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If you wish to spend one romantic vacation with your partner, you are spoiled for choice: Italy offers numerous possibilities to spend pleasant moments as a couple in very different landscapes. We have thought of a practical guide for you with the 10 most romantic places in Italy, and there is something for all tastes between cities of art, sea, hills, mountains ... the choice is yours!

10 - Amalfi Coast

  • Where is it: Near Salerno (Campania)
  • Ideal period for a visit: Spring, Summer

The tour of the Amalfi coast offers the opportunity to see awide variety of Italian villages in one go: those who visit this splendid area of ​​Campania cannot fail to be struck by how these differences in styles and these beauties blend well together.

With in the background mountains and vineyards, the Amalfi coast is a perfect area to be next to the person you love, perhaps taking a nice ride on the water by boat or boat.

9 - Val di Susa

  • Where it is: Piedmont
  • Ideal period for a visit: Spring, Summer

For those who love mountain beauties and historical artifacts, Val di Susa is a truly breathtaking place: with many strong (we mention the Fort of Exilles) is castles (Chianocco Castle), the winding streets hide many small towns where it is still possible to enjoy the good life of the past.

8 - San Lorenzo di Sebato

  • Where is it: Near Bolzano (Trentino Alto Adige)
  • Ideal period for a visit: Winter

What's more romantic than spending the night in one mountain chalet surrounded by snow, with very low outside temperatures while inside there is a fireplace? Living these emotions is possible a St. Lorenzen, On The Dolomites: several chalets that give an opportunity of this type, such as the luxury one Mountain Lodge, also equipped with sauna and cellar.

7 - Rome

  • Where it is: Lazio
  • Ideal period for a visit: all year round

Rome, Lungotevere, Frascati: the capital is an extremely romantic city, full of lights, churches, historic and military buildings. And that's not all: theancient Roman forum and Vatican City seen at night are even more impressive. If you want to enjoy a beautiful view of the city you can go to one of the seven hills, or to Frascati, a few km away.

6 - Umbrian Hills

  • Where it is: Umbria
  • Ideal period for a visit: Spring

The Umbria region is an ideal place for couples: quite small, it is full of small towns and villages. There are no big cities and greenery and hills predominate: in fact what attracts Umbria is the beauty of nature. Do not miss a ride to Assisi to live a spiritual moment of great intensity; from there you recommend a visit to Orvieto, Narni, Gubbio.

5 - Borghetto, Valeggio sul Mincio

  • Where is it: Near Verona (Veneto)
  • Ideal period for a visit: Spring

Among what we consider to be the most romantic places on our Peninsula is also included Borghetto, fraction of Valeggio sul Mincio, in the province of Verona: part of "The most beautiful villages in Italy", Borghetto is famous for its ancient village that rises in the valley of the river Mincio, dominated by remains of an ancient Scaligero castle. In Borghetto it is possible to admire mills and eat there tigella, typical of these places.

4 - Bari

  • Where it is: Puglia
  • Ideal period for a visit: all year round

Bari is a city often overlooked, but in reality it hides great beauties: mostly a university and port city, it boasts great architectural works, beautiful churches it's a romantic waterfront, as well as a really interesting historic center dominated by an ancient castle. A short distance away we invite you to visit Polignano a Mare (35 km), a magical place that even inspired the singer-songwriter Domenico Modugno for his famous song "Volare".

3 - Verona

  • Where it is: Veneto
  • Ideal period for a visit: Spring

We are approaching the very first positions, and obviously in our ranking of the 10 most romantic places in Italy, Verona, the city famous for being thesetting of the well-known love tragedy between Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare.
The city is still the destination of millions of tourists a year, eager to retrace the traces of the historical event: one of the most visited places is the Giulietta's home. But let's not forget other beautiful and romantic views of Verona, such as the Castelvecchio Bridge and Garden of the Righteous.

2 - Lake of Iseo

  • Where is it: Near Brescia (Lombardy)
  • Ideal period for a visit: Summer

Came to the fore with the recent work of art "The Floating Piers", Lake Iseo offers enviable views: with its overall small size (the perimeter is about 70 km) and the surrounding mountains, both day and evening it is possible to walk at low or high altitude, bathe in the designated areas and enjoy one spectacular ice cream by the lake, or take the boat and go to Monte Isola, the largest lake island in Europe. Among the unmissable countries we remember Lovere, Iseo, Sarnico.

1 - Venice

  • Where it is: Veneto
  • Ideal period for a visit: Spring

Venice, the romantic Italian city par excellence! How to miss a gondola ride crossing of the Rialto Bridge or a nice walk among the countless calle and picturesque buildings? Or, why not let yourself be lulled by the benches by the lagoon, admiring the view? It is advisable not to go in too hot periods and to book in advance any visits to museums and palaces, to avoid long queues.

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