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Fuerteventura is the second largest island in the Canary archipelago. With a constant average annual temperature of 22 ° C, it is the island of eternal spring.

Famous throughout the world for its pleasant climate, crystal clear waters and breathtaking beaches, the island is the ideal destination for sea lovers and for those who want to enjoy healthy relaxation on the beach.

But Fuerteventura is also a naturalistic jewel with beautiful urban beaches, secluded coves, stretches of wild coast perfect for water sports. In any case, nature is always the real protagonist, with landscapes that need no introduction. However, there is no lack of more equipped areas with services to meet the needs of families with children and entertainment for young people. Moreover, it is also a true paradise for surfers, sailors and water sports lovers in general.

If you are planning to go to the discovery of the coast, take a look at this short guide where we will try to give some basic information on 10 most beautiful beaches in Fuerteventura.


  1. Cofete, Jandìa
  2. Corralejo, La Oliva
  3. Playa de Ajui, Pajara
  4. Esmeralda, Jandìa
  5. Sotavento, Costa Calma
  6. Morro Jable, Morro Jable
  7. Esquinzo, La Oliva
  8. Costa Calma, La Lajita
  9. El Castillo, Caleta de Fuste
  10. La Concha, El Cotillo
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1 - Cofete, Jandìa

Cofete is one of the most beautiful and wild beaches of Fuerteventura. It is often compared to the Grand Canyon because the 12-kilometer long beach is framed by the Jandia Zara, one of the most impressive mountains of the Canary archipelago.

It is however about one of the most difficult beaches to reach and, also for this reason, it has a virgin and uncontaminated aspect; in fact it has preserved the wild aspect of the Canaries before the arrival of mass tourism.

Often the Cofete beach is windy or characterized by a wave that discourages less daring swimmers! However, it is worth spending at least a day at the beach here: the landscape, the fine golden sand and the water temperature above 20 ° all year round, are an irresistible attraction for those looking for a suggestive and at the same time paradisiacal beach.

Accessible only by off-road vehicle in a winding and dirt path suitable for more experienced drivers. Keep in mind that, being quite isolated, the nearest emergency services and homes are miles away.

  • Where it is: extreme south of the island. Very difficult to reach: by car you have to take a road with sharp bends and without barriers. From Morro de Jable, twice a day, bus no. 2 (111:10 and 00:14, € 00) - Get directions
  • Ideal for: relaxation, nudism
  • Type: golden sand

2 - Corralejo, La Oliva

Corralejo is one of the tourist and residential locations most popular of Fuerteventura. Located on the far north-east of the island, just in front of the tropical Isla de Lobos, it boasts a series of magnificent beaches, with white sand and turquoise waters, many of which are popular with surfers around the world.

The beach it is part of the natural reserve of the Dunes of Corralejo (Parque Natural Dunas de Corralejo): the dunes that border the beach in fact form a desert landscape. The north part of the beach is the one most suitable for families, fully equipped, supervised by lifeguards and full of clubs and services, while the one closest to the park is used mostly for sports activities.

From Corralejo you can also reach the beautiful island of Los Lobos, which offers a unique cultural and historical heritage (a path runs along the perimeter of the island passing through ancient wash houses, cisterns, ovens and salt pans).

  • Where it is: extreme north-east of the island. Reachable by rental vehicle, taxi (€ 60,00) or bus n. 6 from Puerto del Rosario (1 hour journey € 6,00) - Get directions
  • Ideal for: relaxation, surfing
  • Type: very white and very fine sand

3 - Playa de Ajui, Pajara

Ajui is the most famous black beach on the island of Fuerteventura. A volcanic beauty that has nothing to do with the image of paradisiacal beaches that we have in mind when we think of Fuerteventura.

Ajui beach has a wild beauty. Sprinkled with black sand and lapped by the cobalt-colored waters of the Atlantic Ocean that create a striking contrast, it attracts visitors with its mysterious charm. The sea is generally wavy, but that doesn't mean you can't take a nice swim.

Playa de Ajuy is close to the pretty village of Ajuy and, following a signposted path that runs along the north coast, you can reach the suggestive ones Ajui caves, volcanic caves carved by the ocean in a completely natural way, can be visited on foot with a torch. Legend has it that many of these caves were used by English pirates as children for their treasures and, in fact, some of them are very spacious and can be visited thanks to the stairs and walkways that cross them.

