The 20 Worst Airlines in the World - Ranking 2022

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When it comes to air travel safety and comfort flights are very important for passengers. The ClaimCompass company has drawn up a ranking of the worst airlines in the world, determined by two data: quality of service and quality of compensation service.

Evaluation criterion

The ranking is based on the data collected by ClaimCompass, which analyzed the performance of airlines in terms of service quality. Therefore, parameters relating to the safety of flights and passengers are not taken into consideration. To determine airline quality, ClaimCompass evaluated various metrics, ultimately grouping them into two main groups. The average of these two scores (expressed in tenths) constitutes the airline's final evaluation.

The worst airlines in the world

Company name Country of origin Evaluation N. Destinations Fleet
TUI Airways UK 2,3 / 10 96 60 aircraft
Tarom Romania 2,2 / 10 54 23 aircraft
Aeroflot Russia 2,2 / 10 146 253 aircraft
Frontier Airlines United States 2,2 / 10 104 84 aircraft
Icelandair Iceland Zones 33 32 aircraft
Hainan Airlines China Zones 90 140 aircraft
Air China China Zones 201 401 aircraft
Air Azores Portugal Zones - -
China Eastern Airlines China Zones 217 529 aircraft
Aigle Azur France Zones 25 10 aircraft
Thomas Cook Airlines UK Zones 95 41 aircraft
WOW Air Iceland Zones 38 16 aircraft
Edelweiss Air Switzerland Zones 64 16 aircraft
TAP Portugal Portugal Zones 87 74 aircraft
Philippine Airlines Flippine Zones 46 97 aircraft
Corsair France Zones 11 7 aircraft
Pakistan International Airlines Pakistan Zones - 40 aircraft
Royal Brunei Airlines Brunei Zones 18 14 aircraft
Bulgaria Air Bulgaria Zones 22 13 aircraft
Tunisair tunisia Zones 101 35 aircraft

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