The 20 Strangest Places You Can See in Google Earth

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What are the coordinates of the strangest places you can see on Google Maps?

The Earth, our home, never ceases to surprise us. We take it for granted that we now know it so well that we believe there is nothing more to discover. But we are wrong and the watchful eye of Google Earth continues to capture glimpses of our planet with a decidedly unusual flavor. You know what they are, don't you? Then discover with us the 20 strangest places that have appeared on Google Earth!


  1. The guardian of the Badlans
  2. Ghost island
  3. Human-shaped lake
  4. Lake of blood
  5. Pink rabbit
  6. Matryoshka Islands
  7. Circle in the desert
  8. Airplane cemetery
  9. A great name
  10. Scale training
  11. Running elephants
  12. People on the beach
  13. Gigantic advertising
  14. Natural paradises
  15. Ruin
  16. Provocative lips
  17. Pentacle
  18. Wooded guitar
  19. Huge pool
  20. Soaking hippos

1 - Bladlans Guardians

  • Coordinates: 50.010083, -110.113006
  • Fun fact: this is a geological wonder, nicknamed "The Badlan Guardians" by the locals. This"natural sculpture" looks surprisingly like a human head with an Indian headdress. Beautiful and very strange at the same time, don't you think?

2 - Ghost Island

  • Coordinates: no longer exist
  • Curiosity: a group of researchers in 2012 discovered a mysterious hidden island, as big as Manhattan. They called it Sandy Island and it was near New Caledonia, in the southwest Pacific. Why do we speak in the past tense? Well because once the position is accurately detected thanks to Google Earth, on the place astonished scientists found just nothing, only ocean. The mystery of the ghost island is alone a mistake? At the moment nobody knows ...

3 - Lake in the shape of a human being

  • Coordinates: -21.805149, -49.089977
  • Curiosity: to admire this man-made oddity you have to observe it from very high. Google Earth helps us in the enterprise by allowing us to discover this giant human-shaped lake near Bauru, Brazil.

4 - Blood lake

  • Coordinates: 33.396157 ° N, 44.486926 ° N, 44.486926 ° C.
  • Curiosity: at first glance it really looks like a lake of blood. It is located in Iraq, in Sadr City. At the moment, no official explanation is known about the intense and particular color of the area of influence. Any ideas?

5 - Pink rabbit

  • Coordenadas: 44.244273,7.769737
  • Curiosity: There are those who have a lot of fun looking at our planet as if it were an alien using Google Earth and one of the favorite pastimes of this curious community is to be able to find giant and very special things.
    Well, you know that in Italy, in Prato Nevoso, there was a huge pink rabbit made by a group of Viennese artists. It was much more than the 70 meters and its name was Hare. Over the years, the rabbit has been decomposing until it was taken out completely.

6 - Matryoshka Islands

  • Coordinates: 69.793 ° N, 108.241 ° W.
  • Curiosity: In Canada there is the largest island in the world inside a lake.

    The particularity is not so much that of being large as that of being hosted by a lake which, in turn, is located on another island, which encompasses a series of other lakes. But that's not all! Apparently, no human has ever landed in this desert.

7 - Circle in the desert

  • Coordinates: 37.401437, -116.86773
  • Curiosity: one a kind of crop circle, but not in wheat but nel deserto! It is located around Beatty, in nevada. Mmmmm, but there is also Area 51: are aliens really trying to communicate something to us?

8 - Airplane graveyard

  • Coordinates: 32 08'59 .96 "N, 110 50'09 .03" W
  • Curiosity: Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona, is also known as the Airplane Graveyard. Nicknamed The Boneyard, it is visitable only by professionals. However, thanks to Google Earth we can also take a look at this unusual metal cemetery, often used to record important videos because of its charm.

9 - A great name

  • Coordinates: 24.3442, 54.3255
  • Curiosity: Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan is a billionaire, Sheikh and member of the ruling family of Abu Dhabi. His name was written on the sandy surface of Futaisi Island, an island in the Persian Gulf which he owns. The letters that make up the word Hamad and were carved in a way to withstand the rains and be visible even from space.

