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Between the Riviera Romagnola, the timeless Bologna and all its other cities, Emilia Romagna is a destination for great entertainment. All over the territory no shortage of night clubs of each a genre that you have certainly already heard of, elegant and trendy or more informal and accessible, in exclusive and truly unique locations. Find out what they are the 10 most beautiful clubs in Emilia Romagna.


  1. Villapapeete Discotheque
  2. Pineta
  3. Energy
  4. Imperial Bay
  5. Dadaumpa New Life
  6. Villa delle Rose
  7. Italghisa
  8. Peter Pan
  9. Numa Club
  10. Estragon workshop
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1 - Villapapeete Discotheque

How not to know Villapapeete, the most renowned nightclub in Emilia Romagna and reference point of the entire Riviera Romagnola. It is located in Milano Marittima and is the most exclusive, elegant and suggestive club in the area with its chic ambience, its poolside aperitifs with Italian and revival background music, delicious dinners and beach parties with house, commercial and electronic music. To best satisfy its vast offer, the structure is divided into 3 distinct areas such as the restaurant, a main room and the pool area. In the main room there is a huge dance floor surrounded by tables and privèe, one of which is called "glam privèe" even more elite and with a bar of its own. Villapapeete registers a full house every evening and think that its capacity exceeds 5.000 people

  • in just 7 minutes by car from the center of Milano Marittima - Get directions
  • open only on Saturdays from 21:00 to 5:00
  • prices starting from € 10,00 up to € 30,00 depending on the summer or winter season and access before or after 1:00 am
  • Events and concerts: often hosts local DJs such as Andrea Bolognesi, Tommy Luciani, Double Deejay, MC Vl, Ricky S - Discover all the events on the official website
  • Info and advice: from the center of Milano Marittima the shuttle service provided by the disco is available every Saturday. At the entrance, a selection is made and a rather elegant dress code is required, in fact the average age inside ranges from 25 to 40 years

2 - Pine forest

Another renowned nightclub in the whole of Emilia Romagna, always located on the Romagna Riviera and more precisely in Milano Marittima. Unlike the previous local, this one over the years it has attracted several footballers, entrepreneurs, models and showgirls over time maintaining its reputation as a club frequented by VIPs. The interior is truly luxurious and glitzy with black Murano glass chandeliers, lots of brilliant Swarovski, glossy black walls, fine sofas and 8 shiny pine trees that serve as columns as well as embellishment. The room is equally beautiful and large with public and other private tables chosen above all by the important and demanding people who have frequented the place for years. The music ranges from commercial to house, played over the years by famous Italian and international DJs.

  • is located in the center of the tourist resort, reachable on foot via Viale Gramsci or by buses 227 and 231 to the Prima Traversa-Matteotti stop - Get directions
  • only Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 23pm to 00am
  • woman € 30,00 - man € 50,00
  • Events and concerts: often hosts Luca Cassani, Max Pagani and Anderblast, but above all the Pineta disco was Bobo Vieri's debut place in the musical world, who is often present at evenings with the name Bobo Dj - Discover all the events on the official website
  • Info and advice: given the elegance and importance of the venue, the dress code required is very formal and well-finished, and at the entrance there is an inevitable selection

3 - Energy

The Energy nightclub is located in Cesenatico, more precisely in the Valverde hamlet, often identified on social networks and advertisements with the name NRG. This too is part of the largest clubs on the Romagna Riviera, in fact the structure houses 5 rooms each with a different musical genre to offer a complete proposal suitable for everyone. In fact, there is a room dedicated to smooth, Latin dances and revival music that certainly attracts a more adult audience, while in the other rooms they range from commercial, to house, to reggaeton, to electronics, genres preferred by the youngest.

