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Who said that to see a postcard sea you have to go to the other side of the world? This may be true in part, but we also want to contradict this statement a little to give value to some hidden European treasures. For example Mallorca! Have you ever considered it? The largest of the balearic islands is a succession of beautiful beaches, inlets and coves with crystal clear sea, white sand and nature all around.

In addition, some locations are equipped with everything you need for a holiday by offering sports and entertainment, while others have just the basic services, while others are even natural to the point of not even having a bar nearby. Given that the Majorcan coast reserves great wonders and corners of paradise, find out which one is right for you by reading our selection of 10 most beautiful beaches in Mallorca!

1 - Cala Agulla, Capdepera

This is a natural northern beach located in the Llevant Natural Park, a protected natural area since 1991. Its privileged position has helped to preserve it from the invasion by hotels and various buildings as happened in the immediate surroundings.
This makes it a pristine beach, with crystal clear waters that each year obtain the Blue Flag and an expanse of white sand on which low rocks alternate.

It is not far from villages that offer various services (supermarkets, restaurants, clubs, shops). However, on the beach there is a bar and a rental of sun beds and umbrellas.

  • Where it is: in the north-east of the island, 5 km from the place of origin, Capdepera, it can be reached by bus 411 to the Av. Cala Agulla stop or by car to the nearby parking lot from which you can continue on foot - Get directions
  • Ideal for: relaxation
  • Type: white sand and rocks

2 - Playa de Formentor, Port de Pollença

It is located in the extreme north of the island, in the Formentor peninsula with its along a clear and sandy coast and a vast Mediterranean pine forest behind that make it a small earthly paradise.

This beach is so long that, due to economic necessity, it was divided into three parts which correspond precisely to the three price ranges: one part is in fact occupied by luxury hotels, the other by various tourist services in the average and the last free with few bars, restaurants and even more affordable hotels.

However, it is the most expensive area of ​​Mallorca and even in the cheaper area the prices are still higher than the island standard.
Nonetheless, it is worth spending at least a day there for its clear and crystalline waters, the fresh pine trees all around and the view of the Sierra mountains that create a truly suggestive panorama.

It is a good compromise for those who want to spend a day in nature but without giving up services and comforts. Finally, for the avoidance of doubt, it is good to know that on many guides and tourist information Playa de Formentor is also called Cala Gentil and Cala Pi de la Posada.

  • Where it is: in the north of the island, 10 km from Port de Pollença, easy and quick to reach but only by car or taxi as, given the winding and uncomfortable road, there are no buses traveling in that direction - Get directions
  • Ideal for: relaxation
  • Type: White sand

3 - St Arenal Beach, El Arenal

It is a 5 km long beach that stretches from the tourist resort of the same name El Arenal to nearby Can Pastilla.

It is found in the south of Mallorca and every year it attracts various types of tourists of all age groups for different reasons.
First the sea is limpid, crystalline and with shallow waters, a feature that makes the beach ideal for children.

Furthermore, the the seafront and the village are well equipped with services, from hotels to hostels, from restaurants to pubs, supermarkets, sports rentals and excursion agencies, without neglecting the long line of night clubs that follow one after the other that every evening offer big parties with long happy hours and music until dawn.
This means that the location is suitable for young people who want to have fun but also for couples, seniors and families who simply want to enjoy the sea, snorkel or go on excursions such as boat trips and diving.

Furthermore, El Arenal is only 14 km from Palma de Mallorca, to which it is well connected by an efficient bus service, which allows you to discover and enjoy the city to the fullest!

  • Where it is: in the south of Mallorca, it can be reached in a few minutes on foot from every point of El Arenal, but also from Palma de Mallorca and Can Pastilla with bus 23 to the appropriate stop in about 30 minutes (the price varies depending on the route ) - Get directions
  • Ideal for: relaxation, sport, nightlife
  • Type: White sand

4 - Cala Manacor, Porto Cristo

It is located on the east coast of the island, belonging to the small but pretty town Porto Cristo.
The cove is not equipped with services, bars, clubs or other, however many excursion boats and yachts arrive every day to enjoy yours crystalline waters and a blue that has nothing to envy to the Caribbean.
This cove of the coast is formed by a series of large flat rocks lying on the sea that allow you to sunbathe but unfortunately without the possibility of placing umbrellas.

Porto Cristo, on the other hand, is well stocked with every service and this helps to make the holiday as complete as possible.
In addition, the whole area is well known and popular especially for Caves of the Dragon, the largest natural cavities in the world which feature extraordinary rock and limestone formations that are 300 million years old, the entrance to which also includes a boat ride on the internal underground pond and an evocative concert of classical music in soft lighting - book your tour online

  • Where it is: located on the east coast, reachable from Porto Cristo on foot in 15 minutes or by bus 412 to the Coves Drac stop (about € 2,00), then continue on foot for another 5 minutes - Get directions
  • Ideal for: relaxation
  • Type: rocks, stones, rocks

5 - Es Trenc, Sa Rapita

It is a real corner of paradise! It is no coincidence that it ranks among the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca with blue sea, white sand and small dunes, the main characteristics of this long strip of land which has been given the nickname "Caribbean of Mallorca".

For this reason we have tried to leave it as natural as possible by forbidding any type of construction, even if some bars, restaurants and rental chairs and umbrellas are still present in order to provide at least a minimum of services to the thousands of tourists who arrive every summer.
Ideal place for families with children given the perfect conditions of the sea, always calm and with shallow and sandy bottoms.

For those who prefer peace and total relaxation without resorting to any of this, there is certainly no shortage of free areas on which to stop quietly.