10 - Scale training

  • Coordenadas: 38.265652,105.9517
  • Curiosity: Those who work for the secret services know it well: it is practically impossible to hide something, especially if it is very big stuff. Google Earth treasure hunters found this special 4.6 km² area that unofficial sources speculate is a scale representation of a disputed border region between China and India. This "reconstruction" is located in a remote area of north-central China and is believed to be used to train tank pilots. Who knows ... they will never tell us ...

11 - Elephants running

  • Coordinates: 10.903497 N, 19.93229 E
  • Curiosity: If you are a passionate naturalist or just curious, entering these coordinates will take you on a wild ride of elephants. Some high definition images show a group of pachyderms moving fast in chad.

12 - People on the beach

  • Coordenadas: -33.892361,151.275389
  • Curiosity: Google Earth constantly updates its maps, integrating them also with images taken by satellites and high-altitude aircraft. In this way it can offer images with higher and higher resolutions. By entering these coordinates and maximizing the view, you will find yourself looking at Australia's Bondi Beach. And you can almost read the brand of bikinis and swimsuits people are wearing!

13 - Gigantic advertising

  • Coordinates: 7.646163 ° N, 115.750819 ° W.
  • Trivia: we are talking about advertising map, do you know what it is? It is the art of advertising in large spaces. The biggest logo belongs to the Coca-Cola brand and is located on a Chilean hill.

14 - Natural paradises

  • Coordinates: -17.925511,25.858223; 27.985866,86.92844; 3.0726042,37.343093
  • Trivia: Do you dream of flying over amazing natural landscapes with your plane, like in an adventure movie? Google Earth can give you a little taste of what your creative mind imagines. The first coordinates will show you the Victoria Falls, on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The second elEverest, the highest mountain on the Asian continent and on the entire planet Earth. The last, finally, Kilimanjaro, the beautiful dormant volcano of Tanzania.

15 - Shipwreck

  • Coordinates: 19 ° 38'46.00 "N, 37 ° 17'42.00" E
  • Fun fact: this shipwreck is actually the SS Jassim, a Bolivian cargo ferry. It ran aground and sank at Wingate Reef, offshore Sudan in 2003. It was one of the largest sunken ships visible on Google Earth.

16 - The Lips of Sudan - Provocative Lips

  • Coordinates: 12 ° 22'13.32 "N, 23 ° 19'20.18" E
  • Curiosity: They look like only half-open lips, but in fact it is a formation of hills in Gharb Darfur, in Sudan.

17 - Pentacle

  • Coordinates: + 52 ° 28 '47.14 .62 ", + 11 ° 8.38 '"
  • Curiosity: In the steppes of central Asia, in a remote place in Kazakhstan, There is a huge pentacle measuring approximately 366 meters in diameter. It is engraved on the surface of the earth and each point is surrounded by a circle. For many it is a drawing linked to devil worship and the work of some religious sect. From the ground the structure reveals itself simply to be a star-shaped park that hosts streets lined with trees.

18 - Guitar tree-lined

  • Coordinates: -33.867886, -63.987
  • Curiosity: A kilometer long wood formed by more than 7000 cypress and eucalyptus trees: that's what this gigantic guitar is. It is located in the Argentine pampas. Obviously, in this case, any alien theory about it must be discarded.

19 - Huge pool

  • Coordinates: -33.350534, -71.653268
  • Curiosity: It is located in the coastal area of San Alfonso del Mar, in the area of Algarrobo. This gigantic pool è more than 1 km and has a total area of 8 hectares. It is the largest in the world and is located in Valparaiso, Chile. Wow!

20 - Hippopotamuses soaking in the water

  • Coordinates: 6 ° 53'53.00 "S 31 ° 11'15.40" E
  • Curiosity: by inserting these coordinates you will find yourself watching with amusement cute hippos immersed in a kind of natural pool in Katavi National Park, Tanzania.

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