  • it can be reached on foot or by car via Viale Bremante and Viale Michelangelo Buonarroti, or with different bus lines to the Michelangelo stop from which you can then continue on foot for about 5 minutes - Get directions
  • Friday from 21:30 pm to 5:00 am - Saturday from 23:30 pm to 5:00 am
  • prices starting from € 10,00 with admission by 00:30 and drink included
  • Events and concerts: often hosts Shorty from Radio Deejay, but also Mark Lanzetta, Robertino, Andrea Bellemani and Antonio Belcastro - Discover all the events on the site
  • Info and advice: the disco has a large parking area. The Friday evening attracts a more adult clientele, while Saturday is the evening completely dedicated to the under 30s

4 - Imperial Bay

The Imperial Bay, whose previous name was Baia degli Angeli with which many still remember it, it is located on the hills of Gabicce Mare, on the border between the provinces of Rimini and Pesaro-Urbino, and has been able over the years to attract both the Emilian and Marche public becoming a reference point for the nightlife of the area. The peculiarity of this place is its position overlooking the sea with panoramic and suggestive view, in addition to the extraordinary thematic furnishings that recall Ancient Rome for the simulation of a long staircase that leads to a colonnaded temple with various statues. The interior is divided into 4 floors and 5 rooms, 3 of which are internal and 2 external, in order to offer a wide range of music and satisfy every guest with house, commercial house, electronic, dance, hip hop, Latin, revival and even rock music. Not by chance, in 2014, it was ranked as the 21st club in the world, the 1st in Italy and the best summer nightclub!

  • on foot or by car in a few minutes via Via Panoramica - Get directions
  • only on Saturdays from 22:00 to 15:00
  • variable prices starting from € 25,00 with drink included - hotel + disco packages are also available starting from € 70,00 including accommodation, priority access and 1 drink
  • Events and concerts: over the years it has hosted Bob Sinclair, Alex Gaudino, Cristian Marchi, Maurizio Gubellini, Martin Solveig, Max Vangeli, AN21, Chris Lake and Dirty South - Discover all the events on the Official Facebook Page
  • Info and advice: access is allowed from the age of 16, otherwise you must be accompanied by an adult with the exception of School Parties. Despite the restaurant's reputation, particularly elegant attire is not required

5 - Dadaumpa New Life

Dadaumpa New Life is an elegant nightclub in Parma born in a former farmhouse. The location is truly suggestive thanks to its location outside the city immersed in a natural context, further enriched by an internal courtyard complete with a swimming pool. The proposed evenings are very varied, often with equally varied guests such as showgirls, singers, footballers and famous DJs. Music also ranges a lot, in fact it goes from commercial house, to reggaeton, to electronics, to revival.

  • it can be reached by car via the Via Emilia Est, or by bus with lines 3, 23, 2745 and 3000 to the appropriate stop called San Lazzaro Dadaumpa - Get directions
  • only Friday and Saturday from 22pm to 30am
  • free woman on the list and with entry before 1:00 am - man € 12,00 with 1 drink if on the list and with entry before 1:00 am - after 1:00 am woman € 10,00 / man € 15,00 , 1 both with drink included
  • Events and concerts: often hosts singers, DJs and showgirls. Over the years it has hosted Guendalina, Il Pagante, Luca Agnelli and Marcelo Burlon - Discover all the events on the Official Facebook Page
  • Info and advice: during each evening the disco offers a free shuttle for both the outward and return journeys, but by reservation

6 - Villa delle Rose

The Villa delle Rose nightclub takes its name from its structure as it is a real villa. In fact, we are talking about one of the most popular places in Riccione and reference point of entertainment since the 90s, located precisely in Misano Adriatico. The location is so original and full of charm that the atmosphere inside could only be trendy, like the people who frequent it.The music offered is mostly house and commercial house, but with a vast and varied program of events that includes a different DJ and artistic animation every night.

  • reachable by car via Via Camilluccia or by bus 61 to Camilluccia 55 and Camilluccia 20 - Get directions
  • only Friday and Saturday from 22pm to 30am
  • variable prices starting from € 20,00
  • Events and concerts: often hosts guests and DJs such as Dj Thor, Federico Grazzini, Gianluca Vacchi, Nicola Zucchi and Eugenio Colombo - I find all the events on the official website
  • Info and advice: selection at the entrance and elegant dress code required

7 - Italghisa

But what does an industrial name have to do with a nightclub? Because it is a former foundry, absolute peculiarity of the place, of which it has preserved its internal style composed of pipes clearly visible on the ceiling and walkways suspended in the air that now serve as balconies. This particular place is located in Reggio Emilia and in addition to its unmistakable style it is also very appreciated for the proposal of thematic events during which the music is the most varied. Particularly popular are the Fluo Party for their colorful concept and the Famous Parties with their guest stars of the evening.

