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Formentera is a very popular destination for tourists from all over the world, who choose it every year to spend their holidays. Located off the east coast of Spain, the Pearl of the Balearics is immersed in unspoiled nature, between white Caribbean beaches, crystal clear sea and golden coves. Its variety of beaches makes it perfect both for those looking for a little relaxation under an umbrella, and for those who want to practice water sports such as swimming and snorkeling. Without a doubt, Formentera will be able to satisfy your every need.
Below is a small trip between the ten most beautiful beaches on the island, which will make you fall in love with Formentera at first sight.

1 - Ses Illetes Beach, Ses Salines Park

Nicknamed "the beach of VIPs", Ses Illetes hosts famous local personalities such as Flavio Briatore, Belén Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino and international stars of the caliber of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt every year.
The dream sea and its location - is located in a protected natural park declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO - make this beach one of the most popular and equipped, with beaches and chiringuitos ideal for enjoying a good aperitif.
Ses Illetes is located in the north of the island: on clear days, from this beach it is possible to admire the islands of S'Espalmador and Ibiza on the horizon. Ses Illetes is the perfect destination for those who choose a sophisticated tourism and for those who love fine white sand - with the hope, perhaps, of meeting some famous people.

  • Where it is: Ses Illetes locality, on the northern tip of the island. It is part of the Ses Salines Natural Park.
  • taking the road PM V 820 2 and, after about 1 kilometer, enter the Ses Salines Natural Park by paying a toll (€ 3,00 if accessed by motorbike or € 5,00 if accessed by car). Admission to quads is forbidden while that of bicycles is free. The nearby car parks are very expensive and limited, so if you don't have a two-wheeled vehicle, we recommend you take the bus: the L3 (Tourist Bus) line stops a few hundred meters from the beach. Get directions
  • Ideal for: Vip watching, aperitif at sunset, views of Ibiza and S'Espalmador
  • Type: White sand

2 - Cala Saona beach

Near Sant Francesc Xavier there is the small Cala Saona, one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Its splendid, transparent and shallow sea is ideal for both families with children, Both for the snorkelers, which moreover here should not fear the wind, "stopped" by the cliffs that shelter the small bay.
This small oasis is located near a wooded area, perfect for walking, immersing yourself in nature and admiring the landscape of the hills of nearby Ibiza and the coasts of the islands of Es Vedra 'and Es Vedranell.

  • Where it is: Sant Francesc Xavier locality, west of the island
  • from Sant Francesc follow the signs for Cala Saona, driving along the main road PMV-3-820 for about 1 kilometers towards Cap de Barbaria. There is a large car park near the beach. Bus service is also available during the summer season: the L5 line connects Sant Francesc to Cala Saona. Get directions
  • Ideal for: Families, snorkelling, nature walks
  • Type: Shallow water, sheltered from the wind

3 - Llevant beach

Considered the sister beach of Ses Illetes, both for geographical position and for conformation, the beach of Llevant is located in the north of the island of Formentera. Here too it is far from rare to "spot" celebrities, especially near the Tanga chiringuito, where Luca Laurenti and Christian Vieri are at home.
In this area the sand is fine and white and the sea is deep blue. Llevant beach it is very popular with nudists: here, except near the refreshment points, it is possible to undress and sunbathe naked without embarrassment.

  • Where it is: Llevant locality, north of the island. It is part of the protected area of ​​the Natural Park of Ses Salines.
  • , to access Llevant beach by car or scooter, a toll must be paid, while access to quads is prohibited. If you are staying in the Es Pujols area, you can get there by bike: in just 15 minutes you will be on the beach without paying any tolls. Alternatively, you can reach the beach by bus: the tourist line L3 stops a few hundred meters from the beach. Get directions
  • Ideal for: Vip watching, naturism, aperitif at sunset
  • Type: Very fine sand

4 - Es Pujols beach

One of the most popular places on the island is certainly that of Es Pujols, which we can consider to all intents and purposes the beating heart of Formentera and a favorite destination for tourists looking for a vacation rental apartment. Unlike the more "wild" beaches, where uncontaminated nature reigns, that of Es Pujols is fully equipped: here you can find bars and chiringuitos where you can enjoy an aperitif at sunset or dance until dawn.
Es Pujols beach extends along the entire north-east coast of Formentera: it starts from the Punta Prima promontory, where the beach is rocky, and ends near the city center, where the sand is fine and white.

  • Where it is: Es Pujols, in the northern part of the island
  • is the most popular resort on the island: if you are lucky enough to stay in the area, you can reach it on foot. If you are staying elsewhere and have hired a car or a scooter, you can park near the center. Alternatively, the L1 bus line stops right near the beach. Get directions
  • Ideal for: aperitif at sunset, beach parties, nightlife
  • Type: Fine white sand, close to the city center

5 - Caló d'es Mort, in Torrent des Arbocer

This cove is not very easy to reach, given that it is hidden in the middle of nature and, to get there, you have to leave the main road behind and take a piece of path on the dirt road. But, once reached, its beauty pays off the "effort":
Caló d'es Mort is in fact one of the most particular beaches of the whole island, thanks above all to its characteristic inlet. Nudists appreciate the privacy that this corner of Formentera grants, while snorkelers are attracted by the transparent water and the shape of the inlet.
Despite being a real gem, Caló d'es Mort it is not a mass tourism destination, thanks to the limited space and the uncomfortable position if you are not equipped with a two-wheeled vehicle.

