd floor of the Lebua Hotel, about 250 meters high. The psychedelic bar counter, illuminated with LEDs, changes color periodically. Enjoying a drink here means being enchanted by the incredible panoramic view over the city.

Have you seen the movie "The Hangover II"? This bar is featured in the film.

  • Address: 1055, Silom Road, Bangkok
  • Phone: + 66 2 624 9555

29 - Rock Bar, Bali, Indonesia

Rock Bar in Kuta, Bali, is carved out from a rock ledge overlooking the Indian Ocean. Just below the ledge, which is located at a height of about 20 meters, the waves of the sea break. Isn't that exclusive and exciting enough? Think, then, that the bar it is accessible only through a special cable car.

  • Address: Kabupaten Badung, Bali
  • Phone: + 62 361 702222

28 - Chandelier Bar, Las Vegas, NV (USA)

Have you ever wanted to be inside one of those majestic chandeliers? In this bar it is possible. The Chandelier Bar is located at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas and is a place that is spread over three floors of its own inside a huge chandelier, covered with two million crystals. Even the drinks are extravagant and particular, many of them are inspired by molecular cuisine, created and served directly to the table, from a very modern bar trolley.

  • Address: 708 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV
  • Phone: +1 702-698-7979

27 - Monkey Bar, Berlin, Germany

What's better than a drink "with a view"? In the case of this bar, located on the roof of the 25hours Bikini Hotel in Berlin, the view is that of area reserved for monkeys of the famous zoo.

  • Address: Budapester Str. 40, Berlin
  • Phone: + 49 30 1202210

26 - JICOO The Floating Bar, Tokyo, Japan

Jicoo the Floating Bar is located in Japan and consists in a futuristic design boat sailing around Tokyo Bay every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The large windows of the ship allow the customers of the restaurant to admire a splendid panorama of the city at night, periodically live performances are also organized at the bar.

  • Address: 2-7-104, Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • Phone: +81 120-049-490

25 - Wind and Water Bar, Binh Duong, Vietnam

This majestic bamboo dome it is about an hour from Ho Chi Minh City. The venue is located in the middle of an artificial lake and is completely made with natural materials, even the furniture is made of bamboo! The structure, about 10 meters high, is also covered by local vegetation and is built without using a single nail, but using the traditional Vietnamese techniques of weaving and weaving.

  • Address: Phu Tho district, Thu Dau Mot Town, Binh Duong
  • Telephone: Not Available

24 - Rick's Café, Negril, Jamaica

This Jamaican bar it is a real institution for the island and is famous for the sunsets of epic beauty that can be admired from the natural terrace where it is located. The customers of this bar also take advantage of the cliff to make sensational dives in the crystal clear sea.

  • Address: W End Rd, Negril
  • Phone: +1 876-957-0380

23 - Al Sarab Rooftop Lounge, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Al Sarab Rooftop Lounge, located at the Bab Al Shams Desert Resort in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, allows its customers to take a drink almost in the middle of the desert, with an enchanting backdrop during the spectacular sunsets over the dunes.

  • Address: Al Qudra Road, Opposite Endurance City, Dubai
  • Phone: + 971 4 809 6100

22 - Ozone Bar, Hong Kong, China

This bar is recommended for those who do not suffer from vertigo and, in general, for those who are not afraid of heights. It is, in fact, the highest bar in the world. It is located on the 118th floor of Hong Kong's Ritz Carlton, at a height of about 500 meters.

  • Address: Elements, International Commerce Center (ICC), 1 Austin Rd W, West Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Phone: + 852 2263 2263

21 - Alux Restaurant Bar & Lounge, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Forget the great heights and breathtaking views, in this Mexican restaurant and bar you can order your dinner or your drink in a suggestive cave.

The name of the place derives from a mythological creature belonging to local beliefs, a sort of cave elf whose behavior is not exactly linear also includes the kidnapping of people. The beauty of the place, however, is worth the risk!

  • Address: Avenida Juárez s / n Mz. 217 Lote 2, Ejidal, 77710 Playa del Carmen
  • Phone: + 52 984 122 7365

20 - HR Giger Bar, Gruyères, Switzerland

HR Giger Museum Bar, located in Gruyères, Switzerland, is a tribute to the work of the famous Swiss artist HR Giger, the creator of the main character of the movie "Alien". The sinister theme recurs in the room in the ceilings which are decorated with the tentacles of the alien creature and in chairs that look like skeletons.