  • reachable by car via Via dei Gonzaga or by buses 13, 3B58, 3I87 and 3I93 to the Ex Italghisa stop - Get directions
  • only Friday and Saturday from 22pm to 00am
  • most of the time admission is free, other times the price is € 13,00 on the list and € 15,00 full
  • Events and concerts: hosted Alex Zobbi, Chico, Riccardo Savi, Donato De Feudis, Magnetic Squad, Samuel Heron, Il Pagante and Jennifer Bezzi - Discover all the events on the Official Facebook Page
  • Info and advice: in the case of particularly large events it is possible to book a dedicated bus service

8 - Peter Pan

The Peter Pan disco is another local reference in the Riccione area, precisely in Misano Adriatico, much loved especially for the fact that remains open all year round. Its internal structure is indeed organized in three rooms, two of which are indoors, ideal for winter, and the last one outdoors in the garden where summer evenings take place. The environment is very glamorous and trendy, while the organization is very reminiscent of Ibiza's clubs with incredible choreography, confetti, shows and laser effects. The proposal of events is very varied and the most popular are Magic Mondays to have fun even during the week when most of the clubs are closed. The music is mostly house and commercial house.

  • by car via the Provincial road 91 or by bus 172 to the Abruzzi Caprera stop from which you can continue on foot for a few minutes - Get directions
  • Friday to Sunday from 22pm to 00am
  • prices from € 15,00 to € 25,00 depending on the evening
  • Events and concerts: hosted international DJs such as Erik Morillo, Deep Dish, Roger Sanchez and Francoise Kevorkian - Discover all the events on the Official Facebook Page
  • Info and advice: the average age inside is 18/22 years

9 - Numa Club

The Numa Club is located in Bologna, a young place that has existed since 2011 but which has managed to be loved immediately and in a short time. His musical proposal is varied and includes both live music and DJ sets. The evenings are accompanied by animation and crazy lighting effects and sounds for which the club has invested heavily. The interior follows an industrial style with great attention to detail and consists of a dance floor which is a two-story arena and a private area called Gray Goose.The music is mostly hip-hop and reggaeton, even if the venue has never precluded any kind of evening by hosting national and world stars and forging a collaboration with Radio105.

  • it can be reached by car via Via Stalingrado or by bus 68 to the Calzoni stop - Get directions
  • Friday and Saturday from 21: 30 to 6: 00
  • variable prices starting from € 15,00 with a drink included
  • Events and concerts: hosted DJs and guest stars such as Sven Vath, J Balvin, Don Diablo, Ralf, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Gigi D'Agostino, Skin, Eiffel65, Neverdogs, Tujamo, Fedez and Max Brigante - Discover all the events on the official website
  • Info and advice: given the turnout of the venue, it is preferable to buy tickets online on the official website to avoid the queue at the cash desk

10 - Estragon workshop

The Estragon Workshop it is a somewhat alternative nightclub. In fact, it has a large hall and a stage but the music proposed goes far beyond the classic disco genres, the ideal place to go wild to the rhythm of rock and electronics or to recharge on the notes of reggae and indie. This reality of Bologna has existed for over 20 years and it is the most hospitable and unusual club in the city, in fact inside you can come across elegant people but also unleashed metalheads, this depends above all on the type of evening proposed and we assure you that they are really many and varied.

  • reachable by car via the ring road 7 BIS towards Ferrara or by bus 25 to the Parco Nord parking - Get directions
  • Friday and Saturday from 19: 30 to 5: 00
  • variable prices according to the evening, starting from € 15,00
  • Events and concerts: over the years it has hosted several Italian and international singers such as Litfiba, Fedez, Franz Ferdinand, Queens of the Stone Age, Skunk Anansie, The Kooks, Elisa, Vinicio Capossela, Elio e le Storie Tese, Francesco De Gregori, Subsonica, Bluvertigo, Verdena, Afterhours, Max Gazzè and Daniele Silvestri - Discover all the events on the official website
  • Info and advice: for those arriving by car, the restaurant has a large parking lot, while for those who do not want to move by car every Friday and Saturday the night shuttle service identified as N25 is active

Map of the best clubs in Emilia Romagna

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