The 10 Snowiest Places of the World

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Soft and candid, the INFO it's one of the most romantic things you can imagine. The mind immediately goes to winter holidays, fights with friends, To puppets and to angels... But not all cities in the world see only a few inches of snow per year. The abundant snowfall they can immobilize entire areas, cause considerable damage, block travel and trade and interrupt everyone's work and daily life. What are the snowiest places on the planet?

10 - Buffalo, NY State, USA

Buffalo is a city in the State of New York located east of Lake Erie. It is home to 259.384 inhabitants and has an annual average of 241 cm of snow.

9 - Rochester, NY State, USA

At number nine we find Rochester with an annual average of 251 cm of snow. The city is home to more than 260.000 people and is located south of Lake Ontario.

8 - Akita, Tōhoku, Japan

Located east of the Eastern Sea. Akita is a city made up of 320.000 inhabitants. It is covered annually by approx 272 cm of snow on average.

7 - Saguenay, Quebec, Canada

Saguenay was born from the merger of some municipalities in the Québec region. 145.000 people live here and the average of centimeters of snow is equal to 312 per year.

6 - Syracuse, NY State, USA

In fifth place is Syracuse, in the state of New York in the USA. Here the annual snow average is equal to 314 cm. 145.000 residents live in Syracuse.

5 - Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

491.140 people live in Quebec City. The annual average is equal to 315 cm. During the traditional carnival, huge and fascinating snow sculptures are created.

4 - St. John's, Newfoundland Island, Canada

The island of Newfoundland is located in Canada. Its capital Saint John's is characterized by heavy snowfalls, which they bring on average 333 cm throughout the year.

3 - Toyama, Hokuriku, Japan

Toyama is home to more than 417.000 inhabitants. Located along the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan, Toyama receives more than 363 cm of snow per year.

2 - Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

Sapporo is famous for the annual Snow Festival, which features incredible sculptures and other cultural activities related to snow. In Sopporo they fall on average 485 cm of snow per year.

1 - Aomori City, Tōhoku, Japan

Aomori City is located in the prefecture of the same name, is home to more than 299.000 residents and is known as the snowiest inhabited place in the world, with an average of 792 cm per year.

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