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Daredevils from everywhere, nightmare travelers and new Dylan Dog, what you will read now is aimed precisely at you: leave all hope you who read!
If you have always been attracted by the thrill and the mystery, if you love the feeling of goosebumps and your favorite genre ishorror, throws you a challenge: visit i most disturbing places on the planet without batting an eye and ... above all being able to survive to tell us about it!
In the meantime, choose your first stop ... in the hope that it won't be your last!

10 - Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

If you are looking for gods bizarre travel companions with whom to share the living room ... go to Ghost Castle in Edinburgh! Here you will find a headless drummer, a phantom fife player with his trusty spooky dog.

Curiosity: do you think they are all legends? Know then that over 240 researchers in 2001 surrounded the entire residence with sophisticated equipment for detect paranormal phenomena... all of them, all 240 researchers claimed to sighting ghosts, of having witnessed disturbing and inexplicable phenomena and someone even felt the thrill of being touched and jerked by ... who knows what! But if you think it's all nonsense ... go ahead, and then you'll tell us ... maybe!

9 - The Path of Death - the most dangerous road in the world, Bolivia

If you think that the Salerno - Reggio Calabria is the worst that the road system can offer ... go for a ride along "El Camino de la Muerte" or "Road of Death"!

It is a road in Bolivia, el camino de las yungas, 60 km long leading from capital La Paz to the town of Corioco. What's the problem? That the road is two-way but:

  • it is less than 3 meters wide;
  • there are no parapets;
  • rain and fog are the order of the day;
  • on the sides there are 600 meters of free fall.

... Salerno - Reggio Calabria doesn't seem so bad anymore, huh ...?

8 - Poveglia - the Lazzaretto of the Black Death, Italy

We are in the beautiful country, which in this case has very little beauty. Poveglia is an island, apparently also quite pretty, but whose history is nothing short of creepy. In fact, around the 700s, during theplague epidemic in Europe, it was transformed into a hospital, until it became a real one pit for the plague victims, into which the bodies of thousands of people were thrown.
With the end of the plague, the history of Poveglia did not improve: a psychiatric hospital where, according to some rumors, a mad doctor inflicted tremendous torture on patients, before committing suicide. Truth or not, difficult to know, and difficult to discover: the island is in fact closed to visitors ...

7 - Stanley Hotel - the Shining, Colorado hotel

What to say more? Suffice it to say that it was this hotel that inspired Stephen King for the creation of the Overlook Hotel in his novel The Shining. The "thrillmaster" himself swore he had heard strange children's voices, piano sounds and eerie melodies during a stay at this hotel. Small curiosity: the 1997 Shining television miniseries was shot right inside the hotel, unlike Kubrick's film, which instead was shot at Timberline Lodge in Oregon. It goes without saying that this is one of the scariest hotels in the world: a night here is really for people with the attributes ... only the bravest!

6 - The former mental hospital of Mombello, Italy

Who would have thought that a luxurious villa where Ferdinand IV of Bourbon lived and that it was the Napoleon's headquarters, could become a psychiatric hospital full of unsolved mysteries!
In fact, it seems that the asylum hides gods secret underground passages, but above all a can over 30 meters deep. What was it for?

Curiosity: the hospital could hold only 900 people, but soon the patients reached over 3.000, with only 6 doctors available. It is said that some doctors did unauthorized experiments on mentally ill patients and who then, to erase the traces, used that well ...

5 - Hellingly Hospital - The Phantom Psychiatric Hospital, England

Founded in 1904, it was a psychiatric hospital for particularly problematic patients. Many of them in fact were subjected to pioneering lobotomy and electroshock interventions. Used to contain about 700 patients, it came to have almost double. The costs became unsustainable so that the hospital was decommissioned and the patients put back on the street, claiming they were able to look after themselves ... but many of them seem to have never left that place, which closed in 1994 ...

4 - Aokigahara - the forest of suicides, Japan

At the foot of the Sacred Mount Fuji there is a forest that hides a dark secret: it is in fact the second place in the world for suicides! What drives people who visit this forest to end their lives?

Curiosity: every year over 50 people lose their lives in the ravines of Aokigahara, among its lava rocks and ice caves which seems to have an association with the demons of Japanese mythology. Suffice it to say that numerous signs have been posted in the forest to dissuade visitors from committing suicide ...

3 - The Gate of Hell, Turkmenistan

Did you think they were all legends? No, hell exists, and its door is here, in Turkmenistan!
To enter hell and wink at Beelzebub, you will need to cross a crater over 100 meters deep, in perennial eruption.

Curiosity: do you know who opened this gate of hell? The Russians! No, it is not a joke, the Russians for a wrong perforation broke down the door of Lucifer's house. Scientists are unable to determine if this eruption process will ever end ... perhaps we will have to wait for the day of judgment!

2 - Akodessewa - the Voodoo fetish market, Togo

Don't expect a typical western souvenir shop. No, nothing remotely similar. Here, in the capital of Togo, in Lome, stacked on wooden boards you can find all the ingredients for shamans and healers and for their Voodoo rituals. Dried heads of crocodile, monkey heads, and even owls, chameleons, snakes pulverized with herbs and prepared on the fire. For the locals, it is nothing more than a pharmacy, but ... nothing but aspirin and penicillin!

Curiosity: healers who use these remedies usually practice 3 cuts on the chest or back of the patient, and prepare a solution with the animal head chosen on the basis of the disease to be treated, ground together with medicinal herbs and prepared on the fire until it is reduced to a black powder. Then this is spread on the skin and thrust into the wounds inflicted.

1 - Isla de las Muñecas - the island of the Hanged Dolls, Mexico

Hidden among the Mexican lagoons, what the isla de las muñecas offers is one of the most chilling spectacles possible ... in fact, among the wild and unspoiled nature, they are scattered old doll bodies battered, hanged or stuck in the branches of trees, without a limb, bald, with hollow eyes or ... only heads without bodies ... a scenario that makes the blood freeze, only for those with guts to spare!

Curiosity: it seems that it all started because of a misfortune that happened to Julian Santana Barrera. This man found the body of a little girl rejected by the sea, and shortly afterwards the same sea returned her doll to the mainland. The hermit, shaken and intent on ingratiating himself with the spirit of the deceased young woman, hung the doll from a tree. But this soon became an obsession, and Julian started collecting dolls here and there. The obsession became such that the man began to feed those bodies and those plastic heads ...

Extra ranking: Anderlecht Veterinary Surgical School, Belgium

We couldn't keep this place off the list. Among the dozens and dozens of things to visit in Brussels, maybe you can come to this one abandoned veterinary school. We suggest the faint of heart to stay away from it, because it looks like the laboratory of a mad scientist or strange unconventional experiments! Shelves full of vases and containers with animals or anatomical parts of them preserved in formaldehyde are the furnishings and furnishings of this disturbing place.

Curiosity: the government is planning to clean up this old building and renovate it for use it as apartments: would you ever live there?

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