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While there is a great demand for places with good value for money, on the other hand there are some restaurants around the world where the cheapest meal costs as little as $ 180 and you need to book several months in advance in order to have a table.
It goes without saying, therefore, that such places are only accessible to those who have a rather large bank account and who want to make aunique dining experience, often within fairytale location.
The dishes are cooked with valuable substances, and for some people, dining here is a must to be able to boast of such an experience.
Here is the ranking of the 10 most expensive restaurants in the world compiled by

10 - Gordon Ramsay Restaurant, London - from € 165

Owned by chef Gordon Ramsey, this restaurant is located in the London Borough of Chelsea and counts 3 Michelin stars.
The dishes have French origin and they are always based on seasonal products; include 3 courses and among these, Cotswold lamb, sautéed scallops and roast veal with sauteed fois enjoy world-wide fame.
The wine list is rich and abundant and for the more demanding the cellar has a bottle of $ 18.850 (€ 17.300 approximately).

9 - Misoguygawa, Kyoto - from € 248

In ninth place in the ranking is a downtown Kyoto restaurant that boasts 3 Michelin stars and has a menu featuring 8 courses.
L'culinary offer is of two types, one offers traditional French dishes and the other is a Japanese-French fusion mix. Among the most famous dishes, fillet of beef with potato soufflé, roasted pumpkin and buttered beans and as a dessert chocolate marquise with berries and pistachio cream sauce.
The restaurant must be booked at least 5 days in advance and it is possible to choose between private rooms for special functions or corners of total privacy.

8 - Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives from € 303

The first submarine restaurant all glass is located in the Maldives, 16 feet below the surface of the Indian Ocean.
It is an exclusive place, whose name "Ithaa" in the Maldivian language means mother of pearl, and from every table it is possible to have a overview of corals and fish who live in this beautiful sea.
Structure it can accommodate up to 14 people at a time and the menu offers delicacies such as lobster carpaccio, duck agnolotti, truffle gnocchi with Black Angus beef fillet and much more.
If you think about the dishes that are served and the location, the price is not even that excessive.

7 - Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester Hotel, London from € 322

Another starred venue in the heart of London, this restaurant is located inside the Dorchester hotel, one of the most beautiful in the city, and is famous all over the world for its 7 different seasonal dishes.
The culinary proposals all arrive from contemporary French cuisine and the chef recommends Halibut fillet, sauteed calamari, Veloute shrimp and Irish sea urchins.
It is also possible to request a black truffle menu with seven courses.
The dress code of the restaurant is "smart-casual": a jacket and shirt and long trousers are recommended for men. Sportswear and trainers are not accepted in the dining room.

6 - Aragawa, Tokyo from € 345

Located in the basement of an office building in Tokyo, this seemingly humble venue hosts one of the most expensive steakhouses in the world.
Only 22 people can eat at a time at a time after booking well in advance and it's the perfect place for meat lovers.
Here it is cooked the best steak in Kobe, the bovine breed that is massaged daily and fed with love.
In the menu they are found many cuts and varieties of meat, but also smoked salmon and some other specialties depending on the season.

5 - Restaurant de l'Hôtel de Ville, Crissier from € 381

In fifth place on the list is this Swiss place that has been lucky enough to have a succession of award-winning chefs.
The culinary offer allows guests to make acomplete sensory experience with divine dishes such as white catfish cooked with lemongrass, summer roasted mushrooms and red fruit soufflé.
Attention to freshness and seasonality of raw materials make it a place where you don't spend less than € 380, without considering the wines of course.

4 - Maison Pic, Valence from € 410

This restaurant, in the south of France, has it behind 130 years in business and saw three generations of the Pic family, now headed by head chef Anne-Sophie Pic.
The use of not trendy ingredients, skilfully combined fresh products and the unusual touch have earned the place, 3 Michelin stars.
Inside an elegant room with soft lighting and artistic furnishings, you can enjoy candied turnips, goat cheeses, blue lobster with red fruits and delicious chocolate desserts.

3 - Plaza Athénéé, Paris from € 510

It is inside a luxurious hotel trendy Paris.
The interiors are characterized by Renaissance Baroque style furnishings with magnificent golden crystal chandeliers and only fresh and exotic imported products arrive in the kitchen.
The chefs' choice since last year has been to eliminate foie gras from the proposals, to reduce filet mignon and tartare and focus more on fish, on vegetable products and cereals.

2 - Masa, New York City from € 600

In the Time Warner Center in Manhattan in New York there is the second most expensive restaurant in the world, a Japanese-style luxury venue founded in 2004 by Masa Takayama, the man who pioneered thesushi experience in international "fine dining".
There is no set menu but famous dishes include grilled prawns, fancy maki rolls, tuna topped with beluga caviar and much more.
To find a table it is necessary book at least 3 weeks in advance and those who do not show up will still be charged $ 200 from the credit card, which is necessary when making a reservation.

1 - SubliMotion, Ibiza from € 2.000

At the top of the list is this place frequented only by people with a lot of money or by those who want to believe they have it.
It is inside the Hard Rock Hotel in Playa d'en Bossa in Ibiza, is managed by chef Paco Roncero and the location features a single table for 12 people in a bare environment where lights and video projections warm the room during the sensory and gastronomic experience.
Inside work 25 members including cooks, waiters, illusionists and DJs who for about € 2.000 try to offer the best.
What are we eating? It is always one surprise consisting of 20 tastings.

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