  • Where it is: Torrent des Arbocer locality, south-east of the island
  • take the road towards La Mola, pass the town of Es Caló and turn off towards Mar Y Land. You can leave your car and scooter in the parking lot near the beach. Then, it is necessary to continue on foot taking the path that runs along the seashore and pass the Bartolo chiringuito. After a few meters you will be immersed in the small beach. If you prefer to reach the beach by bus, take the L2 line and get off at the Mar Y Land stop. From here on, however, you will have to continue on foot. Get directions
  • Ideal for: Relaxation, naturism, snorkeling
  • Type: Golden sand lined with cliffs

6 - Migjorn beach

Turquoise sea and excellent facilities: Migjorn beach, one of the largest and most spacious of all Formentera, you will not really miss anything. In particular, the more secluded area of ​​Mal Pas is one of the best known for practicing naturism.
The uncontaminated vegetation frames the coast, making the landscape even more suggestive. When the beach is not crowded, you can enjoy the company of small lizards and geckos typical of the island.
Although more difficult, given the large size of the beach, it is possible to spot some local VIPs. It seems that the swimmer Federica Pellegrini and the former Golden Ball Roberto Baggio often return here to spend a few relaxing days.

  • Where it is: Migjorn locality, in the center of the southern coast
  • it is easily reachable by any private vehicle, thanks also to the car parks that are located in the surrounding area. Just follow the signs towards the city center of the homonymous town. Get directions
  • Ideal for: Relaxation, nature walks, naturism
  • Type: Golden sand

7 - Cala Savina and Cavall d'en Borràs, La Savina

Located to the west of the Riserva delle Saline, a naturalistic area much visited in the periods of salt crystallization (especially from the last week of August to the first of September), the area of ​​La Savina includes two small beaches surrounded by cliffs: Cala Savina and Cavall d'en Borràs. Being surrounded by unspoiled nature all around, you can treat yourself to one walk in the shade of the pines. Both are quite small, but ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

  • Where are: La Savina locality, north of the island
  • follow the road that leads to the center of La Savina and leave your two or four-wheeled vehicle in the free car park near the beach. It is also possible to take bus line L2 towards La Savina and get off at that stop. A few steps from the center you will find the beach. Get directions
  • Ideal for: swimming and snorkeling, walks in the middle of nature
  • Type: Golden sand lined with cliffs

8 - Es Calò coves

Located in the eastern part of Formentera, the beaches of Ses Platgetes and Es Calò de Sant Agustí are real corners of paradise, enclosed by a rocky landscape, with typical Mediterranean vegetation.
Even in the high season, when tourists literally storm Formentera, this area of ​​the island remains very quiet. In short, ideal for those who want to get away from crowded beaches, do sports such as swimming and snorkeling and practice naturism.

  • Where it is: Es Calò locality, east of the island
  • they are part of the Es Calò beach and can be reached by any private vehicle. No problem for parking: just leave the vehicle in one of the parking lots in the city center, paying the required rate based on the area.
    The bus option is also convenient: the L2 line stops right in Es Calò and from here you can continue on foot. Get directions
  • Ideal for: relaxation, swimming and snorkeling, naturism
  • Type: Rocky beach

9 - Es Arenals beach, La Mola

Es Arenals is the busiest beach in the whole south area of the island of Formentera and can be reached starting from Es Calò and proceeding south, towards the promontory of La Mola. In addition to the beautiful landscape, it is highly appreciated by tourists being one of the areas most provided with services, hotels and night clubs.
If you find yourself in these parts, it is worth a bit of a walk to visit the lighthouse of Es Cap de La Mola, which stands on a 120 meter high cliff. Here you can admire all of Formentera from above in full harmony with nature. One thing that distinguishes the lighthouse is the commemorative plaque of Jules Verne: it was here that the French writer set his novel "The Adventures of Hector Servadac".

  • Where it is: Location La Mola, south of the island
  • follow signs for La Mola. Near the town, the beach and the route to follow are indicated. Get directions
  • Ideal for: nightlife, visit to the lighthouse of Es Cap de La Mola, panoramic view
  • Type: Golden beach, sometimes rocky

10 - Ca na Costa and Sa Roqueta, Es Pujols

Il megalithic sepulcher makes the area between Ca na Costa and Sa Roqueta a place of historical and archaeological interest, as well as purely "tourist". The site dates back to the Bronze Age and testifies to the presence of man on the island as early as 2040 BC The two beaches are enclosed in a small and characteristic cove: a very intimate area, suitable for those who love a more "wild" context, away from the most crowded seaside resorts.
Reaching this location is anything but complicated: it is just a few minutes from the Es Pujols area, where, we remind you, the most beautiful and popular hotels in Formentera are located.

  • Where are: Es Pujols area
  • the two coves are part of Es Pujols, the most popular resort on the island. If you are lucky enough to be staying in the area, you can reach them on foot. If you are staying elsewhere and have hired a car or a scooter, you can park near the center or reach the area via the L1 bus line. Get directions
  • Ideal for: lovers of archeology, tranquility, relaxation
  • Type: Mixed beach with rocky areas

Plan your trip to Formentera: flights, hotels and tours

Formentera is the ideal location to spend a relaxing holiday without giving up the nightlife.
As there is no internal airport, to reach it you will have to land in Ibiza and then take one of the ferries that run every day between Ibiza and Formentera.

Chapter accommodation: most tourists choose one accommodation in Es Pujols. It is a "strategic" location, as it is located near some of the most beautiful beaches and offers the best services and the most choice in terms of accommodation. Here, in fact, luxury hotels, cheaper hotels and apartments for rent abound. In short, there is something for all tastes and for all budgets. Sifting through the web you can find excellent offers.

As for the choice of the means by which to move, the choice is almost obligatory: renting a moped is certainly the most comfortable (and economical) solution for getting around the island easily. Alternatively, you can rent a car or rely on public transport - buses - which increase the number of trips in the summer season.

  • Flights to Ibiza from € 40,00 -
  • Es Pujols, Los Arcos Formentera apartments
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