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You have organized a weekend in Bologna and you are interested in knowing where to eat an excellent pizza? Do you have to move to the city to study or to work and you want to find a point of reference to taste the Italian specialty? Bologna is also part of that rich list of cities very popular not only by tourists but also by students and workers. Today we want to provide everyone who goes to Bologna with a small guide the 10 pizzerias considered unanimously - or almost! - the best in town. Pizza by the slice or by the plate is an excellent idea for dinner but also for an afternoon snack, to be shared with friends or family, to be filled with many delicacies, according to your tastes. Here's where to find the best pizza in Bologna!


  1. Masaniello
  2. Ranzani 13
  3. Queen Sophia
  4. Scalinatella
  5. Alce Nero - Berberè
  6. Mozzabella
  7. Spaccanapoli
  8. Pinterrè
  9. Forno brisa
  10. 'O My Flower
  11. User questions and comments

1 - Masaniello

Recently opened, the Masaniello pizzeria immediately won the trust of citizens and foreigners. Clearly Neapolitan, the restaurant also introduced the idea of ​​the so-called "suspended pizza", just as it is used in the Neapolitan capital. Masaniello's pizza dough is made in a traditional way, the ingredients also used for the filling are from Campania. This pizzeria is "ethical" also because each ingredient is produced in territories and properties that once belonged to the underworld but have been confiscated and reused.

  • Address: Via San Donato 3 / c
  • Specialty of the house: pizza with courgette flowers, panuozzi
  • Average price for a pizza: 6 Euros

2 - Ranzani 13

It looks more like a pub than a pizzeria, but at Ranzani 13 you can enjoy the magical combination of pizza and beer choosing from high quality products. The menu includes traditional pizzas with thin dough and a high cornice, or other more delicious proposals with mortadella-based filling, buffalo and pistachio.

  • Address: Via Ranzani, 13
  • House specialty: Happy Pork pizza
  • Average price for a pizza: 8,50 Euros

3 - Queen Sofia

Purely Salerno-style, this place is both pizzeria and excellent restaurant. In addition to the exquisite pizzas, among which Queen Sofia stands out with buffalo mozzarella DOP, tomato from Piennolo del Vesuvio, capers and olives from Gaeta, the menu includes many dishes of the typical Campania cuisine.

  • Address: Via Clavature 1
  • House specialty: Regina Sofia pizza
  • Average price for a pizza: 7,50 Euros

4 - Scalinatella

Cozy place even during the summer, thanks to a special outdoor space, prepares pizzas they present a light dough and therefore easily digestible but, at the same time, very good and tasty. Usually very crowded, it has no problem in quickly serving many customers. If you want to be amazed, try the "Bolognese mystery" pizza, without asking for the ingredients of the filling!

  • Address: Via Caduti di Cefalonia 5 / E
  • House specialty: Scalinatella pizza
  • Average price for a pizza: 7 Euros

5 - Alce Nero - Berberè

Slightly deviating from tradition, the pizza of this place is made with high quality standards, both as regards the ingredients and the method of preparation. For the dough, in fact, the hydrolysis technique is exploited perfected by Beniamino Bilali. Pizza is served cut into wedges, an invitation to conviviality and to share it. Based on seasonal availability, the menu is renewed and enriched.

  • Address: Via Petroni, 9C
  • House specialty: pizza with seasonal ingredients
  • Average price for a pizza: 10,50 Euros

6 - Mozzabella

It is a brand new but fine Bolognese reality that adopts a historic Neapolitan pizza maker, Michele Leo. This pizzeria prepares its own specialty in a pan and you can enjoy it various pieces of different fillings. Try a real rarity, the mountain pizzas and the so-called "cuoppo", the foil with Neapolitan fried foods.

  • Address: Via del Pratello 65 / b
  • Specialty of the house: mountain pizzas
  • Average price for a slice: 2,40 euros

7 - Spaccanapoli

The pizzeria is located near the university area and is a cheerful and welcoming place. You can go to this pizzeria even outside the classic hours, the kitchen is very flexible. If you are really hungry you can try the XL pizza!

  • Address: Via San Vitale 45 / a
  • Specialty of the house: the XL pizza
  • Average price for a pizza: 7,50 Euros

8 - Pinterrè

Present in the city for years, the pizzeria Pinterrè maintains the appearance of the typical Neapolitan restaurant. Obviously, it has been able to win the trust of its customers thanks also to the taste of a classic pizza but always liked.

  • Address: Via Mazzini, 170
  • Specialty of the house: seafood pizza
  • Average price for a pizza: 8 Euros

9 - Brisa oven

A shop oven that also prepares different types of bread, using only organic flours but also recovered ancient grains. The long leavening, also used with the pizza dough, makes the result light and soft. The fillings are many and suitable for all tastes.

  • Address: Via Galliera, 34
  • House specialty: rustic focaccia
  • Average price for a slice: 2 euros

10 - 'O My Flower

Reached Bologna after being born in Faenza, 'O Fiore mio è a pizzeria by the slice which offers excellent pizzas with sourdough but also with wholemeal flours. The result is an extremely light product! The fillings, on the other hand, are added raw once cooking is complete. Absolutely to try a slice stuffed with traditional cold cuts: you can choose, for example, the Parma Ham Gran Riserva but also the fragrant artisan Mortadella of Bologna.

  • Address: Piazza Malpighi 8
  • House specialty: pizza with typical salami
  • Price per kilo: 24,50 Euros

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