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There are many walking enthusiasts, walking is in fact a very healthy sport activity. Trekking also allows you to be able to enjoy splendid views, to savor the characteristic atmospheres of the itinerary you are following, to perhaps make a few stops to discover the eno-gastronomic specialties of the area.
Italy, which has always been at the top for the quantity and quality of tourist opportunities of any type, obviously offers numerous trekking routes passing through places full of charm.
From the North to the South of the Peninsula, until to Islands, what are the 15 most attractive routes for those who want to visit Italy on foot?


  1. Northern Italy Trekking Paths and Trails
  2. Trekking paths and trails Central Italy
  3. Trekking Paths and Trails Southern Italy and Islands
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Northern Italy Trekking Paths and Trails

In the north of Italy there are numerous trekking routes available, aimed at both beginners and those who have the experience and preparation necessary to undertake more demanding itineraries. From the Trentino Alps to the Ligurian Riviera, here are the 5 best routes and trails for your walks.

1 - Viel del Pan path, trentino-alto adige - Veneto

This route allows you to enjoy an incredible view of the Marmolada, one of the most famous mountains in the Dolomites. These mountains are large and majestic, but the paths that cross them are not necessarily difficult or long. The ski infrastructure also operates during the summer so even non-hikers can take the ski lifts and enjoy a splendid view. As an added bonus, the Cabins and Refuges welcome tourists throughout the summer, for meals and, some, even for overnight stays.

The route starts in the municipality of Canazei, at the Belvedere lift: the excursion takes about 3 hours one way, with 430 m of descent and 120 m of ascent, the highest point is at 2450 m. The route is very well signposted, it is possible to stop and eat at the Belvedere Refuge, Sass Bece Refuge, Fredarola Refuge, Viel del Pan Refuge, Castiglioni Refuge which are open from around 20 June until 25 September.

2 - Greenway del Lario, Lombardy

There are a lot of excellent trekking routes around Lake Como, such as the Greenway of 10,5 km. It is a well signposted route between Colonno and Cadenabbia, on the western shore of the lake, facing Bellagio and south of Menaggio. Since it runs along the lake, it is accessible from several points, with the possibility to choose to cover the whole itinerary or just a part. The walk between Lenno and Tremezzo is beautiful, lasting about an hour and a half, where it is also possible to visit the famous Villa Carlotta.

3 - From Camogli to Portofino, Liguria

The area between Camogli and Portofino is spectacular, the routes are not as crowded as those of the Cinque Terre, plus they are also free. Although the route is indicated by the guides as of medium difficulty, it is always good to bring a map. You can choose the short or long journey, according to your preparation: for the return it is possible to take a ferry, carefully checking the timetables, especially during the high season. From Camogli to Portofino (via San Fruttuoso, lots of stairs await you!) the journey is 4 hours one way. From Portofino you can then take a ferry or bus to Santa Margherita Ligure and (after an ice cream, of course!) Take the train back to Camogli.

4 - Gran Paradiso National Park, Piedmont - Aosta Valley

The Gran Paradiso National Park is a true Italian jewel that attracts mountain enthusiasts, alpine flora and fauna from all over the world. It is a true gift of nature to be able to wake up and see from the window of the Refuge (where everyone sleeps in one huge dormitory) marmots and ibex grazing and moving freely in the neighboring meadows. At the Park there are numerous paths, for adults and children from 7 years of age: simple day walks dedicated mainly to families with children, but also great crossings and multi-day tours for those who are already more experienced and trained, such as the Gran Tour of Gran Paradiso. The Guides will also be able to accompany you along little-known and little-frequented paths that cross valleys that seem distant, passes and hills with unforgettable views.

5 - Valcamonica, Lombardy

Valcamonica is a valley in the Lombard Alps, bordered to the south by Lake Iseo and "cut" by the river Oglio up to Ponte di Legno. The name Valcamonica derives from the pre-Indo-European people called the Camuni, who were conquered by the Roman Empire in 16 BC Valcamonica is home to one of the richest collections in the world of prehistoric petroglyphs: along the paths you can admire over 140.000 works of art covering 8000 years of history, was the first Italian site to appear on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979, beating the Colosseum in Rome and Leonardo da Vinci's fresco "The Last Supper", located in Milan.

Trekking paths and trails Central Italy

Even the regions of Central Italy can be covered on foot through paths dedicated to those who love trekking. There are itineraries that trace the history of the territory, which cross almost enchanted places with breathtaking views, as well as urban routes that allow you to visit cities, villages and towns rich in history but also in spirituality.

1 - Via Francigena, Tuscany - Lazio

The Via Francigena is a part of the pilgrimage route that goes from Canterbury to Rome, already used around the th century. The route goes through a lot of interesting towns, from the Roman stronghold of Aosta, with some great ruins to visit, to Ivrea, known for its carnival with the battle of oranges and Vercelli for its rice. The stretch that crosses the central regions passes from San Gimignano and its towers, as well as from Siena with its Palio. It is a very popular trekking route, there are many pilgrims and non-pilgrims who set out and test themselves trying to get to Rome along the entire itinerary, or starting from the Italian places that are part of the route. The road includes old pilgrimage routes and ancient Roman roads.

2 - The Wine Route of the Candia and Lunigiana Hills, Tuscany

This route, which crosses the northernmost part of Tuscany, includes an area characterized by a varied and atypical landscape, with the Apuan Alps and the sea that bathes a sandy coast. After the Apuan Alps extends the Lunigiana, whose name derives from the Moon. Possible itineraries pass through wineries, agritourism and associated accommodation, and allow you to make visits and excursions to the sea, marble, mountains, cities, castles and villages they express all their beauty. The variety of the territory also reflects that of the ancient culinary traditions, which they include bread and cold cuts (such as Colonnata IGP lard), Lunigiana DOP honey, fresh fish, fruit, vegetables and delicious desserts. Obviously, everything must be accompanied to the wines of the area, such as Candia dei Colli Apuani DOC, Vermentino, Albarola, Vermentino nero, Pollera and many others.

