The 10 most popular and beautiful beaches of Ostuni

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Among the many seaside resorts on the Italian territory, Ostuni turns out to be one of the most popular ever. This place is appreciated for the many entertainment it can offer, but above all for the quality of its beaches. In fact, in Ostuni or in the nearby surroundings, there are some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. This is a fact and should not be regarded as an exaggeration.
As proof of this then, here is a complete list of the 10 most beautiful beaches around Ostuni. After looking at this list, it will be really hard to choose which one is best!

1 - Cala Quarto di Monte

Cala Quarto di Monte is a small beach near Ostuni that is often little considered by tourists. Anyway, this beach turns out to be a real corner of paradise. In the general chaos that normally occurs in the locality, Quarto di Monte it is the ideal place to relax and take a break from everyday stress. The peculiarities of the beach are the clean and soft sand, extremely pleasant to the touch.

  • Villanova locality. It can be easily reached by car or by bus Rosa Marina stop - Get directions
  • Ideal for: couples, kids
  • Type: clean and soft sand

2 - Torre Pozzelle

The Torre Pozzelle beach is really different from all the others in the Ostuni area. In fact, this beach has many small rocks set between them that intertwine with patches of soft, golden sand. The result is a true visual splendor. To this is added the sea that bathes the coast, blue and crystalline. Finally, on the beach there are also several natural wells that are formed thanks to rainwater.

  • Torre Pozzelle locality. By car it is a short ride from Ostuni center, about 10 minutes - Get directions
  • Ideal for: guys, snorkelers
  • Type: rocky beach

3 - Torre Guaceto

What could be better than a beach that is pure and unspoiled? This is what Torre Guaceto represents, a wonderful visual spectacle. Located between the nearby municipalities of Carovigno and Brindisi, this beach it is characterized by a rocky part insidious but which gives the sea an exceptional quality. Plus, the rocky path is a real adventure. At the same time, there is also a small sandy beach for families and couples who want to relax.

  • Torre Guaceto is located in a southerly direction with respect to Ostuni center, between the municipalities of Carovigno and Brindisi. The town can only be reached by car in about 25 minutes - Get directions
  • Ideal for: children, groups, couples
  • Type: rocks but also golden and soft sand

4 - Rosa Marina

A classic in the vicinity of Ostuni. In fact, Rosa Marina has always been considered a crowded and sought after tourist destination by hundreds of tourists. Those who love nightlife will certainly find themselves at ease as, thanks also to the proximity of a well-known tourist village, there is no shortage of activities to do in Rosa Marina!

  • Rosa Marina is located just 10 km from Ostuni center. Very easy to reach the location by car or public transport - Get directions
  • Ideal for: guys looking for nightlife and fun
  • Type: Golden beach

5 - Torre Santa Sabina

Torre Santa Sabina is a place with a magical atmosphere. In addition to the marine environment, with crystal clear water that bathes the magnificent sandy coast, in the place there is also an elegant pine forest. The latter is an ideal addition for anyone looking for shade on hot days and wanting to take a break from everything else. Torre Santa Sabina also takes its name from a high tower that almost seems to watch over the surrounding beach.

  • Torre Santa Sabina is located south of the town of Ostuni. Difficult to get there on foot or by public transport, while by car the journey time is about 20 minutes - Get directions
  • Ideal for: boys, couples
  • Type: golden beach with very soft sand

6 - Gorgognolo

Gorgognolo is one of the beaches of Ostuni recommended for those who love water sports. In particular, in Gorgognolo it is possible to go on snorkeling tours and excursions admiring the wonderful marine fauna that lives in the crystal clear waters of the town. In addition to this, it is possible to delight in the scents of the Mediterranean scrub present on the coast.

  • it is about 9 km away from Ostuni center, reachable by car or bus - Get directions
  • Ideal for: kids, snorkelers and water sports enthusiasts
  • Type: indented with rocky coasts

7 - Pylon

Pilone beach is one of the best known by the local inhabitants of the Ostuni area. The real symbol of this place is the imposing Aragonese Tower, an architectural structure that embellishes the general appearance of the locality. On the beach there are also several dunes that create very beautiful visual spectacles to observe. Definitely, the golden beach of Pilone is perfect for families, since it is very large and allows children to move freely.

  • Pilone is located slightly north of the position of Ostuni. However, it is one of the easiest beaches to reach thanks to the connection network between Ostuni and the seaside town of the same name - Get directions
  • Ideal for: families
  • Type: wide and golden beach, with very soft sand

8 - Lido Morelli

Lido Morelli is one of the most famous locations in Ostuni. There are many families who head to Lido Morelli to spend their holiday surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub. The characteristic of the beach lies in the fact that the water that bathes the coast is completely transparent and it's not very deep. On sunny days, it is even possible to mirror yourself in the water of Lido Morelli!

  • distance from Ostuni about 12 km. Accessible by car - Get directions
  • Ideal for: families
  • Type: crystal clear water bathing soft golden sand

9 - Costa Merlata

Costa Merlata is an incredibly beautiful beach to see and experience. The water in this area remains very shallow for several meters. Therefore, it will be possible to play in the water for both adults and children, having fun practicing different activities. As if that weren't enough, this is one of the few beaches in the Ostuni area to be Dog-Friendly it will also be possible to bring your animal friends to the beach.

  • it is located about 9 km from the center of Ostuni. Accessible by car - Get directions
  • Ideal for: families with children and animal lovers
  • Type: extensive beach with soft sand and very shallow water

10 - Creta Rossa

Creta Rossa beach is an oasis of peace and tranquility. This locality is recommended for couples who want to find relaxation on your vacation, relaxing and bathing in exceptionally blue water. This beach is also called "Spiaggia degli Scalini" due to some natural rocky steps that facilitate the descent into the water. It will seem to be one natural swimming pool surrounded by marine flora.

  • Where it is: Bay of Camerini area. Distance from Ostuni center 10 km, accessible by car or public transport - Get directions
  • Ideal for: couple
  • Type: natural rocks and steps

Plan your stay in Ostuni: flights, hotels and tours

Ostuni is an area where tourism is extremely developed. Especially during the summer season it is possible to attend various events organized by the region and by the various organizations present in the area. Furthermore, in Ostuni it is also possible to participate in different fun activities both for married couples and for the whole family. In particular, there are tours that offer adventurous and sporting practices such as diving into the seabed in search of the beauty of the fauna. Ultimately, spending a holiday in Ostuni can be one ideal choice practically for anyone!

  • flights to Brindisi (43 km) starting from € 22,00 -
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 45,00 per room -

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