The 13 most beautiful villages in Normandy to see during your stay!

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The five departments of the Normandy region are dotted with charming villages. Miraculously surviving the bombings of World War II, they are all the more highlighted today. Colorful half-timbered houses, cobbled streets, churches dating from the Middle Ages ... so many wonders to discover duringa stay to discover the most beautiful villages of Normandy. It will also be an opportunity to go on a gourmet trip, where seafood and apples will be in the spotlight. Here is our selection of places not to be missed! 

Barfleur and its sea air

Ranked among the most beautiful villages in France, Barfleur is a village marked by history. Prized by the Romans and the Vikings, it then became the main port of Cotentin in the Middle Ages. You will be seduced by its granite houses with slate roofs, its port which lives to the rhythm of the tides and its restaurants which serve the famous mussels from Barfleur.


Honfleur and its postcard decor

Among the most beautiful villages in Normandy, Honfleur is a gem. With its picturesque alleys, the “City of Painters” has inspired more than one. The Vieux Bassin is the heart of the village, surrounded by tall and narrow traditional houses, it is here that life is in full swing and where the restaurants give pride of place to seafood.

An alley in Honfleur

Giverny, cradle of Impressionism

You can visit the Claude Monet Foundation there: it is indeed in this village of the Eure that the painter took up residence and lived most of his life. In addition to his home, do not miss to stroll in the sensational gardens which have inspired so many masterpieces, especially the colorful water lilies in the Japanese garden.

Monet's garden in Giverny

Veules-les-roses and its miniature river

Located on the Alabaster coast, Veules-les-roses is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful villages in Normandy. Its primary characteristic is to have the smallest river in France, the Veules, 1 meters long! But you will find all the ingredients of a charming village there: splendid thatched cottages, water mills, flower gardens and tastings of oysters raised in the open sea.


Beaumont-en-Auge and its panorama

Located at an altitude of 90 meters, the village of Beaumont-en-Auge overlooks the entire Touques valley. When the sky is clear, you can even see the sea: Deauville and Trouville-sur-Mer are only 8 km away as the crow flies. Besides this exceptional view of the region, Beaumont has beautiful houses of all colors and bars where you can sit down to feel the soul of the village.


The mythical Mont-Saint-Michel 

World famous for the beauty of its architecture, Mont-Saint-Michel is one of the most beautiful villages in Normandy. The site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and exudes an atmosphere that captivates all its visitors. Stroll through its alleys and discover its extraordinary history in its abbey and its fascinating museums. In addition, its bay offers incredible landscapes, which change with the tides and the progression of the sun. 

The Mont Saint Michel

Varengeville-sur-Mer and its impressive cliff

In our classification of the most beautiful villages in Normandy, Varengeville-sur-Mer is an exception: spread out along a cliff, it does not have a town center. Made of houses inherited from a glorious past, the village has welcomed a number of celebrities: Prévert, Cocteau or even Monet. On the spot, do not miss to visit its church, as well as its marine cemetery.

Cemetery facing the sea in Varengeville-sur-Mer

Lyons-la-Forêt and its majestic market halls

As its name suggests, the village is located on the edge of the Lyons national forest. It is an ideal vacation spot if you want to combine walks in the heart of nature and typical atmosphere of a Norman village. Its half-timbered houses, made of cob and pink bricks, are particularly photogenic. In the center of the town, the XNUMXth century market halls are a must-see.


Le Bec-Hellouin and its listed Abbey

Located in the hollow of a beautiful valley, the village of Bec-Hellouin has all the typically Norman assets : old colored houses, balconies adorned with flowers, bucolic streams and meadows populated by nonchalant cows. But the main interest of the village is its XNUMXth century Benedictine abbey, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During the visit, you will discover its classic cloister, as well as Saint-Nicolas. 

Bec-Hellouin abbey

Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue and the island of Tatihou

The village of Saint-Vaast has an indisputable Norman charm, but its most beautiful asset lies in its fortifications. Built by the famous Vauban, at the tip of the Hougue, the defensive towers are so impressive they are imposing. In the distance, you can see the island of Tatihou, accessible on foot when the tide is low and by boat during high tide hours. A true ornithological paradise, the island is a must-see during a stay in Normandy!


Beuvron-en-Auge and the Cider Route

It is in the heart of the Pays d'Auge that you will find Beuvron, one of the most beautiful villages in Normandy. With its perfectly restored half-timbered houses, its market halls and its splendid countryside, the visit is well worth the detour. Especially since it is a stopover village on the Cider Route, which brings together around twenty artisanal producers. If you are not an amateur, there are many apple products will also be offered to you.


Etretat and its cliffs

With its immense white chalk cliffs known all over the world, the outskirts of Etretat form theone of the most beautiful natural landscapes in France. As often in Normandy, Etretat has attracted many artists, from Monet to Maupassant, including Maurice Leblanc. The seaside resort is booming today: its pebble beaches and the charm of the village attract visitors from all walks of life. 

The cliffs of Etretat

Saint-Céneri-le-Gérei and its perched church

Located in Orne, in the heart of the Mancelles Alps, the village of Saint-Céneri-le-Gérei has inspired by many painters, like Courbet, Corot or Buffet… all have fallen under the spell of its old stone houses, its riverside gardens and its Romanesque church which dominates the area. A real gem in a green setting!


Beautiful villages in Normandy… but not only! 

The most beautiful villages of Normandy await you for a stay combining authenticity and discovery. But the region is full of other wonders: dynamic cities like Caen or Rouen, incredible gastronomy, splendid coastline… where to start? To give you ideas, do not hesitate to read our article Normandy: these 27 things to visit and do absolutely. And why not further your exploration in the neighboring region, discovering the Breton villages.

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