  • Address: Rue du Château St. Germain 3, Gruyères
  • Telephone: + 41 26 921 08 00

19 - Cova d'en Xoroi, Alaior, Island of Menorca, Balearics, Spain

Located in Alaior, on the island of Menorca, in the Spanish Balearic Islands, the bar is located about 30 meters overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It offers a spectacular view of the sea during the day, performances by the best DJs during the long party nights.

  • Address: Urbanización Cala en Porter, Carrer de sa Cova, 2, Alaior, Illes Balears
  • Telephone: + 34 971 37 72 36

18 - La Bodeguita del Medio, Havana, Cuba

La Bodeguita del Medio is located in Havana, on the island of Cuba, and is the bar that claims to have invented the well-known "mojito" cocktail. Whether that's true or not, the mojito made at this bar has the Ernest Hemingway "seal of approval". An inscription on the walls of the restaurant, attributed to the writer himself, reads: "My mojito in La Bodeguita, my daiquiri in El Floridita."

  • Address: C. Empedrado entre Cuba y San Ignacio | La Habana Vieja, Havana
  • Phone: + 53 7 571375

17 - Joben Bistro, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

This bar called Joben Bistro is located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The place literally transports its customers in the imaginary world of Jules Verne. Inside there are imaginative machines reminiscent of those described by the author in his novels, lampshades in the shape of hats, LED lights that release a relaxing and mechanical gears that are well suited to the industrial theme of the place.

  • Address: 29 Avram Iancu Street, Cluj-Napoca
  • Phone: + 40 720 222 800

16 - Spårakoff Pub Tram, Helsinki, Finland

Do you want to see the main attractions of the Finnish capital in an original and comfortable way? By choosing the Spårakoff Pub Tram you can accomplish a tour of Helsinki aboard this historic tram which has been turned into a pub. On board, sample various types of beer, cider and sparkling wine as you appreciate the sights of the city.

  • Address: Railway Square (Mikonkatu street tram stop), Helsinki
  • Phone: + 358 20 1234800

15 - Falk's bar, Munich, Germany

Falk's bar is located within the complex that occupies the Bayerischer Hof hotel in Munich. The bar was set up in the spectacular "room of mirrors", originally from the year 1839 e the only one in the entire hotel to have survived the damages of the Second World War.

  • Address: Hotel Bayerischer Hof, Promenadepl. 2-6, Munich
  • Phone: + 49 89 2120956

14 - Bemelmans Bar, New York, NY, USA

Tucked away in the streets of New York, at the Carlyle Hotel is the Bemelmans Bar. by the famous author of children's books and Ludwig Bemelmans boys, whose illustrations in books like "Madeline" decorate the walls of the room.

  • Address: The Carlyle Restaurant, 35 E 76th St, New York, NY
  • Phone: +1 212-744-1600

13 - Caviar Bar, St. Petersburg, Russia

The opulent Caviar Bar of the Saint Petersburg Grand Hotel Europe boasts of including, in its staff, the only professional vodka sommelier of the whole of Russia. This is an advantage, especially for customers, as the bar's list includes more 30 different types of vodka. It doesn't end there: the name, Caviar Bar, is well suited to the rest of the menu it provides as many types of caviar.

  • Address: 7, Mikhaylovskaya ul., 1, St. Petersburg
  • Phone: +7 812 329-66-51

12 - Antico Caffè Greco, Rome, Italy

It is a ancient and historical local of the Capital, which has served coffee and drinks since the 1790s. Among its regulars we find names like John Keats, Charles Dickens, Mary Shelley and Lord Byron, to name a few. During its history, therefore, it has earned the fame of "den" for writers.

  • Address: via dei condotti, 86, Rome
  • Phone: 06 679 1700

11 - Artesian Bar, London, UK

Judged as the best bar in the world in the World's 50 Best Bars, the Artesian of London changes their cocktail menu every year. In one of the last years, the theme of the bar has been "surrealism": drinks have been elaborated and served in unusual and bizarre objects, such as huge metal sculptures in the shape of an ant, fur cups and lego elephants.

  • Address: 1C Portland Pl, Marylebone, London
  • Phone: + 44 20 7636 1000

10 - Smuggler's Cove, San Francisco, CA, USA

Everyone loves classic exotic-themed bars, and San Francisco's Smuggler's Cove is the world's best-known in this category. The bar is pirate themed and reminiscent of Disney-style pirate ships, but don't get confused by the extravagant style! The menu is extremely varied and includes well 400 types of rum, among which some rarities and vintage editions stand out, as well as about 70 tropical cocktails.

