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Gran Canaria is a little paradise kissed by an endless spring. Its average annual temperatures are between 18 ° and 25 °: in short, a mild and pleasant climate in every month of the year. Enjoying the wonderful beaches of this island is therefore a perpetually achievable dream, combining the pleasure of basking in its warm sun with explorations of its varied landscapes.

In fact, Gran Canaria owes the name of "small continent" to its heterogeneous mix of settings. Among its 1.560 sq km, it contains deserts and lunar landscapes, coasts lashed by the ocean waves and green hills, villages overlooking the sea and, of course, the most popular coasts of the Canary Islands: here are what they are, where to find them and all information to find out the 10 most beautiful beaches in Gran Canaria!

1 - Playa del Inglés, Maspalomas

Perhaps the most famous of the beaches of Gran Canaria, Playa del Inglés boasts nearly 3 kilometers of uninterrupted sand and a seafront perfect for wonderful walks overlooking the ocean. It is located, like many of the most famous coasts, in the south of the island, and is connected with two other neighboring beaches, namely Maspalomas and east from San Agustín.

This pearl is among the most renowned and consequently popular of the island and attracts a significant amount of visitors especially in high season. It is however possible to find one's place on the sand, or to explore the numerous clubs, restaurants and discos that overlook it. It is suitable for everyone: both for families, couples and young people and out of season it is the top for relaxation and peace.

  • Where it is: on the south-east coast of the island, in Maspalomas. It can be easily reached by car or by bus from the Global company (line 1 Las Palmas San Telmo-San Agustin, € 5,60, about 50 minutes) - Get directions
  • Ideal for: sea life between waves, cafes and relaxation; suitable for everyone
  • Type: golden sand

2 - Playa de Maspalomas, Maspalomas

The Playa de Maspalomas is perfect for those looking for dream sceneries and unforgettable views: the golden high Maspalomas dunes are characteristic of this corner of Gran Canaria and the landscape they create is truly unmistakable. Anyone who happens to be on these waves of sand will be amazed by this natural spectacle.

The kilometer-long beach of Maspalomas is divided into several areas, characterized by the type of bathers who live there: there is an area for families, one frequented mainly by the LGBT community and one reserved for nudists.

Maspalomas is part of a natural reserve, the Reserva Natural Dunas de Maspalomas, which includes lagoon areas, palm groves and a rich fauna. Equipped with a unique charm, there are many outdoor activities that are organized here taking advantage of its immense dunes.

  • Where it is: on the south-east coast, it is well connected by public transport from all the main locations in Gran Canaria (from Las Palmas San Telmo to Faro de Maspalomas, bus 30, € 6,15, approximately 1 hour) - Get directions
  • Ideal for: relaxation, sport and contact with nature
  • Type: light golden sand

3 - Playa De Amadores, between Puerto Rico and Puerto de Mogán

It deserves the Blue Flag for its crystal clear waters and its quality: Playa de Amadores is a strip of white sand ideal destination for those seeking tranquility and want to get away from the confusion. Perfect for couples or even for those traveling with children, it is also considered by young people who prefer a bit of peace to the most crowded destinations.

The Lovers Beach, with its 800 meters of sandy bottom, is also served by numerous restaurants and bars, and has all the necessary services to enjoy unforgettable days on the beach.

  • Where it is: in the southwest of Gran Canaria, it can be reached easily from Las Palmas by car with the GC-1 or by bus (Línea 91 direct, from Las Palmas San Telmo to Puerto Rico, € 7,55, about 90 minutes) - Get directions
  • Ideal for: couples, families, those who love tranquility
  • Type: light sand

4 - Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria

Puerto Rico is famous for its warm and calm waters practically all year round. Its climate is in fact considered among the most pleasant in the world and it is not for nothing that many hotels, residences and clubs of all kinds have sprung up in its vicinity.

In short, a small enchanted valley where you can enjoy the waves and the sun on your skin for 365 consecutive days. The beach stretches for about 300 meters and the bay nestled between the hills has a sandy bottom that slopes slowly towards the sea, making it the perfect place even for the little ones.

  • Where it is: The beach is located near the town of the same name, on the south coast. It can be reached both by car and by regular buses (Línea 91 direct, Las Palmas San Telmo - Puerto Rico, € 7,55, about 70 minutes) - Get directions
  • Ideal for: relaxation, family moments
  • Type: White sand

5 - Playa Guigui, La Aldea de San Nicolas

If you are looking for an uncontaminated and wild oasis, and you are not afraid of having to go on long hikes before arriving at your treasure, then Güigüí is the perfect beach for you.

The path to reach Playa de Güigüí starts from Tasartico. After parking your car here, the route includes about 3 hours of walking before you can see the idyllic beaches of Güigüí. The path is bumpy, with many gradients and at times friable, but the hike repays the effort with a wonderful view. There more naked nature It shows itself in all its glory in this sheltered and hardly accessible corner of Gran Canaria. One of those places reserved for those who really want to discover them.

  • Where it is: in the west side of Gran Canaria, and in addition to being able to reach it on foot, there are also taxi boats to reach it, from the Tasartico area (about € 10,00 each way) - Get directions
  • Ideal for: trekking, sport, unspoiled nature
  • Type: volcanic sand

6 - Playa del Confital, Las Palmas

Playa del Confital is the northernmost beach in Gran Canaria and is located on the de peninsula La Isleta, a nature reserve overlooking Las Palmas. It is possible to reach the beach along a narrow and dirt path, to arrive at a secluded coast that enjoys an impervious but at the same time very welcoming air.

