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    The 10 Sexiest Cities of the World

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    Sex is a part of today's culture. Some cities around the world are known for theirs sex appeal, but others have that I don't know what, that sexy something that catches the eye: from flashy architecture to crackling nightlife.
    Be it a escape with partner or ... with the lover, in some cities even more than in others it is easier to burn the fire of passion, forgetting for a moment the daily routine or the monotony of life as a couple.
    If travel also means this for you, point your finger at the world map of sexiest city on the planet, rekindle your senses, lose yourself in the smells, colors and sceneries of cities that invite to sin, full of eroticism, aphrodisiac cities by nature: from the Latin rhythms of Havana to the very sensual and intriguing Sevilla, from the smiles and welcoming shapes of Rio de Janeiro to the lights, bikinis and shorts of Miami, here is a ranking of the 10 sexiest cities in the world!

    10 - Berlin, Germany

    Her motto is already enough: poor but sexy, which is not that poor!
    Imposing historic buildings and neighborhoods full of artistic graffiti, there is no limit in Berlin to party.
    From urban style parties to city streets, with young people full of pints of beer to have fun all night!

    9 - Miami, Florida

    It was maybe the sexiest in the 80s, and still today it is a show. Come on bikini at the Ferraris to the ocean and sun-drenched streets, in Miami take all or nothing!

    8 - Sidney, Australia

    Surfers in Manly, well-dressed dudes, shows atOpera House, Sidney is an international agglomeration of culture and landscapes.
    Surf in the morning, a drink in the afternoon and parties at night until dawn. Nothing more sexy ...

    7 - New York City, USA

    Already famous for Sex and the City, New York is lively and lustful. A city that never sleeps, between Broadway nightclubs and shows seven days out of seven. And then, thehorizon on the skyline it's sexy as hell ...

    6 - Havana, Cuba

    The sexiest city in the Caribbean, where the seductive is danced salsa, where tourists turn in American vintage cars, where the heat lights up the night to the rhythm of salsa and Cuban cigars, between a rum and a punch, between bodies too full of joy to ... say no!

    5 - Paris, France

    Just the French accent and mention the Moulin Rouge to enter the ranking by right.
    In Paris there is a sexy air, you can taste it, you can see it: the city, the people, the fashion, are perfect cover images.
    And it becomes even more so if you stop and sip a glass of wine while walking through the Louvre or listening to French cafe music.
    And street artists a Mont Martre, and a portrait under the cathedral, and the bohemian air, and the amourrrr ....

    4 - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

    Rio is a carioca stew of sensuality, with all the ingredients spiced to the right point. Exotic destination, beaches, bars, Copacabana, night clubs ... are they enough for you? If you want more, please see "Rio Carnival", with the sparkling frenzy and shimmer of costumes ...

    3 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

    "Senorita, quiere bailar un tango conmigo?" Yes, cliché that maybe you can live them seriously! Sophisticated, classy, exotically sexy. Buenos Aires is the South American city most influenced by European culture, with a mix of French class and elegance and Argentine spontaneity. Take your tango shoes and dance on the puesta del sol hasta la madrugada ...

    2 - Saint Tropez, France

    It sounds like a sexy lady singing "I'm sexy and I know it". If you are full of money, you will be showered with sensuality in Saint Tropez. The idyllic beaches surrounded by million-dollar yachts, they can only catch the eager eyes of those who enjoy a drink in the cafes along the coast.
    Chic dinners and celebrities to go go are the ingredients of a Too Sexy resort!

    1 - Seville, Spain

    Art and world class, the most beautiful city in the world at night, the waters of Sevilla shine with sunshine like the bodies that take a tan during the siesta. And the "flamenco en la calle" inflames the hearts and the passion of sevillani and others, like an irresistible call to sin ...

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