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skyline: English expression, very recurrent, relating to large cities. It mainly concerns the metropolises. That's what we would call "skyline". Each city has something that characterizes it and that its skyline highlights, making it so recognizable. But which are the most beautiful skylines in the world? We suggest 25.

25 - Frankfurt, Germany

Ironically also called Mainhattan (Main is the River Main in German) for its significant financial importance, Frankfurt is a beautiful city full of skyscrapers.

Best places to see the skyline:

  • Kaiserdom Tower, the city cathedral
  • from a height of 200 m climbing on the Main Tower
  • by hiring a pedalos to "navigate" on the river Main.

24 - Toronto, Canada

The most populous Canadian city, as well as the state's financial engine, is among the most complex multicultural metropolises. It is a curious city, divided into an upper and an underground part equipped with whatever you need.

Best places to see the skyline:

  • First Canadian Place, 72 floors and headquarters of the Bank of Montreal
  • from Sheraton Center Hotel
  • from Canadian National Tower.

23 - Philadelphia, USA

One of the best known cities, also immortalized in the famous film with Tom Hanks. Here the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America were drawn up.

Best places to see the skyline:

  • from City Hall, the building that houses the offices of the town hall
  • from One Liberty Observation Deck
  • from R2L Restaurant and Lounge, a sophisticated restaurant with stunning views.

22 - Bangkok, Thailand

The beautiful Asian metropolis, capital and largest city of Thailand, holds the record as the busiest urban center in the world. Despite this, it is a very popular destination for international tourism.

Best places to see the skyline:

  • from the 85 floors of the Baiyoke Tower II
  • from Sky Bar on the 64th floor
  • sipping an aperitif at Vertigo Grill and Moon Bar at the 59 °.

21 - Istanbul, Turkey

This beautiful city, historically known as Byzantium and Constantinople, is a stunning megalopolis on the Bosphorus Strait. It is the only city in the world simultaneously on two continents: Europe and Asia.

Best places to see the skyline:

  • from Galata Tower
  • from Leb-i Derya, especially in the evening with all the city lights on
  • from Camlica hill.

20 - Singapore, Republic of Singapore

The fourth largest financial center in the world has a skyline of undoubted charm and a population among the most cosmopolitan in the world.

Best places to see the skyline:

  • la Ferris wheel
  • l'Altitude Gallery & Bar
  • il Marina Bay Sands Skypark.

19 - Paris, France

The most romantic city in Europe, as well as the most visited in the world, holds an elegant charm loved by great artists and intellectuals. The Eiffel Tower stands austere in its skyline and it is impossible not to recognize it.

Best places to see the skyline:

  • from Montmartre hill
  • from Parc de Belville
  • dai Printemps Department Store
  • climbing on Eiffel Tower.

18. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A skyline dominated by curious skyscrapers towering over the Persian Gulf. A bizarre city, practically "new" and full of spectacular artificial structures.

Best places to see the skyline:

  • Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world built by man so far.
  • taking the Dubai Ferry to see the profile of the city under another aspect. Great for taking great pictures
  • from Zeta.

17 - Turin, Italy

Turin is a beautiful city, but it is also one of the major cultural, scientific and industrial centers in Italy. It is a city full of mysteries and legends, very important for Italian history. It houses the most important Egyptian Museum in the world after the one in Cairo.

Best places to see the skyline:

  • an elevator will take you on Mole
  • from Monte dei Cappuccini on the city hill
  • from Basilica of Superga.

16 - London, Uk

A city that certainly needs no introduction. One of the most popular and typical destinations in everything that composes it. It is the largest city in Europe, the cradle of new trends and one of the most influential on a world scale.

Best places to see the skyline:

  • from London Eye, the Ferris wheel of the capital
  • from One New Change Shopping Center, a four-storey shopping center at the top of which opens up a splendid public terrace
  • from The Shard, the tallest skyscraper in Europe.

15 - Chicago, USA

It is the largest metropolis in the US hinterland and among the 10 most influential in the world. It is one of the largest exhibition centers on the planet and is dominated by many skyscrapers.