There are few services are available here, especially out of season, but the sand mixed with rocky stretches of the Playa del Confital is beloved by the locals who enjoy it at any time, to relax, eat in company overlooking the ocean or dedicate themselves to surfing the waves. As in many other beaches in Gran Canaria, Playa del Confital is also suitable for snorkeling and admire the underwater world of the Canary Islands.

  • Where it is: The beach is located about 6 km north of Las Palmas, on the peninsula of La Isleta. It can be reached by car or by bus (from Las Palmas Rafael Cabrera-Teatro lines 12 + 20 to Coronel Rocha, about 30 minutes) - Get directions
  • Ideal for: tranquility, surfing
  • Type: sand mixed with rock

7 - Playa de Mogán, Puerto de Mogán

At Playa de Mogán the watchword is calm: far from the chaos, sheltered from the wind, flat and transparent sea, this beach is made especially for those who love to enjoy the sea without distractions and without haste, while not giving up on enjoying good food in the many bars along the coast where it is possible to taste typical dishes of the islands.

Puerto de Mogán is a small fishing port really characteristic that instills serenity just looking at it and the beach area is very well equipped, so as to be suitable for all those who want to enjoy its beauty in complete safety.

  • Where it is: south of Gran Canaria, next to Puerto de Mogan. Accessible by car or bus (Las Palmas - Cruce de Mogán, line 91, € 7,75, approx. 120 minutes) - Get directions
  • Ideal for: clubs by the sea, relaxation
  • Type: golden sand

8 - Playa Taurito, between Puerto Rico and Puerto de Mogán

Playa Taurito is a sandy shoreline with volcanic gray shades, located in a small bay between Puerto Rico and Puerto de Mogán, in the south of Gran Canaria.

Its peculiarity is that of being well sheltered by two rock ridges that set and protect it, making it particularly hospitable.

Those who choose it want devote yourself to snorkeling or diving and enjoy undisturbed both the Canarian sun and the opportunities to eat well that can be found in the area. Its crystal clear waters and the privacy that the beach offers complete the package.

  • Where it is: to reach it just follow the signs for Mogán, or rely on the public buses that arrive comfortably in the Taurito area (from Las Palmas San Telmo 1 to Taurito, € 7,75, about 90 minutes) - Get directions
  • Ideal for: sport, relaxation
  • Type: volcanic sand

9 - Playa de San Agustín, Maspalomas

Playa de San Agustín is one splendid expanse of dark sand, quiet both day and evening, but animated by refreshment points, restaurants where you can enjoy excellent fish and small shops where you can indulge in shopping.

Equipped with services, showers and convenient parking, the beach is also well connected with neighboring Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas. Its 650 meters of sand and the generally calm sea make it an ideal destination to bask in the sun between one dive and another, as well as for snorkel and admire the surrounding nature, typically Canarian, between rocky coasts and lush green areas.

  • Where it is: The beach has ample parking if you arrive by car. By bus, Playa Del Inglés is well connected to both Las Palmas and the neighboring beaches (line 30, Las Palmas - Clinica Roca, € 5,60, approximately 1 hour) - Get directions
  • Ideal for: restaurants, relaxation, shopping
  • Type: dark sand

10 - Playa de Las Canteras, Las Palmas

It is the widest beach in Las Palmas and is characterized by a decidedly calm sea, thanks to the presence of the "Barra": it is a natural barrier which acts as a protection and blocks the waves, making Las Canteras enjoy a placid and safe stretch of sea for all bathers.

An area of ​​the beach, the one at the point where the Barra stops, escapes the rule, and is characterized by rough sea ideal for practicing water sports.

Las Canteras is therefore able to satisfy anyone, thanks also to the excellent beach equipment available. There are really many clubs and shops in the area, to combine sea life, nightlife and shopping.

  • Where it is: in Las Palmas, on the west side of the peninsula leading to La Isleta. It is easily accessible by car, or on foot from the center of Las Palmas - Get directions
  • Ideal for: nightlife, sport, shopping
  • Type: golden sand

Haven't booked yet? Plan your trip to Gran Canaria: flights, hotels and tours

Gran Canaria is a place ideal in every season and in every month of the year.

L'Gran Canaria airport (LPA) is located along the east coast of the island, in the bay of Gando, about 18 kilometers south of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. For move on the island it is also possible to use rental cars (starting from € 20,00 per day), taxis or the efficient buses of the Global company. From the airport, lines 60 and 91 lead to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (with approximately € 2,30); 91, 66 and 90 instead connect with tourist resorts in the south such as Maspalomas and Mogán (for around € 6,00 / € 7,00). For taxis, the kilometric rates vary according to the area of ​​the island and the time of day (day or night): a ride from the airport to Las Palmas costs, for example, around € 25,00 / € 30,00.

Le best areas to stay in Gran Canaria are those of the south, where the main beaches are located: Playa del Inglés, Puerto Rico, Maspalomas, Meloneras or Puerto de Mogán. If you want to have all the comforts of a big city instead, it is better to opt for the capital Las Palmas.

  • starting from € 60,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 30,00 per room -
  • Return flight + 7 days / 7 nights from € 400,00 per person -
  • off-road tour and optional camel ride half-day luxury cruise with meal Las Palmas: full-day guided tour with hotel pickup

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