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Italy, as a peninsula, is surrounded by the sea and, consequently, there are numerous cities that were born and developed along the coasts.
Some of these cities have a port of strategic importance not only as regards commercial exchanges, but also for the passage of tourists, both both from a national and international point of view.
In the following rankings we will find out which are the largest and most important commercial and tourist ports in Italy. Happy surfing!

NB: the following rankings are based on the latest official document published by Assoporti (Association of Italian Ports), relating to the year 2019 and updated on 2/04/2020.

Larger and more important trading ports

The method used to classify commercial ports is the counting of flow of goods passing through the port in question, expressed in thousands of tons per year.

Here is the complete ranking of the top 15 positions by flow of goods passing through the port:

  1. Trieste: 61.997.445
  2. Genoa: 52.759.195
  3. Livorno: 36.715.346
  4. Cagliari-Sarroch: 34.701.792
  5. Gioia Tauro: 29.122.760
  6. Ravenna: 26.256.248
  7. Venice: 24.917.830
  8. Messina-Milazzo: 24.295.221
  9. Augusta: 21.422.613
  10. Naples: 18.550.424
  11. Taranto: 18.125.171
  12. La Spezia: 15.881.905
  13. Savona-Vado: 14.392.738
  14. Salerno: 14.326.847
  15. Civitavecchia: 9.571.791

Larger and more important tourist ports

To rank the breadth and importance of Italian marinas i. are counted every year tourists passing by for that port. The count also includes passengers on local traffic, connecting with the Italian islands and with locations in the same region.

Here is the complete ranking of the top 15 positions for annual passenger transit:

  1. Messina-Milazzo: 12.487.727
  2. Naples: 8.207.768
  3. Civitavecchia: 4.456.604
  4. Livorno: 3.566.271
  5. Genoa: 3.518.091
  6. Piombino: 3.199.694
  7. Olbia: 3.121.294
  8. Portoferraio-Rio Marina-Cavo: 3.020.683
  9. Palermo: 1.954.601
  10. Venice: 1.814.485
  11. Bari: 1.871.774
  12. Savona-Vado: 1.029.170
  13. Ancona-Falconara: 1.189.441
  14. Porto Torres: 1.116.242
  15. Salerno: 962.286

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