Best places to see the skyline:

  • from the famous Skydeck with its cubic glass windows
  • from skyscraper Hotel 71
  • dall 'Hard Rock Hotel.

14 - Barcelona, ​​Spain

The captivating Spanish city is very beautiful and with a particular skyline, thanks to the old and new buildings that compose it and the sea that laps it. It hosts numerous Unesco World Heritage Sites and famous works by Gaudì. A lively city, a perfect mix of culture and entertainment.

Best places to see the skyline:

  • il Montjuïc Castle, 173 meters above sea level, it offers a series of suggestive panoramas
  • il Tibidabo it is the hill that marks the northern border of the city: the view from here is breathtaking and you have the whole of Barcelona at your feet and the sea on the horizon
  • on Collserola Tower a panorama that stretches for 70 km over Barcelona and its metropolitan area awaits you
  • from the famous Parc Guell, where its delightful and fairytale constructions insinuate themselves into the vision of the metropolitan skyline.

13 - Hong Kong, China

The bustling Asian city, a former British colony and now a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, is famous for its skyline and harbor. This busy commercial city can be admired from above from numerous points.

Best places to see the skyline:

  • from Sevva terrace, an elegant bar frequented by bankers and young professionals
  • from Mandarin Oriental, one of the most famous and beautiful historic hotels in the entire Asian continent
  • on the 25th floor of the California Tower where you will find the Cé La Vi, a sparkling cocktail bar.

12 - San Francisco, USA

A skyline recognizable by anyone, thanks to its bay and its famous Golden Gate. Destination for many tourists, it is also famous for its cool summer fog, for its steep hills, for its architecture and for its trams. A culturally rich and very interesting city.

Best places to see the skyline:

  • da Twin Peaks, preferably at sunset
  • al Mission Dolores Park
  • on Coit Tower.

11 - Vienna, Austria

A careful mix of ancient and modern set between the flowing of the river and the surrounding greenery. An evocative skyline, with its Ferris wheel and its architectural masterpieces. A very important city for music and home of Sachertorte.

Best places to see the skyline:

  • from St. Stephen's Cathedral, in the heart of the historic center
  • from Ferris wheel at the Prater
  • in the park of the Schönbrunn Palace on a hill there is the pavilion of the Gloriette: from there you will admire an excellent view of the city
  • from Danube Tower
  • in the middle of the city lies the House of the Sea: from its viewing platform you can sweep across the whole of Vienna.

10 - Milan, Italy

The busiest city in Italy has a respectable skyline. The most important financial center in the country, rich in art, history and culture, has a profile recognizable by its famous Cathedral, the huge sforzesco castle and several skyscrapers.

Best places to see the skyline:

  • the terrace of the Duomo: an observation point of considerable artistic value
  • Lombardy Palace gives you a nice view, especially if the day is clear.
  • la La Rinascente terrace, in the center, will leave you speechless with an excellent view of the Milanese cathedral.

9 - Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a city with a decadent and very special charm. A land forged by sailors and splendid architecture with Arabian reflections. A place with an incredible historical-cultural heritage and an absolutely characteristic atmosphere.

Best places to see the skyline:

  • at the restaurant Do Leao House you will dine while enjoying a breathtaking view
  • miradouro viewpoint from Graça,
  • miradouro viewpoint of Portas do Sol,
  • miradouro viewpoint of Santa Luzia,
  • miradouro viewpoint of Santo Estevão.

8 - Florence, Italy

The city of art par excellence! Very important for Italian history and culture, very famous in the world for being the cradle of the Renaissance. A city that the whole world envies us for its incredible works of art, for its scenic beauty and for its splendid historic center. It is no coincidence that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most popular destinations for world tourism.

Best places to see the skyline:

  • Florence is fantastic from the view Giotto's Bell Tower
  • from Arnolfo Tower in Palazzo Vecchio
  • from Brunelleschi's dome of the Florentine cathedral.

7 - Bilbao, Spain

A city with a very special charm. His innovative works will amaze you. Its Basque old town creates a strange harmony with the curious and new works that have been installed and built in recent times in the city. Bilbao is also a fundamental destination for religious and spiritual tourism: it is, in fact, one of the stages of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. A city that will surely strike you with its strange atmosphere.

