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    The 20 Ugliest Cities in the world

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    Not just beautiful cities: the world is also full of cities considered "ugly" by the web people.
    But how do you make one ranking of the ugliest cities in the world? Is there an objective criterion? We do not believe: in this article we report the ranking extrapolated by combining what is found on different web review portals, where users' opinions are based on personal criteria such as poverty, crime, traffic, pollutionEtc.

    The result? A very special ranking, which perhaps will make you want to opt for other destinationsEtc.

    20 - Guatemala City, Guatemala

    City known for a high crime rate, more than a capital it actually looks like one shanty town: many buildings are completely let go. But safety plays a fundamental role for tourism purposes: there are even areas that are highly discouraged, while those considered "safe" are very few and limited.

    19 - Guayaquil, Ecuador

    This city is proposed as one of trading powers of Ecuador: in reality it is a concentrate of cement and pollution. Very popular with passing people thanks to the nation's largest port and a new international airport.

    18 - Mexico City, Mexico

    To date considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world, Mexico City discourages tourism for both widespread crime andabsence of attractions to see.

    To this is added a remarkable air pollution.

    17 - Bosaso, Somalia

    Very populated city (it has about 700.000 inhabitants) but not at all inviting: due to the civil war, many refugee camps which currently host 50.000 people. Bosaso is the center of Somali piracy; moreover, frequent boats depart from the port carrying migrants - often illegally.

    16 - Huaxi Village, China

    This time the main variable is not that of crime: according to many users this area of ​​China is one of the ugliest in the world. For what reason? The people here live in luxury, and the city represents a perfect mix between socialist collectivism e capitalism. Yes, because here every person is a shareholder of a very important holding company, but on one condition: they cannot leave. The approximately 400 families live in houses all the same.

    15 - Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

    The capital of Papua New Guinea enters this special ranking due to theillegality widespread here and of the numerous firefights: this is why the service of Private security.

    In addition, the commercial growth has led the historic center to lose some of the characteristic bars and restaurants in favor of offices.

    14 - Amman, Jordan

    Amman, the capital of Jordan, is one very dirty and chaotic city. To this are added very ugly buildings, which seem to be built on top of each other.

    13 - Luanda, Angola

    Luanda has experienced a recent economic boom, perhaps the fastest in Africa, and it is hoped that this will lead to an improvement in the city: currently the landscape consists of buildings on the verge of decay forming an almost spooky skyline.

    12 - Chisinau, Moldova

    Still the eye justifies the ranking of Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. Industrial city composed of Soviet-style buildings, many of which are decadent, is devoid of strong attractions. Added to this is the serious damage that the city suffered in 1977 due to a violent earthquake.

    11 - Detroit, USA

    The city has recently seen an urban expansion of its center, with results that are anything but captivating. Many areas are teeming with abandoned buildings.

    10 - Tegucigalpa, Honduras

    Crime is again a determining factor that discourages tourists: in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, the level of danger it is so high that both residents and visitors are advised not to walk down the street after dark.

    9 - Houston, USA

    Another city in the United States in the ranking of the 20 ugliest cities in the world: this time it's up to Houston, one of the largest in the USA in terms of population but hit by a continuous impoverishment and from avery high percentage of homeless. The skyline also does not have a regular shape.

    8 - Brisbane, Australia

    This time we fly to Australia, to be exact in Brisbane: this city has evolved very quickly, but the construction has been carried out without aesthetic criteria. The result? Horrible skyscrapers it's a totally inexpressive global landscape.

    7 - Pripyat, Ukraine

    This city reluctantly falls among the 20 ugliest cities in the world due to the notorious Chernobyl disaster: in Pripyat, now called "Ghost Town", there was the nuclear power plant whose reactor exploded dispersing radiation, and the population was forced to abandon their homes. Even today no one has returned, and the buildings and streets are no longer used.

    6 - Caracas, Venezuela

    The Venezuelan capital has nothing appealing: it is not only surrounded by shanty town, but the central districts seem to lack a criterion of planning and style.

    5 - Sao Paulo, Brazil

    A real confusion of skyscrapers presents itself in Sao Paulo. Other than that, the city is hyper crowded and they show up every day traffic jams. As if that were not enough, St. Paul is also frequent ad floods and black outs and in the suburbs there are very many slums.

    4 - Calcutta, India

    Despite the presence of an important business center, Calcutta is still rich in today shanty town of shantytown, which the inhabitants do not want to leave despite the repeated interventions of the authorities to improve global conditions.

    3 - Jakarta, Indonesia

    We enter the top three and mention in the ranking of the 20 ugliest cities in the world also Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia: it is a city of very high levels of pollutionOver 600 factories which dump waste and sewage directly into the Citarum River, which runs through the metropolis. Even the traffic it is always very intense.

    2 - Kangbashi, China

    Another ghost city: it was supposed to be the center for those who wanted to exploit the coal mines, but it remained practically deserted. Now it even stands starting to collapse.

    1 - Tijuana, Mexico

    Mexico again in the ranking, and this time even in first position: Tijuana is a very busy city and with repeated episodes of violence.

    The theme of migrazione has been alive for years, and in 1994 a Wall which still today separates the city from San Diego, that is, much more than symbolically Mexico from the USA. This wall is defined in Mexico "wall of shame".

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