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The desire to keep fit brings together many fans every day, who choose the gym as a place where you can take care of your body. Thanks to technology, modern gyms are an almost futuristic place: the work of personal trainers and instructors is facilitated by state-of-the-art facilities and tools, which allow you to carry out new exercises. Despite all the time we spend in the gym, few of us pay particular attention to the aesthetics of these structures.
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And that's okay: we're here to work hard and throw sweat, not to discuss the pros and cons of neoclassical architecture! Still, there are some fitness centers whose goal is to be as beautiful as they are functional, which is why we have compiled a special list of most beautiful gyms in the world.


  1. Athletes' Performance Gym, Phoenix (USA)
  2. Soulcycle, New York (USA)
  3. Gymbox Covent Garden, London (UK)
  4. Equinox, Hollywood - Los Angeles (USA)
  5. David Barton Gym, Miami (USA)
  6. CityRow, New York (USA)
  7. Hard Candy Fitness Club, Rome and Milan (Italy)
  8. Wellness Sky, Belgrade (Serbia)
  9. 50foch, Paris (France)
  10. La Mamounia, Marrakech (Morocco)
  11. The Houstonian Club, Houston (USA)
  12. Rockspot, Milan
  13. Salewa Cube, Bolzano (Italy)
  14. Tiger Muay Thai Gym, Thailand
  15. Red Rocks Fitness, Denver (USA)
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1 - Athletes' Performance Gym, Phoenix (USA)

This gym earns the top spot on the list not just for its own beauty and efficiency, but also because it offers the most exclusive and expensive training program in the world. If you want to train alongside athletes like Mario Williams and Kevin Love (two famous football and basketball players, the first of the Miami Dolphins and the second for the Cleveland Cavaliers) you will have to shell out the beauty of 30.000 US dollars!

2 - Soulcycle, New York (USA)

Soulcycle centers are present in more than 60 cities around the world, but the most exclusive are found in New York, such as those in Soho and Tribeca, Manhattan, Broadway and the Financial District. These gyms are dedicated to "metaphysical spinning": we take care not only of the body but, through the group course, even the mind. These centers are so beautiful and exclusive to have also been chosen by Lady Gaga, Nicole Kidman and Lena Dunham. The price is not even that excessive, the first session costs around 20 dollars, the following 34.

3 - Gymbox Covent Garden, London (UK)

Who would not want to train and run on a treadmill with technological monitors, or pedal hard ... playing the Playstation! This gym besides being charming and modern - neon lighting and a DJ booth in full Soho style - it is also quite extravagant: among the courses offered there is also the aerobics one that is attended with heels on your feet!

4 - Equinox, Hollywood - Los Angeles (USA)

This is the second most luxurious gym in the United States, born in New York but now widespread throughout the USA and also in Great Britain. The costs to attend it range from 19 to 21.000 dollars per year, with a surcharge if you want to take advantage of the unlimited training sessions with a personal trainer of your choice. Founded in 2004, this gym offers exclusive services and comforts, for example it has personal trainers specially trained according to a specific model, which also includes very accurate health assessments. There is no other gym that combines in this way fitness and luxury!

5 - David Barton Gym, Miami (USA)

This place is basically a night club in a gym, which makes it one of the coolest! Not only does it have the best equipment, but on the almost 45.000 square meters of the club's surface it is also located a beach and private parking. The chain of gyms that bear this name it is among the trendiest in the world, the proposed workouts range from yoga to climbing, the first admission is free while the monthly pass costs around 110 dollars.

6 - CityRow, New York (USA)

In the bright CityRow gym you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the New York skyline, while simulating the efforts of rowers, lifting weights, doing squats. The gym is indeed entirely dedicated to indoor rowing: each stroke on the rowing machine sets nine main muscle groups in motion, so it is possible to undergo a real total-body workout: "Legs, heart, arms" is the motto of the gym.

7 - Hard Candy Fitness Club, Rome and Milan (Italy)

It is the famous chain of fitness centers of pop star Madonna, here the soundtrack of your training will be composed only of his successes! After having opened the first two centers in Rome, today the chain also has an office in Milan. But don't think it's all just glamor, training is hard and tiring! The instructors are in fact trained directly by Madonna's personal trainer, Tim Anderson. On the other hand, the slogan of the gym is "Harder is better"!

8 - Wellness Sky, Belgrade (Serbia)

Belgrade is home to one of the most luxurious and beautiful gyms in the world, the Wellness Sky, where you can work out while enjoying a fantastic view for just $ 30.000 per year. The gym is located in one of the most exclusive buildings in the country, resembles a huge recreation center and has all the amenities one could wish for, plus one of the best views of the river and the city. In addition to offering cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art equipment, the gym also stands out for its training programs which include yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi.

9 - 50foch, Paris (France)

It is a dedicated facility to Thai box lovers this Paris gymnasium, founded by the world champion Abdoulaye Fadiga. The athlete proposes a five-day program that includes a personalized diet, training but also a system that monitors athletes 24 hours a day.

10 - La Mamounia, Marrakech (Morocco)

The gym is located in a very luxurious hotel, surrounded by a fantastic garden.Everything here recalls luxury, from the wall decorations inspired by the designs of Yves Saint Laurent, to the particular atmosphere given by the light of oriental lamps. There are also swimming pools and a spa where you can relax your body and mind after an intense workout.

11 - The Houstonian Club, Houston (USA)

This club is certainly among the most beautiful and luxurious gyms in the United States thanks to the size, services and composition of the structure. Everything at the Houstonian is luxurious! Membership costs $ 24.000, plus about $ 300 per month to enjoy all services including: 8 tennis courts, 3 swimming pools and a boxing ring.

12 - Rockspot, Milan

With only 12 euros a day, climbing enthusiasts can enjoy an immense structure, of the surface of 1.000 square meters entirely dedicated to climbing. There are in fact 200 climbing routes, 60 stops and high walls 12 meters to learn to climb, train and improve your technique, all in complete safety and without having to venture into the mountains.

13 - Salewa Cube, Bolzano (Italy)

Salewa CubeIt is well known that Italians are great rock enthusiasts, that they love to train in beautiful and exclusive environments is demonstrated by this structure which, on days when the weather allows it, it is partially open to the sky.

14 - Tiger Muay Thai Gym, Thailand

It is impossible not to name this gym while thinking about best facilities dedicated to martial arts. There is no other gym in the world that can compete with the standards of this one, both in terms of training and luxury. In fact, Tiger Muay Thai gym is without a doubt the most luxurious martial arts gym in Asia and in the world in general. Luxury aside, the gym offers an excellent training environment, has all kinds of services, strengthening equipment, air conditioning systems, technological equipment.

15 - Red Rocks Fitness, Denver (USA)

Finally, here we are in largest natural amphitheater in the world, where summer training sessions are held in the open air that allow you not only to keep fit, but also to admire the breathtaking view. The gym runs the Red Rocks Fitness Challenge, a 12-week program that offers five workouts a week from April to July, as well as a personalized diet and advice from professional nutritionists. If, on the other hand, you prefer yoga, in the months of July and August, morning sessions are held here with the famous red sandstone monoliths as a background, watching the sun rise, for an almost otherworldly experience.

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