  • Where it is: almost in the extreme south of the island, Es Trenc can be reached from Sa Rapita by bus 502 or 530 (about € 2,00) to the parking lot adjacent to the beach, then continuing for a few minutes on foot along a steep path - Get directions
  • Ideal for: relaxation
  • Type: White sand

6 - Cala Mondragò, Santanyì

Moving slightly east, always remaining in the south of Mallorca, you will find this unmissable beach, belonging to the Mondragò Natural Park of the same name.
This short stretch of coastline is characterized above all by rock formations with the alternation of some sandy dunes, obviously all bathed by an incredibly clear and blue sea.

It is ideal for both those who want to relax or swim e both for those who want to snorkel or dive.

The cove, although small and very natural, is nonetheless well equipped of every necessary service, however we want to give you some advice: in the middle of summer, move early if you want to find a place given its small size.

  • Where it is: located in the south-east of Mallorca, the nearest town is Santanyì from which it can be reached by car or taxi (about € 20,00) in about 15 minutes following road 6102 with signs for the park to the parking lot. Then walk for a short distance - Get directions
  • Ideal for: relaxation, snorkeling, diving
  • Type: rocks, rocks, white sand

7 - Cala S'Amarador, Santanyì

It is located in the Mondragò Natural Park and belonging to the Santanyì locality, it is close to the previous beach, mostly suitable for those who prefer sand to rocks.
But if this makes no difference to you, then you can also think about spending the morning on one and the afternoon on the other thanks to the short path that connects them, to be covered on foot in a few minutes.

The characteristics can only be clear waters and very clear sand, with the addition of an extraordinary and thick Mediterranean vegetation behind and the availability of sunbeds and umbrellas.
All this, coupled with the fact that it is not easily accessible for everyone, makes it a beautiful and uncrowded beach.

  • Where it is: located in the south-east of Mallorca, the nearest town is Santanyì from which it can be reached by car or taxi (about € 20,00) in about 15 minutes following road 6102 with signs for the park to the parking lot. Pi walk for a short distance - Get directions
  • Ideal for: relaxation
  • Type: White sand

8 - Magaluf Beach, Magaluf

Waters ranging from deep blue to light blue, fine white sand, rocks, islets and a series of bars, hotels, night clubs and various services. Magaluf Beach lacks nothing!

It is located in the south of Mallorca ed it is one of the most popular places on the island as a base for your vacation. After all, how can you blame the thousands of tourists who come every year to find both spectacular sea and comfort and fun?

It has behind the homonymous town, Magaluf, which offers different possibilities that satisfy every kind of budget and need.
They range from hostels to luxury hotels, from pubs to upscale restaurants, dance halls, nightclubs, hiking, boating and water sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing and water skiing.
Finally, to complete the picture, the proximity to Palma de Mallorca, from which it is only 18 km away (about 20 minutes), thus being able to choose to spend a few evenings in the capital.

  • Where it is: located to the south, the beach can be reached in a few minutes on foot from Magaluf or by buses 104, 105, 107 and 811 getting off at the Av. Olivera stop (around € 1,50) - Get directions
  • Ideal for: relaxation, nightlife and water sports
  • Type: White sand

9 - Cala Sa Nau, Cala d'Or

It is a small cove on the east coast formed in a long and narrow cove of the coast.
It is characterized by rocks that surround it entirely, leaving room only for an expanse of transparent water of a very light blue that covers the sandy bottoms, clear and low.
This makes it ideal for both children and snorkelers!

This cove is located in an optimal position between Cala d'Or, locality and area of ​​large resorts, and the town of Portocolm which instead offers solutions for reduced budgets. This therefore allows visitors to choose where to stay and still be able to visit this little corner of paradise.

Furthermore, the cove, although small, it is well equipped and perfectly marked on tourist signs, and nevertheless, due to its small size, it is not very touristy so it always remains calm and silent.

  • Where it is: on the east coast of Mallorca, not reachable by public transport, only by car or taxi in about 15 minutes from Santanyì (about € 25,00) to the car park near the beach - Get directions
  • Ideal for: relaxation and snorkeling
  • Type: rocks

10 - Cala Varques, Manacor

Remaining on the east coast but moving slightly further north than the previous beach, you meet this cove with its bewitching colored scenery.
It is characterized by the presence of rocks that tend to reddish covered with vegetation, in perfect contrast (and at the same time in harmony) with the color of the transparent and crystalline waters.

Among the large cliffs that enclose it, it also stands out a small strip of white sand, which it remains perfectly sheltered from the winds making sure that the sea is always calm.

And finally the beach is not equipped at all, something that certainly does not attract families with children or those with special needs and requirements, making the cove ideal for explorers and nature lovers, or simply for those who want to relax in peace.

  • Where it is: on the east coast, 25 minutes by car or taxi from Manacor (around € 20,00). Only ways to reach the beach as there is no public transport connection - Get directions
  • Ideal for: relaxation
  • Type: white sand and rocks

Haven't booked yet? Plan your trip to Mallorca: flights, hotels and tours

Majorca is a very touristic island, usually from May until the end of September / beginning of October, thanks also to the multiple air connections with the whole of Europe of the Ryanair company. The airport is well stocked with shuttles and taxis that connect it to the whole island. From the point of view of transport there is an efficient bus network that travels across the island, connecting the main towns to the various beaches and tourist attractions. The cost of the ticket varies according to the distance traveled, starting from about € 1,00.

Although Mallorca has a large tourist influx, it still maintains costs in line with the European and Italian standard, for example accommodations start at € 50,00 per night and a full meal costs an average of € 20,00 per person. The range of services is wide including discos, sports equipment rentals, luxury hotels, hostels and restaurants of various categories.

  • starting from € 34,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 50,00 per room -
  • panoramic tour of the island from the south Caves of the Dragon: tour from the south of Mallorca - private wine tour with tasting and picnic Palma de Mallorca, Old Town: tapas and bike tour

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