The 15 Best Countries to Live as Retirees

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A constantly growing phenomenon is that which sees many retirees "migrating" abroad, armed with courage but also often aware of finding much better life situations compared to those of their countries of origin, both from the point of view economic and fiscal that from the point of view of welfare and opportunity.
But what can push a retiree who has lived for over 60 years in Italy to leave everything to go and live abroad, often with the awareness of having to leave their loved ones and with the burden of having to learn a new language? IS which are the best countries to live as retirees? Let's find out together ...


  1. Panama
  2. Ecuador
  3. Mexico
  4. Costa Rica
  5. Malaysia
  6. Portugal
  7. Australia
  8. Malta
  9. Barbados
  10. Colombia
  11. Tenerife
  12. Jamaica
  13. Morocco
  14. Greece
  15. Thailand
  16. User questions and comments

1 - Panama

Panama, Central America, ocean coast: the beauties of Panama City, the white beaches of the Caribbean coast, a climate almost always favorable (never below 20 °) and one tax burden decidedly lower than the Italian one make Panama one of the most coveted places for those who are retired and want to settle abroad.

2 - Ecuador

We are still in America, but this time we go south: and here is Ecuador, another country that is increasingly welcoming "retirees on the run". The climate is almost always perfect, the real estate market has really good prices: In some cities, you can rent a 500-bedroom apartment for less than $ a month. Also in the Andes region you can decide to cultivate a land, which in that area is very fertile, with a price of a few hundred euros per acre.

3 - Mexico

To move to Mexico there are no long bureaucratic steps either for visas or for the change of residence: if you prove to have an income of about $ 2.100 per month, you can get permanent visa allowing benefit from numerous discounts on goods and services. Some of the favorite cities for retirees wishing to move to Mexico are Jumpsuit e San Miguel de Allende.

4 - Costa Rica

According to international statistics, Costa Rica is one of the best and healthiest places to live: even this Central American state has a score of 98/100 in terms of well-being and lifestyle. Agriculture and the fresh produce market, favored by a decidedly mild climate: with a few tens of dollars you can fill up your fridge!

5 - Malaysia

Let's change continent and move to Asia: here too there are some of the best countries to live in as retirees, and one of these is Malaysia. Also in this case the prices for buying or renting a house are very affordable, and the climate is equatorial, with high temperatures: difficult to drop below 28 ° (estimates for localities up to 100 meters above sea level), and this applies throughout the year! Incredible, right?

6 - Portugal

Portugal, in particular theAlgarve, is another popular area for retirees looking for a new place to live: si has a low cost of living e excellent prices for the real estate market.

Having experienced the phenomenon of relocation for some time, Portugal has organized itself well from the point of view of the expatriate community and the bureaucratic handling. It is also estimated that Portugal is currently one of the safest areas on earth, with little criminality and with very few international alerts.

7// - Australia

Australia is also experiencing a large immigration phenomenon, first on the part of young people and now also on the part of pensioners: a lot is linked to demand for raw materials, which has allowed Australia to increase its economic well-being, allowing even those with a pension to live in a very dignified way.

Property taxes are not very cheap, but taxation in general is much lower than in Italy and health care is within everyone's reach.

8 - Malta

Average temperatures of 19 °, prevalence of the sun, English as a first language, wonderful sea and other important characteristics make Malta one of the smallest states in the world, but at the same time one of the most crowded: is there a reason?

9 - Barbados

Independent island of the Antilles, located in the Caribbean area: and this is already enough to underline the main characteristics of Barbados, that is sun, sea, sand, well-being and friendliness by the inhabitants. In addition to this, there are significant discounts including low property taxes e free health care. The main language is English, and average temperatures are around 26 °.

10 - Colombia

Let's dispel the myth of Colombia as a land of drugs and crime: this is no longer the case, except for isolated cases. The same Medellin it is now considered one of the most "progressive" cities in the world, full of parks, flowers and very attentive to cleaning and all 'order. The climate is that of "eternal spring": no heating costs, therefore, in addition to the possibility of enjoying numerous services with a low cost of living.

11 - Tenerife

From a tax point of view, living in Tenerife really is convenient: you can take advantage of the tax exemption, local taxes are calculated on the gross pension, much lower than the Italian ones. In addition to that, in Tenerife you can enjoy a always nice weather which allows you to live for the whole year as if it were summer, and also the cost of living is significantly lower than that of our country.

12 - Jamaica

An island that is almost synonymous with paradise, Jamaica offers breathtaking landscapes it's a truly amazing nature. Temperatures are almost always high (the annual average is around 27 °), and property prices are among the lowest on the market as regards the preferred areas for expatriation. The only flaw: many areas still experience problems of poverty and degradation.

13 - Morocco

And now let's go to Africa, to Morocco to be exact: the low rainfall it's a temperate weather make Morocco an ideal destination for expatriation for several hundred retired people. In Morocco you can experience life influences between the Roman, Islamic and European style.

14 - Greece

Yes, that's right: although the economic situation is very worrying, it is possible for an Italian pensioner to live in Greece while enjoying a relaxed lifestyle, A 'very efficient health care it's a low crime rate. The nation offers immense artistic, cultural and landscape treasures, as well as a splendid sea and very pleasant climate for most of the year.

15 - Thailand

We are now in Southeast Asia: Thailand offers different opportunities and lifestyles for retirees who wish to relocate, frombig cities ai places surrounded by nature. People are particularly friendly, and taxes and the cost of petrol are very low.

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