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People with an adventurous disposition usually always find ways to push themselves beyond their limits. The most fearless skiers get their fill of adrenaline and risk along those slopes that are considered unanimously the most difficult and dangerous in the world. What is certain is that even the most reckless of skiers must necessarily have a great preparation to tackle some descents! Some of these, for example, have a slope of 80%: falling in these conditions would mean not being able to stop until you reach the base of the mountain. The ski slopes that we propose today are considered the most difficult and risky in the world because of their slope and the obstacles that those who have the courage to walk them might encounter. A decisive factor for their classification is also the number of injured and dead that are counted among those who dare to face them, even if the data collected are always incomplete, given that so many accidents remain unrecorded. If you want to experience the thrill of descending on one of these slopes… think about it!

15 - Saslong, Val Gardena, Italy

An all-Italian slope is the Saslong, located in Val Gardena and created in 1970. At the slope there are a series of bumps called "camel humps" that allow the skier even jump up to 60 meters.

  • Vertical drop: 839 m
  • Length: 3.446 m
  • Max Slope: 56,9%

14 - Lauberhorn, Wengen, Switzerland

It is the longest track in the world and is dedicated exclusively to professional skiers, who on average take two and a half minutes to complete the route, even reaching a speed of 160 kilometers per hour! The track involves a number of challenging passages, including Hundschopf (dog's head), a jump of 40 meters which develops right in the middle of two rocks, and the Wasserstation tunnel, or a section of the track that passes under a railway viaduct.

  • Vertical drop: 1.028 m
  • Length: approximately 4.480 m
  • Max Slope: 72%

13 - Streif, Kitzbühel, Tyrol, Austria

Considered by many to be "the most spectacular ski slope in the world", it starts from a height of about 1600 meters to offer fearless skiers a truly breathtaking descent. The average gradient is 27% and skiers who travel it can reach speeds of 144 kilometers per hour. To make the scenario even more terrifying is the so-called Mausefalle (mousetrap), a final leap of about 80 meters. Numerous accidents occurred at this slope: in 2009 the professional skier Daniel Albrecht was left in a coma after a serious head injury.

  • Vertical drop: 860 m
  • Length: 3.312 m
  • Max Slope: 85%

12 - Kandahar-Abfahrt Garmisch, Germany

It hosted the Olympic Winter Games back in 1936 and is therefore considered a historic track. Furthermore, since 1970, a stage of the Alpine Skiing World Cup has been held here. The best downhill skiers compete on this track which allows them to overcome, in some sections, the speed of 100 km / h. At the point called "free fall" the slope reaches 92% and skiers must pay close attention to the stretch of ice that leads them downstream. A feature that does justice to its fearsome fame!

  • Vertical drop: 920 m
  • Length: 3.300 m
  • Max Slope: 92%

11 - Gran Risa, Alta Badia, Italy

It is part of the Dolomiti Superski and is a really scary black run. In addition to having a maximum slope of 63% and a vertical drop of 448 m, it crosses a pine forest, and is therefore almost completely protected from sunlight. For this is frozen and made up of very hard snow.

  • Vertical drop: 448 m
  • Length: 1.255 m
  • Max Slope: 63%

10 - Body Bag, Crested Butte Mountain Resort, Crested Butte, Colorado USA

It is impossible to establish certain data of this track as it represents an almost forbidden and highly discouraged point even to the most experienced skiers. There is no maintenance so there are many obstacles, from the dangerous sharp and invisible rocks covered by snow to the trees that dot the track. One advice: don't do it!

  • Difference in height: /
  • Length: /
  • Max Slope: /

9 - La Chavanette, Portes du Soleil, France

The Chavanette slope in France, better known as "the Swiss wall", instills terror even in the most skilled skiers as it is considered the track with the fastest downhill in the world. At the top, a sign warns of the danger of the track, trying to discourage the fearless who intend to face it anyway. Even the Olympic champion Jean Vuarnet warns skiers that often the weather conditions are so prohibitive that they do not allow those who face it to see all the way down to the track.

  • Vertical drop: 331 m
  • Length: 1.000 m
  • Max Slope: 85%

8 - Schilthorn, Mürren, Switzerland

The steep black steep slope is characterized by gigantic bumps of ice, for this reason every ski club warns to proceed with caution. At this track takes place the oldest amateur ski race in the world, each year in January, when more than 1.700 skiers set off individually at 12-second intervals from the top of the Schilthorn mountain to the valley floor of Lauterbrunnen.

  • Vertical drop: 2000 m
  • Length: 1.500 m
  • Max Slope: 75%

7 - Kill The Banker, Revelstoke, Canada

This track includes a snowfall that offers an excellent opportunity for a spectacular - and equally dangerous! - ski jumping. Furthermore, the track runs right along the passage of the cable car, therefore all skiers who are about to reach the top can watch the performances of the most reckless!

  • Difference in height: /
  • Length: /
  • Max Slope: /

6 - Delirium Dive, Sunshine Village, Banff, Canada

It is impossible to tackle this freeride slope without avalanche equipment and at least one companion. The dangers are many, such as hidden rocks and unstable snow that make the descent adrenaline-pumping and terrible. Slope and difference in height are not detected, as the difficulties of the track are other, such as the very high avalanche risk. It is mandatory to bring a shovel and electronic devices that can help rescue workers locate the skier.

  • Difference in height: /
  • Length: /
  • Max Slope: /

5 - Christmas Chute, Alaska

Located about 43 kilometers from Anchorage, the ski resort that encompasses this run is the largest in Alaska. The toughest runs are at the top of the mountain, where more experienced skiers can find Christmas and New Year's Chutes. An unprepared skier risks falling at the very beginning and tumbling all the way down, not being able to avoid the numerous and dangerous obstacles present.

  • Difference in height: /
  • Length: /
  • Max Slope: /

4 - Olympiabakken, Kvitfjell, Norway

The longest downhill run in Norway is at Kvitfjell and is extremely steep in many of its sections. Note that Olympiabakken is also part of the Winter Olympics! Austrian skier Matthias Lanzinger lost his leg after a frightening accident on this slope in 2008

  • Vertical drop: 424 m
  • Length: 2.000 m
  • Max Slope: 64%

3 - Harakiri, Austria

Is considered the steepest slope in Austria due to the slope that reaches 78% in some places. Here, too, a fall means an uninterrupted descent to the end of the track, which is often also icy, which makes it really challenging. On the other hand, the very name Harakiri indicates the Japanese suicide ritual!

  • Vertical drop: 375 m
  • Length: 1.500 m
  • Max Slope: 78%

2 - Grand Couloir, France

It is the steepest slope in Europe and includes a frightening and untapped descent by the snow cats but only by the skiers themselves. Although the first section may seem the least steep, it is equally dangerous as it is narrow and extremely exposed, with very steep slopes both to the right and to the left. Pay attention to the climatic conditions, which vary from section to section, and to the planned release of avalanches.

  • Vertical drop: 340 m
  • Length: 630 m
  • Max Slope: 80%

1 - Corbet's Couloir, Wyoming

It has been defined "the scariest track in America"and it is on the black list of many expert skiers! It is accessed from two different points and for both the fall is very likely as well as frightening, since the descent includes numerous obstacles such as frightening and pointed rocks. It is better to think about it before facing it!

  • Difference in height: /
  • Length: /
  • Max Slope: 85%

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