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London is an extremely energetic city, stimulating and lively. You will certainly have no difficulty in finding many discos, bars and nightclubs of all kinds. The sound is always different depending on the club and ranges from house and techno music, from R&B to hip hop, up to the most pop sounds. There is something for all tastes and budgets! Every London neighborhood always offers fun and music even until late at night and allows everyone a wide choice to spend wonderful evenings in company. So here are the 10 best nightclubs in London


  1. Ministry of Sound
  2. Corsica Studios
  3. Heaven
  4. Egg
  5. Fabric
  6. Position
  7. Ladder
  8. Montezuma
  9. Infernos
  10. Notting Hill Arts Club
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1 - Ministry of Sound

The Ministry of Sound opens its doors in 1991, in a space at the time used as a parking lot for buses. The place wanted to be inspired by those "cave" atmospheres typical of New York. After the first few evenings, the Ministry began to gain popularity by word of mouth. It was the first club to play house music and the first nightclub in the world to have exceptional sound quality. Even today it is among the best nightclubs in London, chosen by hundreds of world famous dance, trance and house artists. The disco is made up of four rooms: The Box, with exceptional sound quality with massive speaker cabinets; The 103, dedicated to emerging artists; The Baby Box, a more intimate room; The Loft, where you can find the next record labels. There is a selection at the entrance. Inside there is also a shop with themed gadgets.

  • the restaurant is located in Gaunt St, you can easily arrive by subway in the nearby Elephant & Castle station. Once you get off you arrive at the club in just 5 minutes on foot - Get directions
  • open on Tuesdays from 22.30pm to midnight, Thursdays from 22pm to 30am, Saturdays from 06pm to 00am.
  • the cost varies according to the evening and the guest. Generally, it starts from a minimum of £ 5,00 (€ 5,61) per student entry, to a maximum of £ 40,00 (€ 44,84) ​​per vip entry.
  • Events and concerts: among the most famous DJs of the house, dance and trance scene we find Basement Jaxx, Sandy Rivera, Idris Elba and Marshmello. Discover all the events on the official website
  • Info and advice: there is a precise dress code, no to sportswear, yes to elegance even with jeans, t-shirt and sneakers as long as they are chic and branded.

2 - Corsica Studios

Corsica Studios is located not far from Ministry Sound in Elephant and Castle. It is an independent arts organization focused on developing creative spaces in certain areas of London. Its strong point is underground techno music and his frequent live performances. The restaurant is divided into two spaces, one dedicated to live music and the bar, and another smaller one used as a music studio. Over the years, many artists such as Samuel Kerridge have performed, others linked to the punk scene such as Schwefelgelb, also followed by Joy Orbison, Kevin Saunderson, Honey Dijon and many others.

  • is located in Elephant Rd, you can easily get there by metro in the nearby Elephant & Castle station. Once you get off you arrive at the club in just 4 minutes on foot. If arriving by car, enter Elephant Road from the South Roundabout or Walworth Road. There is a limited number of private car parks for customers, alternatively there is an NCP car park less than 1 minute walk away - Get directions
  • open every day, from Sunday to Thursday at 20:00 pm to 3:00 am, on Friday and Saturday from 20:00 pm to 6:00 am.
  • prices vary according to the type of evening. They generally range from £ 5,00 to £ 20,00 (€ 5,62 - € 22,47).
  • Events and concerts: Joy Orbison, Kevin Saunderson, Honey Dijon, Schwefelgelb, Samuel Kerridge have entered the corsica studios. Discover all the events on the official website
  • Info and advice: there is no particular dress code. The restaurant is authorized to sell alcohol according to the opening and closing times. If you lose something inside the club or forget to take something out of the wardrobe, you have a maximum of one month to go and collect it, otherwise it will be donated to charity.

3 - Heaven

Heaven is one of the most popular gay clubs in London. It consists of three floors and has an extraordinary sound and lighting system. A club where you can have fun with themed evenings such as those reserved for GAY's Porn Idol and Camp Attack students and the gay night par excellence (on Saturdays). Besides these, there are also many musical events with drag queen animation and disco and house music. Popcorn evening is also famous. Heaven is a real concentrate of entertainment and excellent music: if you want an evening outside the box you have definitely found the right place!