  • Where it is: south-west of the island. Reachable by rental vehicle, taxi (€ 60,00) or bus n. 4 from Puerto del Rosario (almost 4 hours journey € 15,00) - Get directions
  • Ideal for: hiking, surfing, nudism
  • Type: volcanic sand

4 - Esmeralda, Jandìa

Playa Esmeralda is the flagship of the Costa Calma, a tourist resort overlooking the south-west coast of the island and lapped by a particularly benevolent Atlantic Ocean.

The landscape is reminiscent of the Caribbean! A coast characterized by beaches of fine white sand surrounded by palm groves and blue and very calm waters. At low tide you can walk over 2 kilometers of beaches.

The beach is not particularly wide (it is about 400 meters long and about thirty wide) but, on the same stretch of coast, there are several other beaches, so you can always find a quiet corner to settle down. The beach offers many services: beach umbrella rental, nautical equipment rental, parking and children's playground; and at one end of the beach there is one of the most popular chiringuitos on the island.

  • Where it is: south-west of the island. Reachable by rental vehicle, taxi (€ 100,00) or bus n.10 from Puerto del Rosario (1 hour and a half journey € 8,00) - Get directions
  • Ideal for: relaxation, nightlife, water sports
  • Type: very white and fine sand

5 - Sotavento, Costa Calma

Sotavento beach is the paradise for surfers. This incredible white sand beach, almost 9 kilometers long, is among the most famous in the world among fans of this sport. Thanks to the excellent weather and sea conditions, they take place here every year races of various competitions worldwide reserved for windsurfing and kite. For this reason, in every season, the beach is frequented by dozens and dozens of sportsmen, attracted not only by the fame of the beach, but also by the presence of a well-stocked rental center.

The landscape that can be enjoyed in Sotavento is incredible: a desert scenery, with a suggestive mountainous setting behind it and a kilometer-long beach. In periods of low tide, the long stretch of sand of Sotavento becomes so wide that they form natural pools of shallow and crystalline water, with spectacular colors, perfect for relaxing in front of the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Where it is: south-east of the island. Reachable by rental vehicle, taxi (€ 90,00) or bus n.10 from Puerto del Rosario (1 hour and a quarter journey € 8,00) - Get directions
  • Ideal for: surf
  • Type: White sand

6 - Morro Jable, Morro Jable

On the southern coast of the Jandía peninsula, at the mouth of the Barranco de las Damas (Ravine of the Ladies) is Morro Jable, a port city where it is still possible experience the authentic Fuerteventura.

Intense colored waters bathe huge stretches of fine white sand. Morro Jable beach is one urban beach more than 4 kilometers long. The great and famous symbol of this beach is the Morro Jable lighthouse, a huge mass of concrete visible from any point on the beach that divides the beach into two parts. The beach to the east of the lighthouse is used by naturists, the one to the west is used by common bathers and offers numerous services and well-equipped accommodation facilities. Obviously it is a ideal place to take a refreshing bath. But, even here, the wind makes itself felt.

It is very personable too explore the village itself where you can take a walk in the historic center, admire the boats moor and leave at the port and enjoy a fish dinner.

  • Where it is: extreme south of the island. Reachable by rental vehicle, taxi (€ 100,00) or bus n.10 from the Airport (1 hour and 40 minutes journey € 10,00) - Get directions
  • Ideal for: relaxation, nudism
  • Type: White sand

7 - Esquinzo, La Oliva

In the rugged northern part of the island of Fuerteventura, nestled in an inlet among the dark volcanic rocks and a ravine dug over the millennia, is Esquinzo. The landscape around this sandy beach is a continuous succession of geological contrasts: black rocks in stark contrast to the white sand; very high cliffs overlooking the turquoise sea and exceptional waves: the surfer's paradise.

Esquinzo is in a fairly isolated location, near La Oliva, in one of the least known corners of the island and less frequented by tourists; for this reason it has a magical and wild aspect. The nearest urban center is approximately 6 kilometers away, making Esquinzo the ideal place to get away from civilization a bit and to enjoy some tranquility.

The surroundings are crossed by several trails, perfect for trekking enthusiasts.

