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It's Hong Kong the most visited city in the world, with the impressive number of 27 million and 770 thousand international visitors, attracted by one of the most spectacular skylines on the planet, with 1.268 skyscrapers, the impressive transport network and the exceptional mix between East and West.

The primacy is highlighted in the ranking of the 25 most visited cities in the world, compiled by Euromonitor International based on 2014 data and statistics from 57 countries on arrivals at airports and hotels, as well as other sources from the tourism sector.
Le most visited Italian cities in the world present in the top 25 are two: Rome, in 14th place, and Milan, in penultimate and 24th position.

Hong Kong, the first classified, has a weakness, or the dependence on Chinese tourism, which constitutes a large part of the visitors to the Asian metropolis. Euromonitor notes that over time tourists from China will choose more and more distant destinations, also following the contrasts between Hong Kong and the Chinese motherland.

In any case, within a year Hong Kong, with 10 million more visitors, has distanced London by many lengths, second most visited city in the world.
The British city has attracted "only" 17 million 380 thousand tourists, followed a short distance by Singapore, which stops at 17 million and 90 thousand.
The capital of the United Kingdom, Euromonitor points out, could lose other positions in the future also compared to other European cities as it is particularly expensive, as well as due to the fact that its airports are about to reach maximum capacity.

Also the third place Singapore has some limits, identified in its scarce natural attractions and in being identified as a business destination rather than a tourist destination: which could penalize it in the future compared to alternative low-cost destinations such as Thailand.

Istanbul, the ninth classified city, is identified by Euromonitor as destination to keep an eye on. The expected increase in the influx of tourists is 13,2% year on year, with an unknown factor represented by the emerging ISIS threat.

Despite the fluctuation in the rankings of some destinations, concludes the research firm, the tourism sector is growing, and that's good news.

Here is the complete ranking of the 25 most visited cities in the world:

1 – Hong Kong
2 - London, UK
3 – Singapore
4 - Bangkok, Thailand
5 - Paris, France
6 - Macau, considered the Asian Las Vegas thanks to its casinos
7 - Shenzhen, the economic center of China
8 – New York, Usa
9 - Istanbul, Turkey
10 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
11 - Antalya, Turkey, especially loved by Russian tourists
12 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates, before the Middle East
13 - Seoul, South Korea, home of Psy's Gangnam Style
14 - Rome, Italy
15 – Taipei, Taiwan
16 - Guangzhou, China
17 - Phuket, Thailand
18 - Miami, USA
19 - Pattaya, Thailand
20 - Shanghai, China
21 - Prague, Czech Republic
22 – Las Vegas, Usa
23 - Mecca, Saudi Arabia, a pilgrimage destination
24 - Milan, Italy, the fashion capital
25 – Tokyo, Giappone

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