Best places to see the skyline:

  • from Artxanda Funicular
  • from Zubizuri bridge of Calatrava
  • from Ponte de La Salve with its perfect view of the Guggenheim Museum.

6 - Como, Italy

The famous city also loved by the most famous Hollywood stars has an enchanting skyline, also thanks to the lake that bears its name. It is an important tourist center in northern Italy and has long been the industrial center of silk production. Como is a beautiful city to be discovered and enjoyed especially on foot. You will not be disappointed.

Best places to see the skyline:

  • a breathtaking panorama awaits you at the top of the funicolare leading to brunate
  • walking on the along the lake you will come to Villa Olmo and from there, looking back you can take beautiful photos of the city profile
  • you will have a different glimpse by doing the same path on the other side.

5 - Prague, Czech Republic

The splendid Prague is a city full of legends and mysteries, but also of splendid architectural and artistic works. Its historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Prague is also a notable cultural center.

Best places to see the skyline:

  • the most suggestive point is the Town Hall Tower: you will have an exceptional overview.
  • la Powder Tower with a spiral staircase of 186 steps will take you to the panoramic terrace.
  • la Tower of the Charles Bridge it will give you a breathtaking view of the bridge itself, the Old Town and Prague Castle
  • la TV Tower offers an exceptional 360 degree view of the city thanks to the windows on the panoramic floor
  • the 299 steps of the Petrin Lookout Tower, twin of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, they will offer you a great view.

4 - Rome, Italy

What to say about Rome? There are too many events, a lot of art and culture, an infinite history enclosed in its streets. It is no coincidence that it is called "the eternal city". Present in the world for more than 2000 years, his life has been intertwined with that of popes, sovereigns, conquerors and in more recent times tourists. It is one of the most visited cities in the world, also thanks to the presence of the Vatican which attracts millions of faithful every year. A city loved by artists, writers and directors and it's easy to understand why.

Best places to see the skyline:

  • is nothing short of splendid when admired by Janiculum
  • from Orange Garden
  • from Pincio
  • if you really want to "overdo it" get on Dome of St. Peter. You just can't get any closer to heaven!

3 - Athens, Greece

Athens has something that no other city has: the Parthenon and its Akropoli! And it's not cheap! It is also the homeland of democracy, a philosophical-political intuition among the most brilliant and important in human history. It is the birthplace of many ancient philosophers and therefore rich in history, culture and charm. It is one of the oldest cities in the world and owes its name to its protector, the Goddess Athena.

Best places to see the skyline:

  • the hotel A for athens has a rooftop bar with one of the best views.
  • la Lycabettus hill, especially at night, it is truly impressive
  • on slopes of the aforementioned relief, moreover, a restaurant offers you excellent Greek cuisine and the view of an unforgettable sunset.

2 - Honolulu, USA

What to say? In practice, a metropolis with skyscrapers framed by a lush landscape and lapped by a spectacular sea. The capital of the US state of Hawaii is famous not only for its splendid natural location, but unfortunately also for the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor, its military port, during the Second World War. A metropolis on an island in the middle of the ocean of incomparable beauty. There is nothing more to add.

Best places to see the skyline:

  • walk up to the edge of the crater of Diamond head: you will admire a postcard view!
  • dine at Top of Waikiki enjoying the spectacle of the sunset
  • Nu'uanu Pali Lookout it is a respectable panoramic balcony that will also show you a different part of the island.

1 - New York City, USA

And in the first place could New York, the supreme queen of the skylines, be missing? The Big Apple is the most populous city in the United States. Its skyline is recognizable by anyone! Its distinctive and unique elements are the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building and the famous skyscrapers of Manhattan. A city that never sleeps, a world financial hub, immortalized in thousands of films and a stop on numerous trips of countless tourists.

Best places to admire the most beautiful skyline in the world:

  • dall 'Empire State Building
  • from new World Trade Center which has 104 floors.
  • from Rockefeller Center.

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