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    The 15 largest shopping centers Great of the World

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    If you are a lover of shopping and entertainment, you will love to discover which are the largest shopping malls in the world. Immense and impressive structures with inside not only the classic shops and restaurants but activities that range from bowling to the cinema and from skating rinks to real indoor amusement parks, without forgetting hotels and museums. Here the 15 largest shopping malls in the world!

    15 - SM Mall of Asia, Pasay

    At the bottom of the list is the SM Mall of Asia, located in Pasay, Philippines. Although it ranks last in the top 15 largest shopping malls in the world, this property still boasts one surface of 432.891 sqm. Inside it contains more than 600 businesses, of which 217 are restaurants. What is amazing is the number of people who go to this colossus every day, in fact the mall has an average daily visitors of 200.000 people. To give you a more practical idea: almost as much as the entire population of a city like Taranto!

    14 - Persian Gulf Complex, Shiraz

    In the penultimate place we find the Persian Gulf Complex of Shiraz, which holds a record: it is the largest shopping mall in the world in terms of the number of stores. In fact, it counts over 2.500 on one surface of 450.000 sqm. Although they seem a lot, that's not all yet! In addition to the shops, the mall also includes tennis courts, two swimming pools, a 262-room hotel, 3 amusement parks, a cinema and a gigantic parking lot with 5.500 parking spaces. Impressive right?

    13 - 1 Utama, Petaling Jaya

    Unique in Malaysia, and is the largest shopping mall in the country. It was opened in 1995, consisting of 700 shops and a number of daily visitors between 60.000 and 90.000, who also reach 120.000 during weekends. In short, another giant to spend a long day of unbridled shopping!

    12 - Isfahan City Center, Isfahan

    We move in Iran, in its second largest shopping center (you will also find the first at the top of this ranking). It is located in the homonymous city, it stands on an area of 465.500 sq m for 7 floors on which they are distributed 750 shops, a 5-star hotel, a museum, several cinemas, airline offices and the largest indoor amusement park in the Middle East complete with roller coasters and bumper cars.

    11 - SM Seaside City Cebu, Cebu City

    Let's go back to the Philippines, with one super modern facility and innovative that also ranks third among the largest shopping centers in the country. It is a complex built in 2015 that boasts spectacular architecture with more than 450 commercial activities of all kinds. Shops, restaurants, cinemas, bowling and a large ice skating rink. In short, everything you need for a day of shopping and fun!

    10 - SM Megamall, Mandaluyong

    Still remaining in the Philippines, the mall has a slightly larger surface area than the previous one and is also more "older". We are talking about Twentyfour sq.m. and a 1991 structure that has nevertheless been updated over the years in terms of architecture, always being modern and in step with the times. The shops are also many more than the previous one, well1.200 activities. In addition there is an Olympic-sized ice skating rink, an event center, a chapel and an atrium so large that it is used as a concert venue. The real attraction of the mall however is the IMAX theater with one of the largest 3D screens in the world.

    9 - Global Harbor, Shanghai

    480.000 square meters of surface, six floors (two of which are basements), a huge 2.200 parking spaces andtwo twin skyscrapers that rise above it with glass roofs and panoramic views. We are talking about Shanghai's Global Harbor and its impressive structure, which counts well 400 shops of all kinds, 100 restaurants and several cinemas, theaters, skating rinks, gyms, spas, bookstores and playgrounds for children. The icing on the cake is its underground entrance directly connected to the metro (lines 3, 4 and 13). Finally, it cannot go unnoticed that at night the two skyscrapers are illuminated in various colors and sometimes with spectacular animations and plays of light.

    8 - SM City North EDSA, Quezon City

    From China back to the Philippines, specifically in the SM City North EDSA shopping center, the largest of the archipelago. A record-breaking structure just for the fact that it has existed since 1985. Today it counts 1.100 shops, a gigantic car park with more than 10.000 spaces and an area of ​​497,213 square meters. It is also the shopping center with the highest number of solar panels, or 5.760.