  • is located on Under The Arches, Villiers Street. Within walking distance is Charing Cross Station and Charing Cross Underground Station. A very central city location - Get directions
  • Monday 23pm to 00am - Friday 5pm to 00am - Saturday 23am to 00am - Sunday 4pm to 00am - closed Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
  • prices vary by night from £ 15,00 to £ 42,60 (€ 16,85 - € 47,87).
  • Events and concerts: among the most important guests we find New Order, Joy Division, The Birtday Cake (Nick Cave's first band). Discover all the events on the official website
  • Info and advice: All live events are allowed for those over 14 years old. Those aged 14 and 15 must be accompanied by an adult. Under 21, a valid ID is required. The restaurant does not authorize entry to those wearing shoes with too high heels for safety reasons, and reserves the right to let in those who are not a GAY member who is not recognized as a regular customer by the staff.

4 - Egg

One of the most beautiful places in London, built in a real Victorian warehouse in King's Cross. An important club chosen by many young people from the English underground scene. The idea came from Laurence Malice, who transformed the Egg into one of the landmarks of London's nightlife, one of the few clubs to have the license to organize parties and events in its indoor and outdoor spaces. Reigning is house / trance and techno music, with nuances of drum & bass. The hall in the external courtyard is magnificent, where the after party takes place every Sunday at dawn.

  • is located on 200 York Way. From Charing Cross take bus number 390, 274 or 91 or the metro from Northern station and get off at Caledonian stop and then walk for about 10 minutes - Get directions
  • Fridays from 23pm to 00am, Saturdays from 6pm to 00am, Tuesdays at 23pm to 00am, Wednesdays from 7pm to 00am. Sunday, Monday and Thursday closed.
  • prices range from £ 5,00 to £ 25,00 depending on the evening (5,61 - € 28,06).
  • Events and concerts: the most important guests were Mark Night, Ilario Alicante, Jennifer Cladini, Konstantin Sibold, Charlotte de Wittte, Matrixxman, Layton Giordani. Discover all the events on the official website
  • Info and advice: admission is allowed to those who are at least 19 years old. Smart / casual dress required. Hoodies, men's bags and sports brands are not allowed.

5 - Fabric

The Fabric is one of the most famous clubs in London, as well as being one of the longest-running, having opened on 21 October 1999. The club was born from the completely renovated Metropolitan Cold Stories space in Farrington. It has a total of three rooms which always host live shows, but the The main feature of the Fabric is the vibrating floor, Room One, also known as the "bodysonic" dance floor, where transmitters are present at 450 bass frequencies. A truly one of a kind sound experience. On Saturday at the console there is always Craig Richards, artistic director, together with Terry Francis with a selection of house, techno, electro, disco and dub. Also not to be missed is FABRIC LIVE featuring great drum & bass, grime, dubstep, UK garage, bassline and funky artists, and WetYourSelf sessions with alternative music.

  • Fabric is located at Charterhouse St, Farringdon; the nearest metro station is in fact that of Farringdon, once you get off proceed on foot for about 5 minutes on foot - Get directions
  • open on Fridays from 23pm to 00am, Saturdays from 7pm to 00am, Sundays from 23pm to 00am. Closed the other days.
  • from £ 10,00 to £ 30,00 depending on the evening (€ 11,22 - € 33,67).
  • Events and concerts: among the most famous artists who have played at Fabric we find Dave Clark, Luke Slater, Adam Beyer, Ben Klock, Dixon, Move D, Petre Inspirescu, Regis, Zip, Ricardo Viallabolos. Discover all the events on the official website
  • Info and advice: admission is allowed to those who are at least 19 years old. A particular dress code is not required.

6 - Cargo

Cargo is one of the most famous and popular clubs in London. It is located in a very unique position, under the arches of the Shoreditch railway in East London. A place to find every day evenings of all kinds with live music and various DJ sets. The musical genres are very different from each other, in fact it goes from psychedelic rock to hip hop, from electronic pop to jazz. One of its features is the food area inside where you can enjoy delicious snacks between dances to recharge.

  • Cargo is located on Rivington Street. The closest underground stations are Shoreditch High Street Station, Old Street Station or Liverpool Street Station. Bus options are 26, 35, 47, 48, 67, 78, 149, 242 to Shoreditch High Street - Get Directions
  • open every day from 12:00. Saturdays until midnight. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday until 3am, Friday and Thursday until 00am.
  • on Fridays, admission is free before 22pm. In general, it goes from a minimum of £ 00 to a maximum of £ 5,00 depending on the evening (€ 50,00 - € 5,61).
  • Events and concerts: among the most popular artists at Cargo we find: Deepoz, Late at night, Deya, Levelz, Wadeteo, Carly Wilford, Rees Parker, Noah, Messiah Pro, Alioski, Vneus Flytraxx, Chris Lawes. Discover all the events on the official website
  • Info and advice: the dress code required is simple but elegant clothing. Suits are prohibited.

