The 10 most spectacular trails to do on foot in Italy

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If you love the nature, walks and breathtaking views, this guide is for you! We have collected the best trails in Italy to walk, of different levels of difficulty, capable of giving indescribable emotions and sure appreciation! Are you ready to put your boots on? Scroll through our top 10!

10 - Via degli Abati, Emilia Romagna / Tuscany - Northern Italy

  • Municipalities concerned: Pavia, Broni, Castana, Canevino, Pometo, Caminata, Romagnese, Bobbio, Coli, Farini, Bardi, Borgotaro, Pontremoli
  • Length: 190 km
  • Duration on foot: 33 hours
  • Recommended for: Young and Adults

Beautiful historic trail, with origin in the High Middle Ages, which develops onTuscan - Emilian Apennines, passing by provinces of Pavia, Piacenza, Parma, Massa Carrara. The path is quite challenging: with a altitude difference of almost 6.000 meters, winds through paths, mule tracks, cart tracks and crosses valleys and ridges. There is also an official website.

9 - Antica Via Valeriana, Lombardy - Northern Italy

  • Municipalities concerned: Pilzone, Sulzano, Sale Marasino, Marone, Vello, Toline, Pisogne
  • Length: 30 km
  • Duration on foot: 9 hours
  • Recommended for: Everyone

Splendido ancient path of connection between Lake Iseo and Val Camonica, recently rediscovered and being redesigned. The Via Valeriana is mostly cobbled and involves the passage between ancient villages, with view of the suggestive Lake Iseo, Brescia side. The itinerary lends itself very well to photography enthusiasts.

8 - Blue Path, Liguria - Northern Italy

  • Municipalities concerned: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore
  • Length: 12 Km
  • Duration on foot: 6 hours
  • Recommended for: Everyone

Path that crosses all the villages of Cinque Terre, Unfortunately currently closed at times due to numerous landslides. Access to the trail is a payment, with figures ranging from 5 to 7 euros.

7 - Path of the Lemons, Campania - Southern Italy

  • Municipalities concerned: Maiori, Torre, Ravello, Minori
  • Length: 9 Km
  • Duration on foot: 5 hours
  • Recommended for: Everyone

Rather simple route, suitable for the whole family. The difference in altitude is 410 m and you can admire the incredible views of the Amalfi coast, With its gardens and lemon groves. The period indicated to cover it is 12 months a year, always with suitable clothing according to the period. One recommended stop in Ravello.

6 - Tratturo Magno, Abruzzo / Molise / Puglia - Southern Italy

  • Municipalities concerned: L'Aquila, Bazzano, San Gregorio, Poggio Picenze, Capestrano, Lanciano, Vasto, Foggia
  • Length: 244 Km
  • Duration on foot: 3 days (on foot), 1 days (by bike)
  • Recommended for: Young and Adults

Il tratturo it is a path in grass, stone or clay created by the trampling of animals: the Tratturo Magno, that connects L'Aquila to Foggia, is the longest of the Italian tratturi. Along the way they can be admired places of interest as the archaeological site of Peltuinum and Palace of the Dogana of the sheep in Foggia.

5 - Great Crossing of the Alps, Piedmont - Northern Italy

  • Municipalities concerned: Viozene, Limonetto, Palanfrè, Sant'Anna di Vinadio, Sambuco, Celle di Macra, Elva, Pontechianale, Usseaux, Susa, Pialpetta, Talosio, Ronco, Quincinetto, Oropa, Rimella, Alpe del Lago, Molini di Calasca
  • Length: 1.000 Km
  • Duration on foot: 5/8 hours for each stage
  • Recommended for: Young and Adults

Excursion that winds from Domodossola to the Ligurian Alps e divided into 55 stages, with travel times from 5 to 8 hours each. The path was born to be traveled by south to north.

4 - Mirror Rome, Rome Capital - Central Italy

  • Municipalities concerned Rome
  • Length: 8 Km
  • Duration on foot: 3 hours
  • Recommended for: Everyone

For an alternative view of Rome we recommend the "Roma Specchiata" itinerary, with departure from Ponte Sublicio to the Auditorium. You can admire the beauties of Rome Capital reflected in the Tiber river. For info and details of the tour, consult the book "Rome, a true beauty" by Carlo Coronati.

3 - Via degli Dei, Emilia Romagna / Tuscany - Northern Italy

  • Municipalities concerned: Bologna, Monte Adone, Passo della Futa, San Piero a Sieve, Fiesole, Florence
  • Length: 130 Km
  • Duration on foot: 4 days
  • Recommended for: Young and Adults

Old trekking route that connects the cities of Bologna and Florence passing among the Apennines. A truly suggestive vision in the middle of nature, to be carried out both on foot and by mountain bike. The path was rebuilt in the 90s, giving back places of great naturalistic interest. The 6 planned stages are recommended.

2 - Strada del Ponale, trentino-alto adige - Northern Italy

  • Municipalities concerned: Riva del Garda, Ponale, Valle di Ledro
  • Length: 7 Km
  • Duration on foot: 3 hours
  • Recommended for: Everyone

Old road that connected Lake Ledro and Riva del Garda going up the valley of the Ponale stream. Used for car traffic until 1995, when the variant was made, since 2004 it has been reopened as a cycle path and footpath. Offers incredible views of Lake Garda and it's very popular with mountain bikers.

1 - Via Di Francesco, Umbria - Central Italy

  • Municipalities concerned: La Verna, Assisi, Greccio
  • Length: 245 Km (From the North)
  • Duration on foot: to complete the route from the North it takes 68 hours of walking (to be divided into 10 days)
  • Recommended for: Young and Adults

The Via di Francesco wins our ranking, a spiritual itinerary (but not only) for retrace the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi. It can starting from the north, from La Verna passing through Città di Castello, Gubbio and Perugia, or from the south, from Greccio passing through Piediluco, Spoleto, Trevi, Spello. The path is it has some simple stretches and others more challenging.

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