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When it comes to the beaches of Campania, the mind automatically flies to Capri, Ischia, Procida, the Cilento coast and all the beauties of the Amalfi Coast awarded every year with the FEE blue flags and the coveted sails of Legambiente, certainly the most famous but certainly not the only ones. Campania, in addition to being famous for its culinary specialties, is a territory inextricably linked to its sea, and has several hidden beauties and not, to offer to the tourist or the occasional visitor. Here the 10 most beautiful beaches in Campania from which to draw inspiration for the next holidays.

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1 - Beach of Bagnoli, Bagnoli

The Arenile di Bagnoli is one double life beach: in the morning it is a place suitable for families, which can relax while the children play in the pool while, towards the afternoon-evening, it becomes the place of meeting place of young Neapolitans, and for those who love the good life, parties on the beach, cocktails and aperitifs, with background lounge music. Not infrequently, Arenile di Bagnoli is used as a stage for important social events, or performances and concerts of important personalities, as in the case of dj of international fame.

  • Where it is: the Arenile di Bagnoli is located near Fuorigrotta, and it is possible to get there by car after taking the "Fuorigrotta" bypass exit, follow via Coroglio, the Arenile will be clearly visible; or by train, getting off at the "Napoi Campi Flegrei" stop - Get directions
  • Ideal for: relaxation and nightlife
  • Type: volcanic sand, jetty, synthetic grass
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2 - Capo Palinuro, Palinuro

Everyone has heard of Palinuro and its beaches at least once and Capo Palinuro is practically its emblem. Made up of limestone rocks overlooking the sea, it is characterized by a series of beaches and caves, born from the action of the waters. We cannot fail to mention the Cala Fetente, which owes its name to the sulphurous emanations, the Cala delle Ossa, where there are human bones calcined in the rock, probably belonging to victims of shipwrecks, and the Blue Grotto, which owes its name to the color of the water.

  • Where it is: it goes into the Tyrrhenian Sea, between the Gulf of Velia and that of Policastro, in the territory of Cilento, in the Province of Salerno. It can be reached by car in 7 minutes from the center of Palinuro - Get directions
  • Ideal for: relaxation, sport
  • Type: limestone rocks
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3 - Bay of Marina Piccola, Capri

Arrived on the square of Marina Piccola you will find a ladder, which leads to the beach and the Scoglio delle Sirene, ancient home of the mythological beings who enchanted Ulysses, and the church of Sant'Andrea, built in 1900. These rocks divide the bay of Marina Piccola into two beaches: Marina di Mulo and Marina di Pennauro, both used by the Romans as a port, which enjoy a splendid view of the famous Faraglioni of Capri. Protected behind a rocky wall, the beaches are always hot and poorly ventilated: for this reason, the inhabitants of Capri use to sunbathe and bathe in them all year round.

It is particularly recommended to visit the beaches of Capri via a comfortable boat ride, thanks to which you can also admire the beautiful Blue Grotto (prices starting from € 18,00 per person).

  • Where it is: southern side of the island. Once you arrive in Capri you can reach the beach by bus, which station right in the open space of Marina Piccola - Get directions
  • Ideal for: relaxation, nature walks, historical visit to the nearby church of Sant'Andrea
  • Type: stones and rocks
  • Where to sleep nearby: Hotel and b & b starting from € 135,00 per room -

4 - Fjord of Furore, Salerno

The Fiordo di Furore, with its beach, since 1997 it is part of the Unesco Heritage of the Amalfi Coast. The beach of the Fiordo di Furore is very small, measuring approximately 25 meters, and is almost always crowded, given the particular charm of the area, where the sun peeps only from the early afternoon onwards, the water is crystal clear and the panorama resembles that of the Nordic countries. To access the beach, take the steps along the rocky wall, which from the bridge over the fjord, located on the Amalfi state road, leads to the beautiful beach 25 meters below. The Fjord it is the place where every year the diving championships from thirty meters are held.

  • Where it is: Amalfi Coast, in the province of Salerno. The Fiordo can be reached from Salerno or Naples by taking the bus line to Amalfi. Once you arrive at the terminus, take the bus to Positano / Sorrento, the stop is near the bridge over the Fiord, on the Amalfi state road. It is not possible to reach the area by car due to the lack of parking - Get directions
  • Ideal for: relaxation, sport
  • Type: rocks
  • Where to sleep nearby: Hotel and b & b starting from € 50,00 per room -

5 - Punta Licosa, Castellabate

The coast of Punta Licosa, several times blue flag, is a marine reserve, home of specimens of Caretta Caretta turtle, which lay eggs there. The coast is made up of many small beaches, which can be considered gods real unspoiled paradises, where peace reigns, given the absence of people. Reaching the coast is not easy, you have to walk a long path, certainly not accessible to everyone but it is worth it. Here nature and crystal clear water reign supreme, and it is possible to snorkel but, be careful to bring protective shoes with you.

  • Where it is: Punta Licosa is a small town located in the north-central part of Cilento, precisely south of Castellabate. From Naples it can be reached by car along the Napoli-Bari A17 motorway in about 2 hours - Get directions
  • Ideal for: relaxation, sport
  • Type: pebbles, rocks
  • Where to sleep nearby: Hotel and b & b starting from € 80,00 per room -

6 - Baths of Queen Giovanna, Capo Sorrento

The Bagni della Regina Giovanna are one of the most fascinating places on the Campania coast. Natural swimming pool, enclosed between a rocky beach and the limestone cliffs of Sorrento, from here it is possible to admire the Gulf of Naples and / or reach the nearby archaeological site. Divided into two different areas, the bathrooms allow you to choose between sunbathing on rocky terraces, or accessing beaches equipped with all comforts. The area owes its name to Queen Giovanna d'Angiò, who is said to have preferred it as a meeting place for her young lovers.

