The 10 strangest foods in the world

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Do you think the sandwich with spleen, a typical Sicilian specialty, is one of those dishes too strange to taste? You have always been careful to stay away from case marzu, the Sardinian cheese colonized by the larvae of the dairy fly? Well those will seem like real delicacies when compared with some of the gods strangest foods in the world.
We propose 10, the most disgusting. Do you know others?

Always keep in mind that each country has its own traditions, especially in the culinary field, for which what is inedible for us is instead a delicious dish for others, and vice versa. This is the case, for example, of the very Italian Donkey meat tapulon, Piedmontese delicacy. Everyone likes cakes, but it also depends on the ingredients. For example, you would eat one pig blood cake? It is a typical Taiwanese dish. In the South Korea, on the other hand, one of the main dishes is the raw octopus, in reality, even in some countries of Italy raw octopus is eaten, freshly caught, however it remains a rather bizarre dish. They certainly don't eat them grasshoppers, both cooked and raw, these are mainly consumed in Uganda. Our French cousins ​​are greedy for pigeon. The "rats with wings" are a real delicacy according to some. Nature also offers dishes that would be inedible for us, the durian, for example, is a stinking fruit of South East Asia whose bad smell would make anyone lose their appetite. According to many in Northern Europe you eat excellent fish, if you don't decide to try the Lutefisk, a variant of the classic Norwegian stockfish. The Australian aborigines, then, are great devourers of larvae, while in Vietnam to quench your thirst you drink it Snake wine, a wine made from rice that is left to ferment in the company of snakes, turtles, scorpions, insects and even birds.
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