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Most of us have spent time in the forest, in the mountains or in a desert. But how many of us have spent time in the undergrounds of the earth, visiting the depths of nature?

There are not many people who have had the opportunity to explore a cave and see stalactites and stalagmites, or the mysterious creatures that live in a world without light. Read on then, browse, dig all the way down the page. You will thus discover the 20 deepest caves in the world.

20 - Abyss Paolo Roversi, Italy - 1350 m

At position number 20 in our ranking there is an Italian cave. L'Abyss Paolo Roversi, in fact, it is located in Tuscany and is one thousand three hundred and fifty meters deep. This cavity is known above all among speleologists of the Belpaese

19 - Kuzgun Cave, Turkey - 1400 m

La Karaca Cave consists of a network of caves located near the city of Torul in the Gümüşhane province, Turkey. The cave only became open to tourism in 1996, as a result of scientific research conducted by Sukru Eroz.

18 - Sima de las Puertas de Illamina, Spain - 1408 m

Moving up in our ranking we find one of the best known caves in Spain. Its depth is 1408 meters and it is the eighteenth deepest cave in the world. The amount of quarries that exist in Spain makes the fame of the Sima de las Puertas marginal.

17 - Gouffre de la Pierre Saint Martin - gouffre des Partages, France / Spain - 1409 m

The pit of Pierre-Saint-Martin, also called Golfo Lépineux, is one of the main cavities of the Massif de la Pierre-Saint-Martin.
Its particularity is given by the proximity to the Spanish border, beyond which it develops underground.

16 - Boj, Uzbekistan - 1415 m

In the sixteenth place we find a little explored cave and difficult to navigate. One thing is certain: its depth reaches 1.415 meters.

15 - Sustav Lukina jama - Trojama, Croatia - 1421 m

This is the deepest cave in Croatia. Slovak speleologists discovered it in 1991, following a research organized by the Speleological Committee of Croatia. The latest research work began in 2010 and is still ongoing.

14 - Evren Gunay dudeni, Turkey - 1429 m

In fourteenth place we find the gorge ofEvren Gunay dudeni. This cavity is based in Turkey and is frightening for the size it manages to touch in some places. The deepest point of the cave marks 1429 meters.

13 - Sistema del Trave, Spain - 1441 m

Il Trave system it is a karst system that forms in the depths of the earth. It is made up of three interconnected chasms and is located in the central massif of the Picos de Europa, Spain.

12 - Huautla System, Mexico - 1475 m

At the twelfth position we find the Huautla system. A few words will be enough to describe it. With a depth of 1.475 meters, this quarry is the second deepest chasm in the whole of Mexico and the twelfth in the world.

11 - Cheve System (Cuicateteco), Mexico - 1484 m

Once again Mexico is featured in our ranking of the deepest caves in the world. This time, with a depth of 1484, the Cheve quarry is placed at position number 11.

10 - Cehi 2, Slovenia - 1502 m

The top ten starts in the best way with the deepest cave in Slovenia. There Cehi 2 it is famous all over the world, but in Slovenia it is almost revered. Visited by thousands of speleologists from all over the world, its depth reaches 1502 meters.

9 - Sima de la Cornisa - Torca Magali, Spain - 1507 m

La Sima de la Cornisa it is a natural cavity, present in the ground, originating from the erosion of water, ice and lava. At least, that's what is commonly thought.

8 - Viacheslava Pantjukhina, Georgia - 1508 m

The second deepest and most admired cave in Georgia is, without a doubt, the Viacheslava Pantjukhina. Its depths and its beauty make it appreciated by the general public from all over the world.

7 - Sarma, Georgia - 1543 m

If the Viacheslava Pantjukhina is the second deepest cave in Georgia, in the first position we find the Winding. The 35 meters of depth that separate the two quarries have caused over time a "contrast" between lovers of caving.

6 - Torca del Cerro del Cuevon, Spain - 1589 m

The system Torca del Cerro it is a karst system consisting of two interconnected chasms located in the central massif of the Picos de Europa. With a depth of 1.589 meters, the Torca del Cerro del Cuevón is the deepest abyss in Spain and the sixth in the world.

5 - Rèseau Jean-Bernard, France - 1602 m

Jean Bernard it is one of the deepest known caves in the world. It is located in the Alps, in Samoëns, France. The first entrance to the cave was found by Groupe Vulcain in 1959. Currently, at least eight entrances are known, the highest of which is at 2264m above sea level.

4 - Gouffre Mirolda - Lucien Bouclier, France - 1626 m

This karst cavity located on the French town of Samoëns in Haute - Savoie was discovered, almost by chance, in 1971, by the young shepherd Marc Degrinis. Beyond the breathtaking place, the height of 1626 meters allows the cave to reach position number 4 in our ranking.

3 - Lamprechtsofen - Verlorenen Weg Schacht, Austria - 1632 m

Lamprechtsofen it is a limestone karst cave. With a depth of 1.632 m it is one of the deepest caves in the world. Until recently it was considered the deepest cave in the world. Lamprechtsofen is located 2 km west of Weißbach bei Lofer (Salzburg), Austria.

2 -Illyuzia-Mezhonnogo-Snezhnaya, Abkhazia, Georgia - 1753 m

One step away from the first position we find Illyuzia-Mezhonnogo-Snezhnaya. If she had found herself in another country, her fame would certainly have been greater. Instead, this cave must share its fame with the Krubera, not only deeper, but far more famous than the Illyuzia-Mezhonnogo-Snezhnaya.

1 - Krubera Cave, Abkhazia, Georgia - 2197 m

Krubera it is located in Georgia, precisely in Abkhazia, and is the deepest known cave in the world. Its entrance is located on the Arabika massif and its depths were ascertained by the speleologist Denis Provalov at the Imagna 2005 rally.

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