  • Where it is: the baths of Regina Giovanna are located on the tip of Capo Sorrento, and are very easy to reach both by car, along the A1 exit Sorrento, and then follow the tourist signs (the area is served by several paid parking lots) than with buses, which depart from the square of the Vesuviana in Sorrento. Once you arrive at Punta del Capo di Sorrento, Bagni della Regina can be reached through a short descent on foot, following the signs for "Roman Ruins" - Get directions
  • Ideal for: relaxation, sport
  • Type: white sand, rocks
  • Where to sleep nearby: Hotel and b & b starting from € 115,00 per room -

7 - La Gaiola, Posillipo

La Gaiola in Posillipo is a protected marine area of ​​about 42 hectares, extending from the Borgo di Marechiaro and reaching the Bay of Trentaremi. Entrance to the park is free but supervised, and only 100 people are allowed to enter at a time, upon presentation of an identification document. Cradle of biological and archaeological treasures, in the waters of the area live protected species of flora and fauna, and there are several historical artifacts, it is located at the foot of the Posillipo hill, and is one of the most famous and suggestive places in Naples. La Gaiola is the perfect place to snorkel, practice some water sports and, of course, relax in the shadow of Vesuvius.

  • Where it is: at the end of the Gaiola descent of the same name, near Posillipo. By car in about 40 minutes, by bus take the bus line 140 from Mergellina and get off at the Discesa Coroglio stop and then continue on foot for the Gaiola descent taking via Tito Lucrezio Caro. Alternatively, you can take the underground line 2 and then get off at the Mergellina stop and from there take bus 140 or at the Campi Flegrei stop and take the C1 - Get directions
  • Ideal for: relaxation, sport, guided tours
  • Type: volcanic sand, rocks, pebbles
  • Where to sleep nearby: Hotel and b & b starting from € 70,00 per room -

8 - Baia del Buon Dormire, Cilento

Awarded with five sails by Legambiente and Touring Club, and named a UNESCO heritage site, the Cilento coast is perhaps among the most evocative of all Campania, given the presence of breathtaking beaches and crystalline sea, with different colors.

The Baia del Buon Dormire is one of these treasures, and it is characterized by rocks overlooking the sea, and from the famous rabbit-shaped rock, which stands out in the emerald waters. In the area it is possible to snorkel and some excursions to the nearby blue cave, the cave of blood and the sulfur cave.

  • Where it is: the Baia del Buon Dormire is located in Palinuro, and can only be reached by boat, starting from the port of Palinuro, with continuous service from 9.00 to 18.00. It is highly recommended to book and inquire about any changes in timetables due to weather conditions. Given the total absence of services in the Baia del Buon Dormire, customers are allowed to board umbrellas and other commonly used tools on the beach - Get directions
  • Ideal for: relaxation, sport, excursions
  • Type: pebbles
  • Where to sleep nearby: Hotel and b & b starting from € 40,00 per room -

9 - Cala Bianca, Marina di Camerota

Among the beaches of Marina di Camerota, a destination awarded with the green flag, in the province of Salerno, Cala Bianca is one of the smallest and most pristine. Named "queen beach of summer" in 2013, Cala Bianca is an oasis of white beach hidden between two spurs of rock covered with vegetation. The waters in this area are light blue, but they can also reach other different shades, much closer to dark blue. Bathing in Cala Bianca is a unique experience: in some parts of the sea the water is warmer, due to some springs of fresh water, and indeed warm.

  • Where it is: Cala Bianca is an inlet located near the Pozzallo beach, in Marina di Camerota. To reach it on foot you have to follow a pleasant and suggestive itinerary that we recommend, which starts from the Marina di Camerota cemetery for about 3km - Get directions
  • Ideal for: trekking, snorkeling, relaxation
  • Type: White sand
  • Where to sleep nearby: Hotel and b & b starting from € 80,00 per room -

10 - Bay of Sorgeto, Ischia

The bay of Sorgeto is a small inlet set between rocks overlooking the sea, famous for two reasons: its rare scenic beauty, and to be a natural and free thermal park, accessible all year round. Given the intense underground volcanic activity, there is a high percentage of thermal water in the waters of the area. The bay it is sheltered from the winds so you can enjoy the bathroom in peace and, the natural pools have water at different temperatures: in the outer ones, the water goes from being cool to being warm-warm while, in the pools closest to the ground it is decidedly hot.

  • Where it is: La Baia is located in the west of Ischia, in the locality of Sorgeto di Panza, part of the Municipality of Forio. It is possible to reach it by bus, going up to the stop at the Il Ritrovo di Panza restaurant, which is followed by a walk towards Punta Chiarito, where you have to go down 234 steps to get to the sea. By car, the directions to follow are the same except that, near the steps, you will find a paid parking. By sea, the solution we recommend as it is faster and easier, paying the price of € 3,00 for the taxi boat - Get directions
  • Ideal for: relaxation
  • Type: pebbles, rocks
  • Where to sleep nearby: Hotel and b & b starting from € 60,00 per room -

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Campania is one region rich in coasts, islands, bays, inlets and beaches of various kinds: and it is almost impossible to list them all. The seaside places that deserve a mention are really many and, choosing only ten was a real undertaking, weighted on the basis of characteristics such as beauty of the landscape and the crystal clear sea. To be able to visit all the wonderful places that characterize the coasts of Campania it is important to be on the spot, considered among the most beautiful and characteristic of the whole territory.

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