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25 roads, 25 different itineraries. Forget the American on the road myth at Easy Rider and rediscover the beauties of the old continent. In Europe, there are splendid routes to cross by car or motorbike and 3, according to experts, are located in Italy. Could you tell what they are? Find out with us the 25 most beautiful streets in Europe: you will want to leave and drive non-stop, guaranteed!

25 - Margaret Route, Denmark

  • Where it is: it crosses the whole country
  • How long is it: 3000 Km
  • How to get there: beautiful by bicycle, car, motorcycle, on foot

This road is a scenic route that crosses all of Denmark, allowing the visitor to discover over 200 places and unmissable views and cycling it is the best way to appreciate it. It winds its way along 3000km and crosses both remote and isolated areas and busier locations. The streets are indicated by square signs with a daisy on a brown background. The path owes its name to the Queen Margrethe and her favorite flower, the daisy in fact.

24 - Col de Turini, France

  • Where is it: French Maritime Alps
  • How long is it: 112 Km
  • How to get there: beautiful by motorbike, car

Breathtaking curves, dizziness, hairpin bends, climbs, beautiful views: a true paradise for centaurs! It is no coincidence that this road was also stage of the Tour de France 3 times and it is once typical test of the Monte Carlo Rally, generally carried out uphill from Sospello. In short, if you want to try some adrenaline thrill, obviously in complete safety, this road is for you!

23 - Estoril, Potogallo

  • Where it is: from Cascais to Estoril
  • How long is it: about 5 km
  • How to get there: car, motorbike, train, on foot, bicycle

The path develops parallel to the Tagus River and it's very scenic. You will pass next crowded beaches of the coast of Estoril ea several fortresses who defended the territory. It will be truly a pleasant experience. Furthermore, the climate is always mild and with an average of 260 days of sunshine a year, what more do you want?

22 - Costa Brava, Spain

  • Where it is: from Tossa de Mar to Sant Feliu de Guixols
  • How long is it: about 15 km
  • How to get there: car, motorbike, bicycle

These few Km make up the most beautiful part of the entire Costa Brava. An itinerary that it will force you to stop every few hundred meters to look out over the steep coast: splendid coves and breathtaking views they will leave you speechless.

21 - Route One, Iceland

  • Where it is: it is a ring, as well as the main Icelandic road. It runs through the island in a circular form, connecting the different regions of the state with each other.
  • How long is it: 1339 Km
  • How to get there: cars, motorcycles

It has been one for decades common stop for many tourists both because it gives access to many regions of Iceland, and because of the numerous sites of interest that are nearby. In the past, the road has been object or setting of films and novels. It is a good way to discover Iceland, its main attractions and its incredible and suggestive landscapes.

20 - Stelvio Pass, Italy

  • Where it is: between the provinces of Bolzano and Sondrio
  • How long is it: about 60 km
  • How to travel it: perfect by motorbike and bicycle, car

The Stelvio Pass is the second highest car crossing in Europe with its 2758 meters. Is situated inside the Stelvio National Park. The homonymous state road that crosses it, connecting Bormio and Valtellina with Trafoi and Val Venosta, counts well 48 hairpin bends on the South Tyrolean side and 40 on the Lombard side. On all three sides, the two Italians and the Swiss one, the pass remains closed during the entire winter period and between October and May. The Stelvio has always been an important summer link and this step is one popular destination for lovers of two wheels, with and without engine. The landscape and obviously mountain e very beautifull.

19 - 500 Schwarzwald Hochstrasse, Germany

  • Where it is: Black Forest, from Freudenstadt to Baden Baden
  • How long is it: about 60 km
  • How to get there: perfect by motorbike, car

It is the most beautiful road to travel on a motorcycle in the Black Forest, a splendid German mountainous area on the border with France and Switzerland. Drive through a beautiful combination of pine forests, meadows, valleys and green mountains. It is a wide road, with perfect asphalt, and that climbs up and down in the mountains with heights between 600 and 1000 meters. Near Hornisgrinde, there are some viewpoints with convenient parking: the beauty of the forest it will take your breath away. The final stretch of the Schwarzwald Hochstrasse that descends towards Baden Baden looks like a motorcycle track with the road that penetrates the forest with dozens of tight switchbacks: a wonder for centaurs!

18 - Ireland's Causeway Coastal Route, Ireland

  • Where it is: from Belfast to Derry ~ Londonderry
  • How long is it: about 315 km
  • How to get there: cars and motorcycles

It comes rightly considered one of the most beautiful road itineraries in the world and it is no coincidence that it was used as location for filming the series The Throne of Swords. The entire itinerary embraces the coast and goes inland towards rural valleys and beautiful villages. You will be enchanted by the beauty of the landscape.

17 - Dalmatian coast, Croatia

  • Where it is: from Split to Zadar
  • How long is it: 170 Km
  • How to get there: cars and motorcycles

By taking the panoramic road from Split to Zadar, you will drive through hidden valleys, hills overlooking the Mediterranean, olive groves, small seaside villages, coves and dream beaches. A real charm! Every corner will be the right opportunity to stop and take a nice swim (if you walk it in the summer).

