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They repeat it to us from an early age: humanity would not exist without trees. Forests cover 31% of our world and are the green lungs of the planet produce oxygen without which we could not survive. Also, trees clear the air, provide shade, they stem soil erosion as well as filter it. Trees have been a cult object since ancient times, which is why some of them with great historical significance appear in the list we propose, due to their age, size or simply because of their extraordinary determination to survive. So here are the 10 strangest trees in the world.


  1. Tree of Life
  2. Methuselah
  3. Tule Tree
  4. Boab prison tree
  5. Silk Cotton Trees by Ta Prohm
  6. Dragon Blood Trees
  7. Cannonball tree
  8. Wawona Tree
  9. Sunland Boab tree
  10. Wollemi Pine Tree
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1 - Tree of Life

A "young man" of about 430 years is this famous tree, famous indeed for its longevity in a decidedly hostile environment. It is located, in fact, in the middle of the Bahrain desert, with available no visible source of water and subject to temperatures up to 110 ° C. The tree doesn't just survive, it looks thriving and healthy! Trees of this species are thought to have a root system that reaches extreme depths and can therefore penetrate deeply into the soil until you find a source of water even in the driest environment. More than 50.000 people visit the Tree of Life each year, the local population is also convinced that it signals the location of the biblical Garden of Eden. Others, however, claim that the tree survives thanks to the miraculous protection of Enki, the Babylonian god of water.

  • Where is it: Bahrain
  • Dimensions: height 9.75 meters
  • Species: Prosopis cineraria

2 - Methuselah

This tree was named after the oldest biblical character par excellence, Methuselah, due to its age. It is, in fact, of the oldest tree in the world. It is thought to be 4841 years old! The tree is found in California, in the White Mountains and within the Inyo National Forest. If you intend to visit him, however, you will have to work a little and you cannot even be sure that you have found him! To preserve it from the sometimes reckless actions of tourists, in fact, its exact location is kept secret.

  • Where is it: California (USA)
  • Dimensions: height 12 meters, diameter 8 meters
  • Species: bristly cone pine (Pinus longaeva)

3 - Tule Tree

It is a Montezuma cypress very unique, located in Mexico. The diameter and circumference of its trunk are record-breaking, it was initially believed that it could be formed by several trunks, but in reality it is just a single tree. Its age is also significant, the tree is in fact 1500 years old. Its particularly curled bark is its main feature. In its nodes and furrows every visitor can see faces, or animal figures such as lions, jaguars, elephants and many other animals.

  • Where is it: Mexico
  • Dimensions: height 35,40 meters, trunk circumference 36,20, trunk diameter 11 meters
  • Species: Montezuma cypress (Taxodium mucronatum)

4 - Boab prison tree

Near the city of Derby in Australia stands this strange Baobab tree. Its peculiarity is to host inside a small holding cell, used as a temporary prison for criminals, waiting to be taken to their final destination. This tree is also very old, it should be over 1500 years old. Obviously it is also a very popular tourist attraction, many of the visitors cannot resist taking a look inside!

  • Where is it: Australia
  • Dimensions: trunk circumference 14,7 meters
  • Species: Baobab (Adansonia gregorii)

5 - Silk Cotton Trees by Ta Prohm

The temple of Ta Prohm in Angkor in Cambodia is well known for the trees whose roots insinuate themselves like snakes between the buildings. It is a wonderful example of how nature always regain its space after the long absence of man. In fact, the trees seem to roam the structures trying in every way to reach the ground and the water. The disturbing but at the same time romantic atmosphere of the place attracts many tourists.

  • Where is it: Cambodia
  • Dimensions: /
  • Species: Ceiba pentandra

6 - Dragon Blood Trees

The Socotra Archipelago is a remote group of islands belonging to Yemen but close to the coast of Somalia, in the Indian Ocean. Here arise the so-called Dragon Blood trees, the trees they have the appearance of gigantic mushrooms and that adapt to survive even in harsh territories. According to a local legend, these trees began to grow from the blood that flowed on the ground after a bloody battle between a dragon and an elephant. They are actually so named for the blood-colored sap they produce, which is collected and used by the local population as medicine, toothpaste or as a tincture.

  • Where it is: Socotra Archipelago, Yemen
  • Dimensions: height up to 10 meters
  • Species: Dracaena cinnabari

7 - Cannonball tree

The name of this strange tree is very indicative of its characteristics, it is in fact commonly called "the tree of cannonballs" for the appearance of its fruits, large, spherical and heavy. Not only that: when they fall to the ground they usually cause a very loud sound, reminiscent of the explosions caused by cannon bullets.

  • Where it is located: Central and South America
  • Dimensions: height up to 35 meters
  • Species: Couroupita guianensis

8 - Wawona Tree

Unfortunately, this tree is now famous only in photography, given that the weight of a very strong snowfall caused its felling, which took place in 1969, when the tree had reached and exceeded 2300 years. It was a real attraction for thousands of tourists at the equally famous Yosemite National Park, in California. In addition to his majestic size and its age, visitors were drawn to an opening that had formed at its base, caused by a fire. Tourists could also pass through this coragine in their own car.

  • Where is it: USA
  • Dimensions: height 69 meters, diameter at the base 7,9 meters
  • Species: Sequoiadendron giganteum

9 - Sunland Boab tree

È the tallest and widest baobab in all of South Africa, besides being a real old man, it is thought that he is over 6000 years old! It is located in Modjadjiskloof and its peculiarity, in addition to its size and age, is that ofto host a small bar inside. That's right, the restaurant was set up without harming the tree and, to date, can accommodate up to 60 people.

  • Where is it: South Africa
  • Dimensions: height 22 meters, circumference 47 meters, diameter of the crown 30,2 meters
  • Species: Adansonia digitata

10 - Wollemi Pine Tree

The peculiarities of this tree are many, even if they do not reside in its appearance. First of all, it must be emphasized that this particular species of conifer was discovered only recently, ie in 1994. Its second peculiarity? This tree dates back to well 200 millions of years ago! Experts are in fact convinced that specimens of this species were already present when the dinosaurs populated the Earth, this makes the plant a real living fossil.

  • Where is it: Australia
  • Dimensions: height from 25 to 40 meters
  • Species: Wollemia nobilis

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