  • Address: 650 Gough St, San Francisco, CA
  • Phone: +1 415-869-1900

9 - Madame Claude, Berlin, Germany

Located in what used to be a brothel, the Madame Claude bar it's a bar where everything is upside down, or rather, upside down! Here the tables, chairs, rugs and bookcases are glued to the ceiling and create a bizarre optical effect. Famous international DJs perform here, live performances by famous artists and musicians are organized, special events are on the agenda.

  • Address: Lübbener Str. 19, Berlin
  • Phone: + 49 30 84110859

8 - Riad Yacout, Milan, Italy

Un Moroccan style venue awaits you in Milan. In this bar you can immerse yourself in an exotic environment, a corner of the metropolis where you can rediscover all your senses. Here you will taste the true atmosphere of Marrakech. The restaurant is spread over three levels and has refined and exclusive spaces.

  • Address: via Cadore, 25, Milan
  • Phone: 02 546 2230

7 - The Ice Bar, Quebec City, Canada

It is located inside the Hotel de Glace (Ice Hotel) in Quebec City, Canada. As the name suggests, the place it is carved out of a massive block of ice.

Every year it is renewed and changes design, customers can enjoy their drinks in a unique and directly from glasses and cups of ice.

  • Address: 1860 Boulevard Valcartier, Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier, QC
  • Phone: +1 888-384-5524

6 - The Cave Bar, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Cave Bar, at Hotel More in Dubrovnik, Croatia, is located inside a majestic natural cave. The restaurant has a particular multicolored lighting that makes the natural environment almost fantastic and romantic. Outside, customers can enjoy their drink with a splendid view of the Adriatic Sea.

  • Address: 11-, Šetalište Nika i Meda Pucića 12, Dubrovnik
  • Phone: + 385 20 494 200

5 - White Rabbit Restaurant & Bar, Moscow, Russia

As the name suggests, the place extravagantly embraces the Alice in Wonderland theme: lots of white rabbits, Rococo style furniture… Be sure not to be late for an important appointment! The restaurant also has a panoramic dome which offers a spectacular 360 degree view over the city of Moscow.

  • Address: Smolenskaya Square, 3, Moscow
  • Phone: +7 495 663-39-99

4 - Blue Frog Lounge, Mumbai, India

The interiors consist of a nodal structure of blue color, well highlighted by a large central light that links the whole environment. In this large room there is a space for performances, to consume drinks and dishes, a dance floor and also a recording studio. It is also possible to sit in cylindrical booths, located in the main area, sculpted by a waving expanse of stepped wooden frames, the surface of which is decorated with transparent plexiglass and illuminated from below with multicolored LED lights. The result is a network of semicircles of chromatic variation that outline the individual cabins.

  • Address: Zeba Center, Mathuradas Mill Compound ,, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai
  • Phone: + 91 22 6158 6158

3 - Baobab Tree Bar, Modjadjiskloof, South Africa

If you want to have a completely naturalistic bar experience, go to the Baobab Tree Bar in Limpopo province, South Africa. Maybe you will have a little trouble getting to the site (the bar has no address but only a post office box!) But what awaits you is truly unique. The bar is located indeed inside a tree of about 22 meters which even has its own cellar!

  • Address: Not Available
  • Telephone: Not Available

2 - Mirror Lounge & Club, Bali, Indonesia

Dance the night away in a setting that remembers a spectacular gothic cathedral at the Mirror Club, in Bali, Indonesia. Famous DJs from around the world liven up the evenings at this elaborately decorated club high glass ceilings, huge chandeliers and breathtaking architecture.

  • Address: Jalan Petitenget No. 106, Seminyak, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali
  • Phone: + 62 361 8499799

1 - Northern Lights Bar, Nesjavellir, Iceland

Inside the ION Luxury Adventure Hotel is the Northern Lights Bar, a place specially structured to enjoy an excellent view of the Northern Lights.

It is located about an hour from the capital Reykjavík, between majestic mountains and expanses of lava. It is a sort of glass "cage" that protrudes from the end of the hotel complex, which allows anyone to relax with a drink and admire the fascinating and unique natural phenomenon.

  • Address: Nesjavellir vid Thingvallavatn, 801, Selfoss
  • Phone: + 354 578 3700

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