16 - Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse, Austria

  • Where it is: it winds through the provinces of Salzburg, Tyrol and Carinthia
  • How long is it: 48 Km
  • How to get there: cars, motorcycles

It is a high mountain road which creates a kind of ribbon that connects together green alpine pastures, snowy areas and flowering meadows. Waterfalls, marmot ed incredible landscapes create a truly picturesque scenery. An unmissable route for lovers of the mountains and its wonders.

15 - A5 Snowdonia Park, UK

  • Where it is: Wales
  • How long is it: about 140 km
  • How to travel it: perfect by motorbike, car, on foot, by bicycle

The A55, which runs along the north coast, is the best way to reach Snowdonia Park. Lakes, mountains, castles, waterfalls and jets of steam await you: you will almost feel like you are living a surreal experience worthy of the best scenes from The Lord of the Rings. All indications are in dual languages ​​(Welsh and English), although anything here refers to the most classic strictly local tradition. This region is well known and appreciated for the possibility of hiking in the mountains, climbing, kayaking and other sports. It is a road perfect for motorcyclists, so much so that it is often mistakenly defined as "motorway" due to its conformation.

14 - Furka Pass, Switzerland

  • Where it is: its beginning begins near the village of Realp
  • How long is it: 31 Km
  • How to get there: beautiful by motorbike, car, train

The Furka Pass connects Andermatt in the canton of Uri with Gletsch in the canton of Valais e it is part of the famous Giro dei Tre Passi (consisting of the Furka, Grimsel and Susten passes). Beautiful road to go, in summer it is unmissable to take a trip with the nostalgic steam train of the Furka from Realp to Gletsch. A truly beautiful experience! Superb views and some steep switchbacks thrilling make it the perfect route for motorcycle lovers. However, the pass road is closed from October to May. Being in the snowiest area of ​​the country, there is almost always the risk of heavy snow and avalanches.

13 - New Forest, UK

  • Where it is: Hampshire
  • How long it is: it depends on the paths and roads you want to travel, which wind through the entire area of ​​571 Km²
  • How to get there: motorcycles, cars, on foot, by bicycle

Animal lovers and children will go crazy with joy to see cute ponies everywhere live peacefully browsing the grass, free to go wherever they wish. The "new forest" dates back to the th century, when the area was chosen as the royal reserve of William I of England. At the time, the term did not designate a wooded area, but a hunting area. Today the wooded area is less than half of the entire New Forest as the rest of the territory is represented by pastures, meadows of heather and ferns, wetlands, inhabited areas and coasts. The strong presence of pony it is given by the fact that they are the descendants of one local breed (the New Forest Pony, in fact) and jointly owned by the locals with grazing rights on the land.

12 - Peloponnese, Greece

  • Where it is: from Patras to Nafplio
  • How long is it: about 200 km
  • How to travel it: splendid by bicycle or motorbike, car

In the Peloponnese, a peninsula shaped like a gigantic hand southwest of Athens, there are enchanting places made of small stone villages and beautiful landscapes surrounded by olive trees and wild figs. The journey takes a lot of patience because the roads, although panoramic, are slow due to the presence of curves and ups and downs between dizzying cliffs and dark green hills. Furthermore the road surface it is often irregular and difficult. But it's really worth it to dive into this route rich in history, nature and incredible landscapes, especially in spring.

11 - Panoramic road in the Pyrenees, Spain - France

  • Where it is: It joins Bilbao (Spain) to Biarritz (France)
  • How long is it: about 148 km
  • How to travel it: beautiful by bicycle and motorbike, car

A winding road of incomparable beauty made ofenchanting landscapes to be admired in all their glory with a bike tour. If you are not fanatic of two-wheeled pedals, you can always appreciate this scenic route by motorbike or car. The discovery of the Pyrenees, between Spain and France, and the magic of coastal stretch dominated by waves it will make you appreciate this magnificent area of ​​Europe.

10 - North Coast 500, UK

  • Location: Scotland - Inverness to Applecross
  • How long is it: 830,4 Km
  • How to get there: cars, motorcycles

A wonderful journey through the beauties of Scotland. A castle, a stack, mountains, beaches, natural wonders: nothing is missingincredible landscape variety to be admired along this panoramic road. Incredibly beautiful and picturesque, it will hit you right in the heart.

9 - Romantic Road, Germany

  • Where it is: goes from Füssen to Würzburg
  • How long is it: 366 Km
  • How to get there: cars, motorcycles

A street much loved and known for his scenic beauty. Walking along the famous Romantische Straße they discover themselves some of the most fascinating and historically rich landscapes of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. This suggestive itinerary, which stretches from the Allgäu mountains to the Franconian hills, was designed in 1950 with the aim of uniting the different landscape realities. A further purpose was to strengthen the roots of the inhabitants of these areas by rediscovering the beauty of their history after the moral and economic collapse produced by the Second World War. Depending on the seasons, you will admire incredible variations in color and light, in one word: enchanting!