3 - Regional Natural Parks, Umbria

Like Tuscany, Umbria is also a region full of breathtaking landscapes and enviable gastronomic specialties. Lovers of walks and excursions will discover that Umbria is, without a doubt, the ideal territory to best express the passion for trekking. There are many paths and itineraries of various degrees of difficulty, suitable for all ages, that you can follow; in particular those that cross the many natural parks of the Region: Colfiorito Park, Monte Cucco Park, Sibillini Mountains National Park, STINA Park, Mount Subasio Park, Trasimeno Park, Parco Fluviale del Nera and Parco Fluviale del Tevere.

4 - Ring of the Renaissance, Tuscany

It is a 170-kilometer long route that can be tackled at times, an itinerary that has its ideal center in Brunelleschi's masterpiece, the dome of the Florence Cathedral. This path touches monasteries, castles, ancient churches and also enters the heart of Florence, Fiesole and other municipalities in the province. The itinerary is dedicated to those interested in the landscape-naturalistic aspect but also to those who love art and history. Each stretch into which the route is divided offers the possibility of reaching Florence thanks to connections with public transport.

5 - From Jenne to Subiaco along the Aniene valley, Lazio

This itinerary is quite long but not very demanding and is ideal for a walk full of naturalistic river views, panoramic and historical. You will cross the Parco dei Monti Simbruini for a total of 5 hours, during which it is advisable to stop and enjoy the view, or to visit the monasteries that you meet along the way.

It starts from the panoramic square of Jenne, continues downhill inside a small grove and finally, after about an hour's walk, you cross the main path that you will follow for 90% of the itinerary. The route includes the Caves of Inferniglio, the river Aniene on the left, the Monastery of the Sacro Speco, the Lake of San Benedetto.

Trekking Paths and Trails Southern Italy and Islands

Southern Italy and the islands contain amazing places to spend every type of holiday, from the relaxing one to the sea to the more adventurous one which consists in exploring the hinterland and less known places. The naturalistic richness of the territory has allowed man to create itineraries to be covered on foot with amazing landscapes that combine sea, countryside, mountains and archeology.

1 - The Path of the Gods, Campania

Named for its incredible sea views, this 2-hour route starts in Bomerano and ends above Positano. It is advisable to tackle this path in the morning hours, when the sun is behind you, or at the end of the day. Otherwise, you will have the sun in your eyes for the whole walk. The trail is fairly well marked, but a map or guide is still needed, as there are a lot of small trails that branch off from the main one. If the excursion ends in the evening and you don't mind having dinner in a bit sweaty clothes, you can stop at an excellent restaurant located at the end of the excursion, at the top of the stairs.

2 - Stromboli Volcano, Sicily

Tackling climbing on Stromboli is not just an excursion to an active volcano, although this aspect is a fairly fundamental part of the route. First, there is arrival by boat: a perfect cone-shaped island rises from the sea and awaits you to give you a wonderful experience. The spectacle of the plumes of fire and smoke offered by the volcano is unique, especially if the descent takes place when it is now dark.

The excursions are all organized and, by law, visitors are always accompanied by a guide. The route lasts 3 hours and it is quite challenging, so arm yourself with suitable footwear and clothing.

3 - Matzanni, Sardinia

If you are in this area and you want to tackle a path that is not very demanding but that allows you to discover enchanting places, this itinerary is the one for you. The route leads, in fact, to an almost hidden archaeological area, where the Tombs of Matzanni are located and, a little further on, the remains of a Phoenician temple. The first part of the path is all uphill, constant and continuous, however the view is truly beautiful and will allow you to embrace the whole valley below, surrounded by the mountains where the lake on the Rio Leni is nestled. The archaeological area of ​​Matzanni is composed of three Sacred wells, which were the cult buildings par excellence of the ancient Nuragic civilizations. There is also the legend of a curse launched on this place, which protects the possible hidden treasures from those who would like to find them and take them.

4 - The Selvaromana Valley, Abruzzo

The path is fantastic and challenging at the same time, but the sight of wild woods, large valleys, canyons and a lot of pristine green will repay you for the effort. If you are lucky, you may also meet some chamois running in total freedom. It starts from the village of Pennapiedimonte, located near the Avella valley, and continues enjoying beautiful views halfway up the coast, proceeding along the Selvaromana, finding the imposing mountain of Ugni on the left.

5 - Limitone dei Greci, Puglia

The Limitone dei Greci is the ancient border line which divided the Byzantine empire and that of the Lombards and it is also the name chosen for the itinerary that includes three municipalities of the Land of the Messapi: Mesagne, San Donaci and San Pancrazio Salentino. The route crosses really suggestive places, you can walk in the typical Apulian landscape composed of vineyards, olive groves and wheat fields which seem almost boundless. The itinerary also touches numerous places rich in history, but also wineries that will be happy to welcome you for a taste of locally produced wine. The route starts from Mesagne and continues on a road where it is possible to acclimatize thanks to the precise cycling signs.

Along the way there are some very fascinating stages, including the elected temple of San Miserino the oldest paleochristian place of worship in Salento. A second stop is located in San Pancrazio, where you can admire the Grotta dell'Angelo, a place of worship that dates back to the Italo-Greek monastic tradition: for its conservation and protection, today it is covered by a protection, which also allows to admire it but, at the same time, to preserve its structure as well as its frescoes, tombs and all the cultural assets it contains.

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