  • Where it is: north-east of the island. Reachable by rental vehicle, taxi (€ 50,00) or bus n.7 from the airport (1 hour and 40 minutes travel € 6,00) - Get directions
  • Ideal for: surfing, relaxation, excursions
  • Type: white sand and black rocks

8 - Costa Calma, La Lajita

Costa Calma, in La Lajita, is one of the tourist beaches and most visited in Fuerteventura. Famous for its white beaches and its incredible shallow waters, Costa Calma is a real one paradise for those who love wide beaches full of services. Over 2 kilometers of white sand where you can walk and take the little ones to the many areas equipped with games that the beach resorts offer tourists. At low tide, you can walk on more than 2 kilometers of beaches.

Costa Calma is one of the most sought after areas for its landscape full of palm trees and the always smooth water, which make it look like a Caribbean resort. It is an area suitable for families, surrounded by hotels and tourist villages.

  • Where it is: south-east of the island. Reachable by rental vehicle, taxi (€ 90,00) or bus n.10 from the airport (1 hour and 15 minutes travel € 8,00) - Get directions
  • Ideal for: relaxation, families with children
  • Type: White sand

9 - El Castillo, Caleta de Fuste

El Castillo beach, near the so-called Caleta de Fuste, on the east coast of the island, is one quiet and protected beach from the open sea. Traditionally it was used as a holiday destination by the residents of Puerto del Rosario: a very safe beach, with soft golden sand and calm waters at any time of the year, because it lies within a bay. Perfect for relaxing holidays on the Atlantic Ocean!

The name of El Castillo beach comes from the name of one fortress not far away, dating back to the th century, classified as an Asset of Cultural Interest.

Just 10 minutes from Fuerteventura Airport, El Castillo beach has a strong tourist character; it comes in fact mostly frequented by families for its range of services: deckchairs and umbrellas for rent, parking, bus and taxi stops and a promenade lined with hotels and apartments and, finally, also a large shopping center nearby.

  • Where it is: center-east of the island. Reachable by rental vehicle, taxi (€ 18,00) or bus n. 3 from the airport (10 minute journey € 3,00) - Get directions
  • Ideal for: relaxation
  • Type: golden sand

10 - La Concha, El Cotillo

In the north-east of the island, La Concha beach is located, one of the most famous and photographed of Fuerteventura. Known for its tranquility, beauty and quality, La Concha is characterized by a series of family coves of white sand and calm turquoise waters.

Unlike most of Fuerteventura's often windy beaches, La Concha beach always offers a faint wave motion thanks to its natural horseshoe-shaped cliff. On days when the wind picks up, the corralitos, small circular walls of volcanic stone built by the residents, can serve as a refuge. And at low tide, the little ones can play safely in the pools that form among the surrounding rocks.

Close to the town of El Castillo, it offers the opportunity to enjoy a terrace overlooking the sea and a majestic twilight. It has parking very close to the beach and emergency services, as well as apartments and a restaurant with a terrace nearby. Given its natural features and good services, it is the ideal destination for families with children.

  • Where it is: north-east of the island. Reachable by rental vehicle, taxi (€ 70,00) or bus n. 7 from Puerto del Rosario (1 hour journey € 5,00) - Get directions
  • Ideal for: relaxation, families with children
  • Type: White sand

Haven't booked yet? Plan your trip to Fuerteventura: flights, hotels and tours

In Fuerteventura the tourism is developed for several years; for this the island is well organized, quiet and without particular dangers.

After about 4 hours of flight, you land at Puerto del Rosario airport, very close to the city center, reachable by taxi (€ 15,00) or bus n.3 (€ 3,00).

There is a line of urban and extra-urban buses; however, to discover the most beautiful (and hidden) areas of the island, we suggest you to rent a car. There are the most well-known rental companies, but also smaller, local and cheaper companies (Cicar, Payless). Car rental is also advantageous from an economic point of view: it starts from € 25,00 per day and petrol costs much less than in Italy.

For theaccommodation all depends on your needs. In Corralejo, Caleta de Fuste, Costa Calma and Morro Jable there are hotels, resorts and all the necessary services; in the rest of the island there are more apartments and small simple hotels. Meals at the restaurant, depending on the level of the restaurant, cost from € 10,00 to € 25,00 per person.

Absolutely to do an excursion: Lanzarote (45 minutes by ferry) andIsla de Lobos, islet off the coast of Corralejo (15 minutes of navigation for € 15,00 return).

  • starting from € 174,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 89,00 per room -
  • Return flight + 7 days / 6 nights from € 420,00 per person -
  • Oasis Park and experience snorkeling safari and dolphin watching volcano trekking and wine tasting
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