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The moment of preparing the suitcase is a cross and a delight for even the most experienced traveler. Whatever the final destination - sea, mountain, five-star resort or "wild" backpacking trip - there is no doubt that our luggage must contain everything you need to enjoy a peaceful and hassle-free stay, to as much as possible.

There are also gadgets, however, which, although not indispensable, represent real "goodies" for some of us and which, for this reason, deserve a very special place in our luggage. What are the cult accessories for a traveler? Let's find out together!


  1. Diversion safes
  2. Travel pillow
  3. Lenses and lenses for smartphones
  4. Storage case
  5. Foldable slippers
  6. Tablet holder bottles
  7. Power Bank
  8. Portable water sterilizer
  9. Emergency bracelet
  10. Baggage tracking system
  11. Universal adapter
  12. Travel Alarm for door
  13. Travel hairdryer
  14. Portable suitcase weigher
  15. Snorkel mask
  16. Self defense spray
  17. Microfiber towel
  18. Swiss Army knife
  19. Toothbrush Kit
  20. Compact camping washing machine
  21. User questions and comments

1 - Diversion safes

In jargon they are called diversion safes, and are accessories whose main function is to hide money or credit cards, so that you can move without fear of losing your valuables. There are soda cans, flip flops, air fresheners, even lighters and many other common items.

Prices: starting from € 5,00

2 - Travel pillow

Traveling by means of transport such as train or plane can become a real torture, especially for our neck. The best solution is to take care of evergreens travel pillows. Also with regard to this must-have among travel accessories there are valid alternatives, lighter, more practical and effective: i Trtl Pillow, as light as scarves and as comfortable as the pillow on our bed.

Prices: starting from € 29,95

3 - Lenses and lenses for smartphones

Dedicated to fans of photography, those who fill the memory of their smartphone with shots sometimes not up to their expectations, the lenses by phone which act as mini-goals. It will certainly not be about taking professional photos, but more satisfying results can be obtained, thanks to the various types of lenses offered: wide-angle lens, macro e fish-eye.

Prices: starting from € 9,00

4 - Storage case

La carrying case it is not an obvious accessory, but a very faithful "partner" to carefully store the most varied types of objects, preserving them from knocks or the risk of losing them in the bag.

Prices: starting from € 16,00

5 - Foldable slippers

Small size for an accessory that can't be left at home. The folding slippers they guarantee comfort and hygiene and take up very little space in the suitcase.

Prices: starting from € 9,00

6 - Tablet holder bottles

Thanks to this nice accessory it will be practically impossible to forget to take your own Medicines! This is a nice one water bottle, with incorporated gods mini-compartments to keep tablets to be taken during the trip within reach.

Prices: starting from € 5,00

7 - Powerbank

It is not possible to take a step without having our smartphone at one hundred percent of its charge. To never remain disconnected, the ideal is to carry a travel charger, perhaps powered by solar energy: it is ecological and always ready to go into action! Also choose a model waterproof, ideal for preventing unexpected dips or sudden floods.

Prices: starting from € 19,90

8 - Portable water sterilizer

Very useful in case of wild travels, where it is not possible to make sure of drinking water, the sterilizer of portable water - in the shape of a pen - allows to obtain a pure and transparent liquid, exploiting the power of ultraviolet rays.

Prices: starting from € 60,00

9 - Emergency bracelet

An accessory can save your life, even if it is small. Behind the look of a practical bracelet hides a flotation device, which comes into action if you get stuck in the water. Activating it is very simple: just pull the handle.

Prices: starting from € 58,00

10 - Baggage tracking system

It is part of that category of accessories that, even if purchased, you hope you will never have to use. Raise your hand if you have not experienced, at least once in their life, the "trauma" of seeing their own lost who knows where suitcase. Even in this case, however, technology runs to our aid: thanks to the most innovative systems of baggage tracking, we will always know which independent journey our trolley has undertaken, geolocating its position via smartphone.

Prices: starting from € 50,00

11 - Universal adapter

Never forget an essential assumption for a traveler: not all electrical outlets are the same as Italian ones. This is why it is essential to always have a universal adapter, perhaps super-equipped with USB outputs to charge tablets, smartphones or cameras.

Prices: starting from € 16,00

12 - Travel Alarm for door

Protection from unwanted inputs the travel alarm per door. It is a small sensor, to be attached to the door handle, which detects even the smallest vibrations, signaling any break-ins with a ringing sound.

Prices: starting from € 9,00

13 - Travel hairdryer

To dry your hair even away from home you must always carry a travel hairdryer: all the power of our hairdryer in a mini size.

Prices: starting from € 18,00

14 - Portable suitcase weigher

Always keep the weight of your suitcase under control, without carrying the classic people weighing scale? It is possible thanks to the weighs portable suitcases, to attach to the handle of your luggage: a really useful accessory, which allows you to never exceed the weight and size parameters imposed by the airlines.

Prices: starting from € 10,00

15 - Snorkel mask

Underwater explorers won't be able to do without a safe accessory to practice the beloved art of snorkelling. full face masks designed for diving under water, they have an integrated mouthpiece to prevent water infiltration from the tube. Colorful and comfortable to wear, the full face masks are also suitable for the little ones.

Prices: starting from € 18,00

16 - Spray for self defense

It might seem absurd to include an object of self-defense in this top 20. Still, it self defense spray it could not only protect our own and others' safety, but also preserve a pleasant holiday from harassing and unwanted aggressions.

Prices: starting from € 23,00

17 - Microfibre towel

They take up little space in the suitcase and guarantee maximum hygiene with quick drying. The microfiber towels they can prove to be faithful allies not only in the swimming pool, but also in camping or wherever you decide to spend your holidays.

Prices: starting from € 10,00

18 - Swiss army knife

As versatile as it is small, the Swiss Army knife it is an essential accessory, especially when camping. Useful for opening a bottle, as well as for cutting, it is important to remember, however, that in the case of air travel there are strict safety rules, which is why you may have difficulty in boarding it.

Prices: starting from € 20,00

19 - Toothbrush Kit

Having clean teeth and fresh breath is possible even on vacation, thanks to the comfortable Toothpaste + Toothbrush travel kits.

Prices: starting from € 7,00

20 - Compact camping washing machine

Leaving does not necessarily imply reaching a place where all amenities are close at hand. Often and unwillingly you may stay somewhere may be missing - incredible, but true! - the beloved washing machine. No problem, because there is a variant as surreal as it is effective of our favorite appliance: a portable camping washing machine!

Prices: starting from € 99,00

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