8 - Route de Gentilly, France

  • Where it is: the heights of Nice, the French Riviera
  • How long is it: 19,3 Km
  • How to travel it: splendid by motorbike, car

From this road you can see a breathtaking views over the entire gulf of Nice and a large part of the French Riviera. After Gréolière, the Route de Gentilly turns into one of the most beautiful roads to travel by motorbike. Tortuous stretch immersed in a perfect frame made of wild rocks, short tunnels dug into the rock e beautiful views on the valley below: fantastic!

7 - Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

  • Where it is: starts from the city of Kristiansund, allows you to cross the Atlantic Ocean Tunnel and runs between fjords, islets and the villages of Averøy
  • How long is it: 8,72 Km
  • How to travel it: beautiful by bicycle, car, motorcycle

This road that goes into the wilderness it is considered among the most beautiful tourist streets in the world. It takes just 30 minutes, crossing the Atlantic Ocean Tunnel and arriving on the beautiful island of Averøy. It is accessible without paying tolls. It meanders between bridges that jut out over the sea, connecting islands and islets. The oceanic stretch is extraordinarily impressed during storms, but when the sea is calm Yes they can admire seals and whales.

6 - Lake Como, Italy

  • Where it is: province of Como and Lecco, Lombardy
  • How long is it: about 150 km
  • How to travel it: beautiful by motorbike, car, bicycle

Many wonderful places surround the great lake of Como, as well as the less known Lecco area, if not for the Manzoni Promessi Sposi. If these areas are loved and appreciated also by Hollywood stars there will also be a reason. The panoramic road will make you see enchanting visions e, according to the season, will be able to offer you picturesque alternatives. In addition, the navigation service also offers the possibility to ferry from one side to the other, thus also giving a different perspective to the view. Villas, flowers, reflections on the water: magnificent!

5 - Trollstigen, Norway

  • Where it is: Near the Unesco protected Geirangerfjord - runs from Trollstigfoten to Stigerøra
  • How long is it: 106 Km
  • How to get there: cars, motorcycles

The Trollstigen National Tourist Route is a crossing route the best of western Norwegian nature. Offers a splendid and dizzying view over steep mountains, waterfalls, deep fjords and fertile valleys. It has a 9% gradient and 11 tight hairpin bends. Loved by tourists, traveling it is truly a wonderful experience. Thanks to this road you can admire the wonderful Geirangerfjord, the most famous fjord in the world as well as Unesco World Heritage.

4 - Los Alcornocales, Spain

  • Where is it: province of Cadiz, Andalusia
  • How long is it: it crosses the whole Park, a protected area, which extends for 167.767 hectares
  • How to get there: car, motorbike, horse, bicycle

will cross a large cork oak, which extends between the Sierra de Grazalema and Punta de Tarifa. An area with gentle slopes that in the southern area gives rise to narrow river valleys, called canutos. You will find yourself admiring absolutely unique scenarios in Europe with remains of Tertiary vegetation. The fauna is also very important and stands out among the species present an important colony of griffins.

3 - Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

  • Location: Runs from Malin Head to Kinsale, West of Ireland
  • How long is it: 2500 Km
  • How to get there: cars, motorcycles

Depart from the windswept end of Malin Head to land at the tranquil harbor of Kinsale. A real trip in the untamed nature of the west coast of Ireland. Is considered the longest coastal route in the world. The Wild Atlantic Way is a sensational journey made of towering cliffs and lively urban centers, hidden beaches and bays of incredible beauty. Whether you choose to walk it all or to explore just a part of it, it will certainly be a unique experience.

2 - Transfagarasan, Romania

  • Where it is: connects the regions of Transylvania and Muntenia
  • How long is it: 152 Km
  • How to get there: cars, motorcycles

Considered one of the most beautiful roads in the world, the Transfagarasan winds its way through various nature reserves up to the glacial lake Balea. Built at the behest of the dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu (also called Ceauşescu's Folly) between 1970 and 1974 to allow Romanian troops to cross the Carpathians quickly in the event of a Soviet invasion, departing from the city of Bascov and winds through the highest mountains in Romania, giving away breathtaking views. To the north the landscape is arid while to the south there are green valleys. There are many tunnels, viaducts and numerous hairpin bends. The Transfagarasan is open only 4 months a year, the summer ones, due to the climatic conditions.

1 - Amalfi Coast, Italy

  • Where is it: Campania, Gulf of Salerno
  • How long is it: about 55 km
  • How to get there: cars and motorcycles

The Amalfi Coast is the stretch of coast that overlooks the Gulf of Salerno. It is bordered to the west by Positano and to the east by Vietri sul Mare. It is a street famous all over the world for its beauty, enough to be counted among the Unesco World Heritage Sites. Its name derives from the city of Amalfi, the central nucleus of the coast not only geographically, but also historically. The Amalfi Coast is known for its being heterogenous: each of the countries that compose it has its own character and traditions. The Amalfi Coast is also famous for some typical products, As the Limoncello (liqueur obtained from local lemons), le anchovies and canned fish produced in Cetara, le pottery made and hand painted in Vietri.

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