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    The 16 districts not to be missed in the most beautiful cities in the world

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    Each city hides magnificent corners and highly suggestive areas, which remain etched in the traveler's memory for a long time. If you are planning a trip, here is a handy and interesting guide to the 16 most interesting places to see in the most beautiful cities in the world.

    1) Chuo-Ku in Osaka, Japan, is one of the city's most beautiful shopping areas and the hub of nightlife. Lots of theaters and tourist attractions, as well as a myriad of restaurants.

    2) Banglampoo, Bangkok is a favorite destination for 'backpackers', that is, those who travel without organization and independently.

    3) Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur. If you love Indian culture this is the perfect place for you: shops, restaurants and Hindu temples in abundance characterize the neighborhood.

    4) Capuchins in Bordeaux, France, it is the ideal place for long walks on the banks of the Garonne, in a long path surrounded by quaint shops.

    5) The area of Koukaki, in Athens, it is the closest place to the Acropolis and hides breathtaking archaeological beauties.

    6) The neighborhood Triana located in Seville, it is one of the most characteristic neighborhoods of the Andalusian city: bullfighters, flamenco dancers and azulejos shops the local specialties.

    7) Hammerbrook, in Hamburg, it combines residential areas, industrial areas and parks. Known as "Little Venice", the advice is to visit it by boat.

    8) Kanehoe in Hawaii it is a paradise on earth. The dense and luxuriant vegetation makes the place a real natural spectacle.

    9) Meireles of Fortaleza, Brazil, stretches for 20 kilometers along the breathtaking ocean coast. The area is also characterized by a lively nightlife.

    10) Roma Sur, in Mexico City, it preserves the values ​​of everyday life. The best place in town to live like a local.

    11) Oak lawn in Dallas it is the district of parks, surrounded by a sparkling social life among shops, cafes and musical concerts.

    12) Poncey-Higland in Atlanta it is a must for art lovers, given the frequent exhibits and displays. Also recommended is the Druid Hills Baptist Church.

    13) District VII in Budapest: the old ghetto of the Hungarian capital, now the center of Hungarian nightlife.

    14) The peninsula of Bukit, in Bali, it combines heavenly beaches and culture. A true sanctuary for surfers and musicians.

    15) Richmond in Melbourne presents some of the most beautiful murals in the world

    16) Constitution Buenos Aires is the heart of the artistic and musical culture of the Argentine capital.

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