    7 - ICONSIAM, Bangkok

    The capital of Thailand, as we know, is renowned for being also an important center for shopping and starting with ICONSIAM. This is in fact the third largest in the country as well as being the seventh in the ranking among the largest shopping centers in the world with its extension of 525.000 square meters. IS' composed of two skyscrapers among the tallest in the city (52 and 70 floors) which house apartments and hotels as well as of course the shops for shopping. There is also a 3.000-seat auditorium, a 14-screen cinema, the gym, the River Museum of Bangkok and a park along the Chao Phraya River which, contrary to what one might think, is part of the ICONSIAM.

    6 - CentralWorld, Bangkok

    As anticipated, we are still in Bangkok, this time however at CentralWorld, about 30 minutes away by subway from the previous shopping center. This is one of the "oldest" in the Thai capital, opened in 1990. To say that the structure is huge would be an understatement given that over the years we have aimed at a continuous expansion, so as to arrive today at 600 shops, 50 restaurants and 21 cinemas.

    5 - CentralPlaza WestGate, Bangkok

    The largest shopping center in Bangkok, the last one before moving to other areas, is the CentralPlaza WestGate, located outside the city of the other two just mentioned, on one of the main roads leading to Bangkok. Such position wasdesigned to serve travelers coming from highways. This huge shopping center is also equipped with a large cinema as well as various shops and restaurants, but the most impressive thing is that in its surface of 550.278 sq m also includes an IKEA, which as is well known is certainly not a small shop.

    4 - Golden Resources Mall, Beijing

    We move to China, to the Golden Resources Mall in Beijing which, in addition to being a few steps from the podium in this ranking, also ranks third among the largest shopping centers in China with its surface of 557.419 sqm. When it opened in 2004, it held the title of the largest shopping center in the world, until 2005. Inside the shops are more than 1.000However, size is not necessarily synonymous with popularity, in fact, due to the decentralized location and high prices compared to the Chinese standard, the mall is sparsely frequented and has an average of only 20 visitors per hour.

    3 - SM Tianjin, Tianjin

    Also in China there is another of the largest shopping centers in the world: SM Tianjin. This huge shopping center of Twentyfour sq.m. it is known, obviously not only for its extension, but also for its particular shape. It is in fact four buildings that converge into one, all in the shape of oval rings, one central and three lateral, connected to each other. The shopping center therefore extends horizontally and on the "top" of these rings there are huge parking lots and equally large gardens. Inside, however, there are more than a thousand shops, many restaurants of all kinds, the ice skating rink, cinemas, theaters and gyms.

    2 - South China Mall, Dongguan

    Yet another Chinese shopping center that ranks second among the largest in the world and first among the largest in China. The South China Mall in Dongguan was opened in 2005 and right from the start the structure was gigantic so much so that it was pleasantly divided into 7 areas, each of which is inspired by different cities and countries: Paris, Venice, Rome, Amsterdam, Egypt, the Caribbean and California. However, the center has a "small" flaw, namely the lack of shops, a detail that has led to the renaming of "Ghost Mall". The structure has in fact found few occupants and the number of open shops is significantly lower than the 2000 activities that an area of Twentyfour sq.m. it could instead accommodate. Despite this, it incredibly continues to grow year after year!

    1 - Iran Mall, Tehran

    And here we are at the top of the ranking! The largest shopping mall in the world is located in Tehran, Iran, and has an extension of Twentyfour sq.m.. A surprising structure with beyond 2.500 shops, restaurants 200, supermarkets, an avenue of fashion, an atrium of diamonds and crystals, a library-garden with 67.000 books, 12 IMAX cinemas, a 2.000-seat theater, an indoor amusement park, a museum, various art galleries, a car showroom, a Iranian bazaar, three hotels with over 400 rooms, a conference center and finally the roof serves as a sports complex with hiking trails, an infinity of fields for every sport, an ice rink and swimming pools. And to think that another part of the mall is still under construction!

    Classification Criterion

    The valuation method used to draw up this ranking is the gross leasable area, a measurement parameter specifically dedicated to shopping centers that it indicates the usable commercial area, that is the total rent that in square meters establishes the extent of the surface capable of producing income (through rent or sale).

    Our ranking does not include major shopping centers such as the New Century Global Center in Chengdu and the Dubai Mall in Dubai, this is because their size is given by the total surface and not from the gross leasable area, as just explained.

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