7 - Scale

Scala is a beautiful multipurpose venue founded in the 1920, which is located in the King's Cross area, north of the city center. It's about a very large nightclub consisting of four floors main where there are parties and evenings with excellent live music. In place of Scala, many years ago, there was a cinema. There are three bars, two dance floors and a large stage for live shows, where the greatest and most famous musical artists in the world from different genres, from pop to rock, from dance to R&B performed.

  • located on Pentonville Rd, easily accessible by both tube and bus from nearby King's Cross Station. After getting off, walk a few minutes to the club - Get directions
  • open every day from 10:00 to 21:00 except Saturdays and Sundays.
  • depending on the evening, prices vary from a minimum of about € 13,00 to a maximum of £ 150,00 (€ 14,59 - € 168,36).
  • Events and concerts: among the most famous artists who have performed we find Mark Ronson, Coldplay, Lionel Ritchie, Stereophonics, Suede, Gomez, Robbie Williams, Kelis Foo Fighters, Moby, Super Furry Animals, Chemical Brothers, Dido, Outkast. Discover all the events on the official website
  • Info and advice: there is no selection at the entrance, many events are not allowed for children under 18, usually you can wear everything except on Fridays and Saturdays, depending on the event (not always).

8 - Montezuma

Montezuma was born in the luxurious neighborhood of South Kensington, in a somewhat hidden position: there is in fact an underground cave where you can dance until three in the morning. Its parties and night events are very famous, among the coolest in the city of London. Great music always dominates with genres ranging from house to techno, up to R&B, hip hop and pop. The restaurant is elegantly furnished with an atmosphere reminiscent of the ancient Aztec culture. One of the liveliest pearls when it comes to London nightlife.

  • is located on Harrington Road, South Kensington. South Kensington Underground Station is just a two minute walk from the venue - Get Directions
  • open from Friday to Saturday from 22pm to 30am.
  • women enter free until midnight, men pay a ticket of £ 20,00 (€ 22,45).
  • Events and concerts: in the past international DJs such as Doug Marshal and Joshua Roberts have crossed the threshold of Montezuma. Discover all the events on the official website
  • Info and advice: the dress code must be smart casual with elegant shoes; A valid ID is required at the entrance to confirm the minimum age of 21.

9 - Infernos

The Infernos Nightclub is a very famous nightclub located in the Clapham district, in south London.An excellent alternative for those wishing to dance to the rhythm of revival music. The club consists of two floors with two rooms, where music is played from the 70s, 80s and 90s respectively, up to the most current songs. Infernos is definitely the best choice for those nostalgic for the most popular past songs in the world, an atmosphere full of fun and excellent cocktails to spend a different evening with friends.

  • near the club on Clapham High Street, there are Clapham Common and Clapham North Underground tube stations. In a few steps on foot you arrive at the club - Get directions
  • Fridays and Saturdays from 22pm to 30am.
  • Fridays £ 7,00 before 22pm, £ 00 after 10,00pm (€ 22, € 00); Saturdays £ 7,86 (€ 11,22).
  • Events and concerts: Discover all the events on the official website
  • Info and advice: no entry to minors under 21; smart casual dress code, no sports or work wear.

10 - Notting Hill Arts Club

Notting Hill Arts Club is located in the Notting Hill district, in the heart of London. It is a night club frequented mainly by young students. His evenings are animated by disco nights but also by live shows every weekend. Not only musical entertainment but also artistic ones. Music of all kinds is offered, from pop to rock, up to dance and the most current disco. Among the most popular nights of the week we find the "Lazy Dog", and the Death Disco created by Alan McGee, the founder of Creation Records.

  • is located in Notting Hill Gate, a very central area of ​​the city with several stations nearby, the closest, Notting Hill Gate Underground, a few minutes walk from the club, further away Beyswater and Holland Park - Get directions
  • open on Friday and Saturday from 19pm to 00am; times may vary according to the evening.
  • depending on the evening the price ranges from £ 3,00 to £ 8,00 (€ 3,37 - € 8,98). It may happen that entry is free.
  • Events and concerts: Among the biggest celebrities who have been to the club are Courtney love and Mick Jones. Discover all the events on the official website
  • Info and advice: smart casual dress code, no elegant dresses and ties. Admission is allowed for people over 18 years old.

Map of the best clubs in London

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