The 10 Universities most prestigious in the world

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Among the various interesting rankings that are periodically released, there is also that relating to Most prestigious universities in the world. There are several studies on the subject: in this article we take into consideration one of the most reliable, that is the one drawn up by Times Higher Education magazine and relating to the most prestigious universities in the world in 2015. The ranking evaluated over 140 countries that participated in the research.

The Classification Method

The ranking is based on the collection of purely subjective data, but which comes from authoritative people such as senior lecturers and academics. The classification is based on a score ranging from 0 to 100 and averaging between scoring for teaching e score for the search.

10 - Columbia University, USA

Founded as a royal college, Columbia University is the New York State's oldest university and one of the longest-lived in all of the United States of America. He had over 80 students who later became famous in various fields.

  • Foundation year: 1754
  • Famous Students: Barack Obama, Joseph Stiglitz, Franklin Roosevelt
  • Score: 21.0

9 - California Institute of Technology, USA

Very renowned institute in the scientific, engineering and research fields. Physicists, chemists, biologists, scientists, engineers: many personalities who received the education that made them famous right here.

  • Foundation year: 1891
  • Famous Alumni: Edwin McMillan, C. Gordon Fullerton, Carver Mead
  • Score: 24.1

8 - Yale University, USA

Private research university, the third oldest institute in all of the USA. It was there first university to award, in 1861, the title of Doctorate in America. The course of study covers several disciplines: from humanities and arts and social sciences and foreign languages.

  • Foundation year: 1701
  • Famous Students: George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush
  • Score: 33.1

7 - Princeton University, USA

Founded in 1746 as the College of New Jersey, in 1896 the University took its current name in honor of the area in which it is housed. The number of students is rather modest, around 10.000; about 12% of the students come from other countries.

  • Foundation year: 1746
  • Famous Students: David Gross, Richard Feynman, Angus Deaton
  • Score: 35.0

6 - University of California, Berkeley, USA

Part of the University of California, the university is located in the area of San Francisco Bay. It currently has around 27.000 undergraduates and over 10.000 doctoral students. As many as 19 Berkeley students have won Nobel Prizes, especially in the fields of chemistry, physics, economics.

  • Foundation year: 1868
  • Famous Students: Saul Perlmutter, Gregory Peck, Joan Didion
  • Score: 60.0

5 - Stanford University, USA

USA again in the top ten. This time we are in the Palo Alto area: even 21 Nobel laureates have come out of here, and many graduates have founded or taken part in companies of the caliber of Yahoo, Nike, Instagram, Snapchat, PayPal, Netflix.

  • Foundation year: 1885
  • Famous Students: Herbert Hoover, Sally Ride
  • Score: 72.1

4 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Private university located in the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The university boasts well 85 Nobel laureates, plus a number of other winners, especially in science and technology.

  • Foundation year: 1861
  • Famous Students: Kofi Annan, Drew Houston, Joseph Stiglitz
  • Score: 77.8

3 - University of Oxford, UK

We move to the UK to talk about the University of Oxford: it is indeed the oldest university in Britain and in the English-speaking world. The date of foundation is not known with certainty, but the first traces of teaching date back to 1096. It is located in the medieval center of Oxford.

  • Foundation year: 1096
  • Famous Students: Stephen Hawking, Hugh Grant, Oscar Wilde
  • Score: 80.4

2 - University of Cambridge, UK

Cambridge University hosts over 18.000 students from all over the world, even from 120 different countries. Divided into 31 autonomous colleges, 92 exponents have won the Nobel Prize.

  • Foundation year: 1209
  • Famous Students: Stephen Hawking, Charles Darwin, Isaac Netwton
  • Score: 84.3

1 - Harvard University, USA

And here we are back in the USA for the first place, which belongs to Harvard University, the oldest in the United States of America. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard is also there home to the largest academic library in the world, with 400 million manuscripts.

  • Foundation year: 1636
  • Famous Students: Mark Zuckerberg, Matt Damon, Bill Gates
  • Score: 100.0
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